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Rd Online Deck 3.0

  1. 1. Ad Analytics Delivering Deep Insight reducedata.com Into Ad Spends
  2. 2. Who Are We? Reduce Data is a Third Party Analytics Service for your Ad Campaigns. What we do: We help advertisers measure their ad campaigns’ effectiveness through a network independent Ad Analytics Platform. Mission: our mission is to help marketers optimize their ad spends through analytics.
  3. 3. The Problem• Advertisers spend more than 30% of their budgets on inefficient spends across redundant users on networks• Most Small and Medium Advertisers and Agencies do not have necessary tools to Measure and eliminate marketing waste
  4. 4. Questions We AnswerWhich networks have redundant users that arewasting your spends?How did your campaign users perform AFTERyour campaign has ended ~i.e which networkgives higher retaining usersHow do ad networks compare in performance?How do easily analyze campaigns across networks orchannels (mobile / online / social)?
  5. 5. How We Do It Advertisers can track all activities such as campaign pixels, landing pages, app installs, purchases etc and analyze them independently. Campaigns & Conversions App Installs Purchases
  6. 6. Our Approach Capture Track User Retention Recommend Data & Data • Provision campaigns • Track repeat visitor • Make Best Spend targeted on networks data and User Performances and DSPs on Reduce Retention Visible and Evident Data • Track engagement • Suggest changes to • Track clicks metrics spending patterns • Deliver third party creativesReduce Redundant Spends as much as 30%
  7. 7. Large Scale Platform that can analyze and understandcomplex data in a cost efficient manner.We analyze and reduce data to produce meaningful insights.Reduce Data identifies marketing waste using innovative technologyand real-time analysis of users and data. Ad User Analytics Tracking Serving Identification & Insights Pixels
  8. 8. Features Track Cross Channel / Cross Network campaigns (across online, mobile and across various networks etc) Compare campaign / channel performance Basic / Advanced level of reporting Near Real-time Insights User Profiles: to track users across campaigns or channels
  9. 9. How Do You Gain?• Gain from insights: Reduce data provides deep insights that are actually useful.• Compare, combine campaign / network performance and analyze with a few clicks.• Optimize your spends using recommendations and advanced analytics• Learn from your campaign (and other campaign’s historical performance).• Increase efficiencies and ROI using Reduce Data
  10. 10. The Platform reducedata.com
  11. 11. Ad ServingUse Reduce Data as an ad serving platform withExtremely Low Latency (0.002 sec for serving and tracking)Provision Ad Network Ad Tags and Track Their Performance Ad Network Track Links #1 & Clicks Ad Network Host & Serve #2 Creatives Ad Network Serve 1 or #3 more Creatives
  12. 12. Trackers Track the full cycle of your advertising campaign including key events such as purchases. Reduce Data works well and has trackers for cross platform promotions! Landing Page Purchase In App Pixels Mobile App Pixels Pixels (Games, Apps) Pixels
  13. 13. Analytics & InsightsReal-Time Solution to give Advertisers Deep Insight & Maximize Ad Buys reducedata.com
  14. 14. User Analysis Identify redundancy of users across campaigns, networks or channels (mobile or online) reducedata.com
  15. 15. Campaign Funnels Flexible Funnel allowing advertisers great flexibility in choosing the flow of campaign activity and identify non converting campaigns.
  16. 16. Network Comparison Funnel Compare funnels of various campaigns across the other. Measure networks or channels (mobile / online) against one another.
  17. 17. User Retention Measure user retention weeks after the campaign is over. Shown below campaign wise user retention (%) over weeks
  18. 18. The Platform • Low latencies at 0.002 seconds per response (no noticeable delay) • Near Real Time Analytics: Get access to insight almost immediately • Self Service Web Platform: you’re in control • Works with existing ad networks & DSPs Ad Tracking User Analytics Serving Signatures & Insights
  19. 19. Product Packages Basic Plan: • Ad serving, Third Party Ad serving and cross platform Pixels (online or mobile) • Basic Reporting of data across various Ad networks (online and mobile)
  20. 20. Product Packages Basic Plan: • Ad serving o Configure and serve ad tags • Reports (html, JavaScript, image tags, o Impressions others) o Clicks o Configure third party ad tags o Track links o Click Through Rate o CPA tracking and • Trackers Estimation o Landing Page Pixels o Purchase pixel tracking o Conversion / Purchase Pixels o In App Pixels o Campaign Funnels o Mobile Pixels o Ad Performance
  21. 21. Product Packages Pro Plan: All features in Basic , plus.. • Multi-campaign Comparison Funnels • User Retention Report • User flow and redundancies across Ad Networks • Ad performance reviews • Recommendations
  22. 22. Product Packages Basic Plan: Pro Plan: Contact Us For Pricing Contact Us For Pricing• Payment options:• Less than $25k in spend on Reduce Data – Prepaid via online cards or bank transfers• Greater than $25k in total monthly spend on Reduce Data, post paid with net 7 days payment options.
  23. 23. Demo & Setup Contact: Jabeen Fathima Basic Plan: • 408-368-3404 Pricing Contact Us For • jabeen@reducedata.com • Skype: jabeenmw • http://twitter.com/reducedata reducedata.com