True Social Experience ENG @Student Startup Camp Tartu University

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Social media marketing @Student Startup Camp Tartu University …

Social media marketing @Student Startup Camp Tartu University

Be social!

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  • 1. Bio Age: 25 Entrepreneur since 8 Forklift driver to warehouse manager From a dishwasher to the senior chef Head of IT College Student council, ESU, TÜÜL Sergeant 7Blaze CEO Fan of Garage48 Participant at Ajujaht (Brainhunt) Member of PMA
  • 2. Agenda Discussion How to build your strategy Building your Fanpage Activities Ads
  • 3. Social media wiki What • Social media refers to interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Why • After psychological and safety needs are fulfilled, the third level of human needs is interpersonal and involves feelings of belongingness. • Facebook?
  • 4. Social Media Strategy • • • • • • Who are you? What are you marketing? To whom you are marketing to? How do you relate with your fans? When and where? WHY?
  • 5. Goals • • • • • • To evolve and expand brand awareness Provide an engaging / fun / educational experience for your fans Drive traffic to website Promote and organise events the brand is related to Foster customer loyalty and offer fast customer service Find employees
  • 6. Who is your social media Avatar?
  • 7. Social Media Avatar • • • • • • • • How does it look like? Name, gender, age, profession Where does it live? Family status? Favourite food, drink, movie, book etc? Political views? Does it have a driving license? What are the most important social topics? Why should anyone be a fan?
  • 8. If you don’t know then ASK!
  • 9. Target audience? • • • • • • • • Gender, age, profession Where does it live? Family status? What are his/her interests? Favourite food, drink, movie, book etc? Political views? Does it have a driving license? What are the most important social topics? What does he gain?
  • 10. Fanpage setup First fans are your friends URL – Cover – Call to action, Slogan, Theme About – Affects SEO, must contain the most important link Tabs – Facebook tab for Instagram/twitter/youtube/pinterest Free tab builder Plan your posts – Pin your most important news Settings Posts by others appear on my Page timeline People can contact my Page privately. Other people can tag photos posted on my Page. Use a proper designer
  • 11. So what to post? Our news Other news Everyones News About the company and business Targetgroup interests Lifestyle Products and services Praise! Praise! Praise! Industry The team and events, Behind the scenes Partners and guides Facts and quotes, top10 Other social media channels Reposting fan content Cats & Dogs, Babies, WOW news
  • 12. Structure You are always storytelling! Personal introduction – catch pharse Explanation if neccesary Always finish with a CALL TO ACTION Like, comment, share, link click, (read), email us Content – use pictures Don’t forget to tag EVERYTHING and EVERYONE
  • 13. When to post?
  • 14. Time your posts
  • 15. What is a makes a good post? • • • • • • • Fresh Geographically related Emotional Topical news Raises a confict Affects us all Stars and prominents
  • 16. Contests Planning • • • • • • Target audience The main message and theme Easy actions and clear rules Great prizes Advertising budget Measure
  • 17. Facebook Ads Like Ad
  • 18. Facebook Ads Like Ad
  • 19. Boosted posts
  • 20. Boosted posts
  • 21. Facebook Ads
  • 22. Like our page
  • 23. 7 Tips 1. Post often! 2. Use call to actions 3. Combine different social media platforms – use tabs 4. Use Facebook Ads 5. Plan and time your posts 6. Weekly/monthly contests 7. Look at you insights
  • 24. Be Social!