Learn How Mobile Marketing Can Work For You
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Learn How Mobile Marketing Can Work For You



A presentation done by Telos Media Works and Millward Brown Beijing, sharing challenges and learnings on how to make mobile marketing relevant and measurable.

A presentation done by Telos Media Works and Millward Brown Beijing, sharing challenges and learnings on how to make mobile marketing relevant and measurable.



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Learn How Mobile Marketing Can Work For You Learn How Mobile Marketing Can Work For You Presentation Transcript

  •       A  Practical  Guide:   Making  Mobile  Work  For  You     Mobile Festival 2013 Manila, Philippines
  • Sharing  from  a  10-­‐‑year  journey  of     Mobile  Marketing       learning  and  application  in  China
  • What  have  been  the  perennial   challenges  for  Mobile  in     brand  building? View slide
  • Key  Challenges  for  Brand  Builders 1.  Relevance o  What  role  can/should  Mobile  play  in  brand  building? 2.  Measurability o  How  do  we  measure  Mobile’s  effectiveness  and  ROI? 3.  Scalability o  How  do  we  ‘operationalize’  Mobile  as  part  of  the   marketing  communications  mix? View slide
  • Our  learnings
  •   Recognize  the  limitations  but     build  on  the  strengths  of  Mobile Mobile  may  not  be  an  effective  reach  builder  but  can   build  consumer  knowledge,  support  your  main  media   and  drive  engagement,  conversion
  • Builds  Consumer  Knowledge   (2006) A media ethnographic study using IVR* Mobile surveys capturing the insights of beauty-involved women (aged 35-44) Scope: 2,300 respondents in Beijing and Shanghai Determined which communication vehicles are most effective, in connecting with the consumer : Consumer ‘when-and-where receptivity’ to brand messages and channels *Interactive Voice Response
  • Builds  Consumer  Knowledge   (2006) Sample Findings: • Location: 47% at home; 32% in office; 13% in street • 57% exposed to skincare/cosmetic ads the past hour; 20% exposed the past 5 minutes • TV, Print are top media for skincare/cosmetic brand communication • 76% ‘liked very much’ TV as a channel; 83% liked magazines • Category recall: Prestige-35%; masstige-18%; mass-21% • SKII and Olay topped in brand recall
  • Supports  Primary  Media   (2002-­‐‑2008) As a support medium, Mobile can •  Interact : creating more affinity for the brand •  Influence : leading to a call to action and participation •  Inform : providing key brand messages
  • Drives  Engagement  and  Conversion (2007) Mobile can •  Build communities, enabling consumer dialogue •  Drive brand trial and purchase (m-Commerce)
  • Insufficient  planning  and  effectiveness  measurement   and  data  still  limited  Mobile’s  role Were  we  maximizing  the  potential  of  Mobile,  especially   in  the  context  of  its  deep  and  wide  user    penetration?  
  •   Invest  in  data  to  measure  the  effectiveness  and   explore  the  broader  applicability  of  Mobile “The  price  of  light  is  less  than  the  cost  of  darkness.” Arthur  C.  Nielsen
  • We  invested  in  systems  and  data  that  enable   us  to  measure  Mobile  engagement
  • Eye  Tracker®
  • Advantages of Third Party Panel Measuring  Mobile  Ad  Engagement  via  Eye  Tracker® •  Tracks Mobile banner ad impact based on user’s vision focus heat map •  Measures exposure and engagement based on 3 metrics: 1. Visible: Ads are at the edge of user’s central vision area 2. Scan: Ads go into consumer’s central vision area 3. Notice: Ads go to consumer’s central vision area and stay for processing (more than 5x eye fixation)
  • Measuring  Mobile  Ad  Engagement  via  Eye  Tracker® vs. Smartphone APP Ads Visible 81% Scan 70% Notice PC Banner Ads 44% Fixation Duration 0.89s 0.15s Users are more attentive to Mobile ads vs. PC ads Note: Smartphone APP ads include: pre-rolls, pop-ups and and banner ads
  • Mobile  Ad  Index  Surveys
  • Measuring  key  brand  metrics  via  Mobile  users Methodology: ‘Pop-up’ survey CONTROL GROUP EXPOSED GROUP Control Cell fielded one to two weeks prior to campaign launch. Banner invite included on mobile page inviting respondents to participate in a survey Test Cell collected during campaign. Banner invite residing in same area as mobile ad invites respondents to participate in survey (n=300) (n=300)
  • Measuring  key  Brand  metrics  via  Mobile  users More favorable brand metrics via Mobile MOBILE +4.9 Aided Brand Awareness Ad Awareness +15.6 Message Association +10.3 +3.3 +4.0 +2.2 +4.3 +2.2 Brand Favorability +1.4 Purchase Intent +1.2 Source: Dynamic Logic MarketNorms for Online, last 3 years through Q4/2012, N=2,012 campaigns, n=2,324,781 respondents; Dynamic Logic’s AdIndex for Mobile Norms through Q4/2012; Overall Mobile N=320, campaigns, n=221,548 respondents Delta (Δ)=Exposed-Control ONLINE
  • These  systems  enable  Brands  to  develop  more   effective  Mobile  advertising  messages  that  can   engage  the  consumer  beeer
  • However,  with  the  rapidly  evolved,  expansive  role   of  Mobile,  we  had  to  expand  our  capabilities  beyond   measuring  engagement   The  explosion  of  Mobile  video  viewing  (300  million  daily   mobile  viewers  in  Youku*)  made  it  imperative  to  develop/ deploy  our  Mobile  audience  measurement  system *Youku is China’s leading on-line video portal
  •   Leverage  expert  resources  and  build  collaborations     to  scale  up  and  operationalize  Mobile
  •       Our  vision  is  to  develop  internet  and  mobile   audience  measurement  systems  and  common   currencies  (GRPs,  R/F)  that  can  be  used  in   ultimately  planning  across  multiple  screens    
  • We   first   developed/deployed   China’s   first   internet   audience   measurement   (i-­‐‑GRPs,   R/F)   and  planning/optimization  system  
  •   China’s  first  internet  advertising  audience   measurement  and  planning  system In   collaboration   with   our   systems   partner   and   key   advertisers,   we   have   now   deployed   an   internet   audience   measurement  (GRPs,  R/F)  and  real-­‐‑time  on-­‐‑line  campaign   planning/optimization  system  
  • China’s  first  internet  advertising  audience   measurement,  tracking,  planning  system AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT: Matches real-time user on-line behavior with on-line user panels to generate iGRPs and R/F audience measurement iGRPs and R/F POST-BUY DELIVERY TRACKING : Tracks brand campaign iGRPs and R/F deliveries vs. plan, enabling on-line plan verification
  • China’s  first  internet  advertising  audience   measurement,  tracking,  planning  system PLANNING/OPTIMIZATION: Access to real-time audience behavior (iGRPs, R/F) enables best-ROI based planning PLAN MANAGEMENT: Real-time campaign GRPs, R/Fdeliveries tracking and access via customized dashboard enables prompt decision making and agile campaign plan adjustment BIG DATA: Our database of 4,000 campaigns, from 200 global/local brands across 400+ publishers, 2,000+ channels, 6,000+ positions and 900 Billion+ impressions empowers us to provide robust planning information
  • With  the  capability  to  generate  i-­‐‑GRPs  and  R/F,  we  can   now   plan   for   combined   effective   R/F   across   multiple   screens:  TV,  Out-­‐‑of-­‐‑Home  and  On-­‐‑line    
  • A  cross-­‐‑media  planning  tool  that  optimizes   R/F  in  delivering  the  best  ROI MULTIPLE MEDIA R/F ESTIMATOR: Multi-basing methodology enables the calculation of combined reach/frequency across TV, OOH and now, on-line media channels On-line significantly improves on TV Reach PLANNING/OPTIMIZATION: Access to real-time audience behavior enables best-ROI based planning - - recommending the best combination across multiple media that will deliver the best reach at least cost
  •   The  next  stage  is  to  develop  Mobile  audience   measurement  (m-­‐‑GRPs,  R/F),  tracking  and   planning/optimization  capabilities  
  • Developing  Mobile  audience  measurement   and  planning  currencies  (GRPs,  R/F) Enables us to measure the reach of Mobile and integrate it in our overall multi-media (screen) planning Enables us to scale up Mobile advertising since we now have common audience measurement currencies (GRPs, R/F) and ROI metrics (CPRPs) across media
  • Developing  Mobile  audience  measurement   and  planning  currencies  (GRPs,  R/F) We will reapply the same principles/parameters deployed in our on-line GRPs and R/F measurement and planning system Our key challenge is the lack of a universal, single Mobile user panel: •  In China, the state-owned telecoms do not allow access to their panels •  Mobile Apps developers and content platforms/publishers measure their own separate panels
  • Developing  Mobile  audience  measurement   and  planning  currencies  (GRPs,  R/F) There is an opportunity in the Philippines to deploy ahead of China A partner telecom provider can create a universal panel A consortium of key brands can then fund and activate the Mobile user panel and audience measurement, tracking and planning system
  • Key  takeaways 1.  Learn  the  relevance/role  of  Mobile 2.  Understand  how  to  measure  Mobile     3.  Build  operational  systems  (data/planning)   through  collaborations