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Why jaable

  1. 1. Why not go the extra mile to help your students SUCCEED?
  2. 2. •  A text message reminder service used by teachers to communicate with their groups of students better and help them stay on track •  Having the potential to become the most powerful teacher-student communication platform
  3. 3. How it works ? 1. Teachers create a class and get a code 2. Students SMS this code to the Jaable number 3. They receive their reminders and notifications
  4. 4. Why Jaable?
  5. 5. Messages and Reminders •  Schedule reminders for the future and let us follow-up •  Take care of procrastination and forgetfulness •  Increase assignment completion and efficiency •  Students are more involved and the necessity to redirect attention is lesser
  6. 6. SMS as a medium •  Today, all students have phones and the most commonly used service on it is texting •  No need for a smartphone •  98% open rate in first 15 minutes •  Personalized message using your signature
  7. 7. A personalized dashboard...
  8. 8. ...given to every teacher! •  Not only manage your students life but also your own •  Make as many classes as you teach and get codes for each •  So easy and delightful to use even a 10 year old can figure it!
  9. 9. •  Add any student from your university/ institute/ department to your class at will Simple, powerful and flexible •  Send messages to only selected students or even an individual if you like
  10. 10. •  Communicate directly with all your students by texting on your mobile phone •  No need of internet connection to reach out to them Present everywhere
  11. 11. Easy setup •  Setup in less than 10 seconds •  Students themselves text the code given by you and join •  No need to manually add numbers •  No infrastructure requirements from your side
  12. 12. Private & Safe •  A proxy number used to send out SMS’s •  Teachers and students numbers not shared with each other •  All data backed up safely to the cloud
  13. 13. Surpass DND •  We use the same SMS gateways as banks use •  Guaranteed reliable and timely delivery of your reminders
  14. 14. Activity logging •  Every reminder sent out is logged for you to track
  15. 15. Types of messages •  Reminders •  Urgent Announcements •  Tips •  Motivation “Don’t forget to do your Maths assignment due on the 21st and submit it on my desk ” “TCS placement to commence on Monday. Submit your CV’s to Placement Officer before end of day today” “Review board questions only for term work test tomorrow” “Congratulations to BE Comps for a 100% result in Sem 7”
  16. 16. Contact us now for an institute-wide setup +91 98193 49369 contact@jaable.com www.jaable.com
  17. 17. Thank you