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  • 1. Page | 1 Purpose Statement: We will educate the church regarding foster care, adoption and child sponsorship and will enable the church to meet the needs of these children and foster/adoptive families. Psalm 82:3; Isaiah 45:2-3 E-mail us here: Hello! Thank you for your interest in Child Sponsorship through Treasured. We have two goals: 1. Create awareness of the needs of children across the United States and around the world. 2. Provide Sponsorship and Mission opportunities to support the needs of children around the world. In our world today, it is estimated that there are more than 130 million orphans and waiting children. There are many more millions of children that perhaps do have parents but often it is a case of only one parent in the home and living well below the poverty line who can’t afford food, clothing, school, and often shelter. All of these forgotten children are God's most precious treasures. They, too, are part of God's family and as believers we are called to be the first to reach out to orphaned and abandoned children around the world. The Scriptures are clear that the Lord gives the family of God the responsibility to care for the orphan's needs — to love and protect them. In fact, God's concern for orphans is so central to his plan for us here on earth that he inspired James to write: "Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world" (James 1:27). Why would God tell us that caring for orphans is "pure and undefiled religion?" Maybe it’s because the world sees God’s heart when He works through his people to help the helpless. And maybe it’s because caring for orphans is such a perfect picture of our relationship with God. In our inability to please God with our own efforts, in our utter helplessness to initiate a relationship with him, we are more like orphans and strangers than we like to admit. It’s time for the body of Christ to step up. The urgent needs of children around the world are calling the Christian community today to a radical faith. One church, one family, one person can make a difference. Additional information about Treasured is provided in this packet. We encourage you to look thru the information and seek God’s guidance on how you can help support children around the world. We welcome your assistance and your involvement in this ministry. If you have any questions, please contact us to discuss our many projects and opportunities to serve. Thank you for your interest in Treasured.
  • 2. Page | 2 Purpose Statement: We will educate the church regarding foster care, adoption and child sponsorship and will enable the church to meet the needs of these children and foster/adoptive families. Psalm 82:3; Isaiah 45:2-3 E-mail us here: SPONSOR A CHILD By sponsoring a child you can help fulfill the specific needs of the child you sponsor, such as: Upgraded Living Standards By going on a mission trip you may have the opportunity to help a team assist in building onto a school or orphanage, help build adequate housing for a family, dig wells to provide safe drinking water, help financially to provide nutritious food, clean clothes and bodies, and adequate housing. Medical Care Financial support may be used to provide better access to doctors, dentists, medication and preventative healthcare services. There are also mission opportunities for medical care professionals. Educational Opportunities Books, developmental materials, desks, computers, uniforms, skilled teachers, and often a hot meal or two every school day. The Joy of God's Love Most importantly, you can offer your love, support, and encouragement to a child, bringing hope into his or her young life. This is evident through your dedicated financial support or in the form of a mission trip. And of course all of these children need prayer for their futures. We are currently partnering with a few different organizations that have sponsorship opportunities: 1) Won by One to Jamaica - There are several sponsorship levels in which you may contribute to the educational needs of the children in Harmons, Jamaica. The levels of sponsorship range from $25/month for preschool to $150/month for college, and two levels in between. School in Jamaica is free however there is no bussing provided in Harmons so the money from your sponsorship will go toward transportation, school supplies, a uniform and shoes, and lunch. You will also receive a report on their grades to see how your child is progressing. The child must maintain at least a C+ average to stay in the program. 2) Kairos Christian School – Ciudad Viejo, Guatemala. Kairos is a school for impoverished children whose families cannot afford to send them to school. Donations go toward their general fund, with scholarships for kids who graduate from Kairos to continue their education and for building projects at the school. Funding or donations would be paid through Servant Christian Foundation and is tax deductible. For more specific information, please contact Lee Anne Whitworth at The Kairos website is
  • 3. Page | 3 Purpose Statement: We will educate the church regarding foster care, adoption and child sponsorship and will enable the church to meet the needs of these children and foster/adoptive families. Psalm 82:3; Isaiah 45:2-3 E-mail us here: Send a Child to School (Jamaica) Because of the extreme poverty in the community where we live and work, many parents get caught in a decision between sending their child to school and buying food for dinner. Why do Jamaican students need money for school? School in Jamaica is free. However, there are no bussing programs in Harmons. The closest high school is 7 miles away. Sponsoring a child will enable him/her to pay taxi fare to and from school each day, buy lunch, purchase necessary books and supplies, and obtain his/her school uniforms and shoes. What you get when you sponsor a student We collect grade reports every semester which are forwarded to you so that you may track your student’s progress. We also request that the student write to you twice a year and enclose a photograph. You can be involved in the community of Harmons by providing hope to its children and families in the midst of mass unemployment and widespread illiteracy. Won By One To Jamaica does not take out any overhead expenses from your gift, and your entire gift is tax-deductible. What the student receives from your support We know students in all age brackets who are in need of financial aid for their education. The costs are as follows: College: $150 per month High School: $100 per month Elementary School: $40 per month Preschool: $25 per month These fees help equip the student with the basic and minimum requirements for attending public school in Jamaica. Unlike our own public schools in the United States, a full school uniform and appropriate shoes are mandatory. Also required is a backpack, books, lunch and snack money. Often not having simple supplies like pencil and paper can prevent a child from attending school, which creates the mother’s crisis of deciding on whether to buy pencils or rice. These above prices also reflect the varying distances students must travel to get to school. How to sponsor a student Just contact us! We’d be glad to connect you with a student in need of your help. Your support can be mailed to Won By One To Jamaica at 296 Treasure Lake, DuBois PA 15801. Or send Linda an email to
  • 4. Page | 4 Purpose Statement: We will educate the church regarding foster care, adoption and child sponsorship and will enable the church to meet the needs of these children and foster/adoptive families. Psalm 82:3; Isaiah 45:2-3 E-mail us here: How we determine who’s eligible for sponsorship Students must maintain a C+ average, and be a student in good standing at their school. We collect grade reports at the end of every semester. Furthermore, families are evaluated so that only those with the greatest financial need are eligible. Success story! Here's one example of what sponsoring a child can do. Henry & Linda Shaffer met Garth Anderson, a bright young student who had little hope of going past 7th grade. The Shaffers decided to help Garth finish his education. Garth graduated at the top of his class in high school . Being the first person from Harmons to go to college, he again graduated number one in his class and became a teacher. In 2004, he was voted teacher of the year for the entire island. In 2005, he began teaching at the college from which he had graduated. In the fall of 2006, Garth became the principal of one of the largest high schools on the island. Garth is currently serving on the Board of Directors of Won By One To Jamaica. He returns to Harmons every week to oversee the distribution of money to over 60 students who are being sponsored. He also follows up to make sure they are doing their work and earning good grades, as well as taking new applications for students who have a passion to learn. Without the intervention of the Shaffers, Garth would self-admittedly be aimlessly wandering the streets like so many of the young men of Harmons .