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Final packet Final packet Document Transcript

  • Clients: <br />Richard Lichtenstein, Reid Kaplan<br />Showing Agent: <br />Dave Paladino, REALTOR®<br />3219 S 23 Street, 68108<br />Agent Information: Julia Roberts,<br />NAINP Dodge, (402) 255-6079<br />9:00 a.m.<br /> 3104 Hascall Street, 68105<br /> Agent Information: Benjamin Pearson,<br /> World Group, (402) 740-6791<br /> 9:45 a.m.<br />Price: $169,000<br />No. Units: 6<br />Price/Unit: $28,166<br />Cap Rate:7.8%<br />Occupancy:67%<br />NOI:$13,274<br />Unit Mix:4-2 Beds<br />2-1 Bed<br />Rent/Unit:<br />Rent/Month:<br />Comments: Brick/masonry construction with new roof. Separate metered utilities. Dishwasher and washer and dryer hookup in each unit. Freshly painted interiors. lower, cabinets/counter tops 6 units 2005-2011, Kitchen floors - 6 units 2006-2011<br />Price: $565,000<br />No. Units: 13<br />Price/Unit: $43,461.54<br />Cap Rate:9.9%<br />Occupancy:100%<br />NOI:<br />Unit Mix:<br />Rent/Unit:<br />Rent/Month:<br />Comments:100% leased, beautiful and well-kept brick building. Property is being offered at a 9.9% CAP Rate. Great investment opportunity!<br />-209550273685<br />4676 & 4680 Harrison Street, 68157<br />Agent Information: Dan Cheuvront,<br />DEEB Realty, (402) 850-9640<br />10:15 a.m.<br />4719, 4727-29 Erskine, 68104 <br /> Agent Information: Jim Posey, CBS Home<br /> (402) 660-9700<br />10:45 a.m.<br />Price: $600,000<br />No. Units: 12<br />Price/Unit: $50,000<br />Cap Rate:8.2%<br />Occupancy:100%<br />NOI:$49,200<br />Unit Mix:<br />Rent/Unit:<br />Rent/Month:<br />Comments:2 all brick buildings with new windows throughout in 2007.Other updates.<br />Price: $750,000<br />No. Units: 27 (3 Buildings)<br />Price/Unit: $27,777.00<br />Cap Rate:<br />Occupancy:<br />NOI:<br />Unit Mix:27-2 Bed<br />Rent/Unit:15-$450<br />6-$475<br />6-$490<br />Rent/Month:$12,540<br />Comments:Well-maintained buildings. 4719 Erskine is 15 units. 4727 Erskine is 6 units & 4729 Erskine is 6 units. Can be sold separately, but prefer to sell as package. Great location with easy access to Radial & bus lines. Just west of Radial Highway.<br />4527 Nicholas Street, 68132<br />Agent Information: Michael Blackmon,<br />Prudential, (402) 981-7337<br />11:15 a.m.<br />0317500612-616 N 46th Street, 68131<br />Agent Information: Cameron Thomas,<br />GTR Sales, (402) 991-0300<br />11:45 a.m.<br />Price: $310,000<br />No. Units: 10<br />Price/Unit: $31,000<br />Cap Rate:9%<br />Occupancy:100%<br />NOI:$26,769<br />Unit Mix:10-1 Bed Units<br />Rent/Unit:$360-$400 (Depending on square footage)<br />Rent/Month:$3,940.00<br />Comments:Owners have been updating Capital Improvements over past 5-years. Off Street Parking. Good management. Excellent, Low Maintenance property.<br />Price: $599,000<br />No. Units: 24<br />Price/Unit: $24,958.33<br />Cap Rate:10.73%<br />Occupancy:79%<br />NOI:$64,273.00<br />Unit Mix:22 1-beds, 2 Studio<br />Rent/Unit:1 bed$400<br />Studio$300<br />Rent/Month:$13,200 (100% Occupancy)<br />Comments: Two all brick buildings with updated roof, furnaces, decking and interiors. Mid-Town Omaha.<br />4602 Cass Street, 68132<br />Agent Information: Scott Nigro, Platinum Real Estate Group, (402) 827-2323 Ext: 4<br />1:30 p.m.<br /> 132 N 31st Street, 68131<br /> Agent Information: Dave Paladino,<br /> Landmark Group, (402) 672-6566<br /> 2:15 p.m.<br />Price: $215,000<br />No. Units: 7<br />Price/Unit: $30,714.29<br />Cap Rate:<br />Occupancy:<br />NOI:<br />Unit Mix:4-2Bed<br />2-1Bed<br />1-Studio<br />Rent/Unit:<br />Rent/Month:<br />Comments:Nice 7 plex apartment in the Dundee Area. Many updates have been made to the property over the last several years including the boiler in 2009.<br />Price: $490,000<br />No. Units: 12<br />Price/Unit: $45,000<br />Cap Rate:6.58%<br />Occupancy:<br />NOI:$35,100<br />Unit Mix:All 1 Bed, 1 Bath<br />Rent/Unit:$425<br />Rent/Month:$5,100<br />Comments:Located in the midtown area, this apartment complex is in the heart of a strong rental market.<br /> 3519 Cuming Street, 68131<br /> Agent Information: Jason Draucker,<br /> Prudential, (402) 321-1047<br /> 3:00 p.m.<br />-4572009207500<br />3819 Cuming, 68131<br />Agent Information: Dee Meyers,<br />Midtown Realty & Management, <br />(402) 342-2322<br />3:45 p.m.<br />Price: $279,000<br />No. Units: 12<br />Price/Unit: $23,250<br />Cap Rate:11%<br />Occupancy:92%<br />NOI:<br />Unit Mix:<br />Rent/Unit:<br />Rent/Month:$4,100.00<br />Comments: We will sell this at cost to us. This has been value appraised at 380k, you could get this at an LTV of less than 70%. Cash only buyers. MULTIPLE UPGRADES. ASK JASON ABOUT OWNER FINANCING<br />Price: $140,000<br />No. Units: 4<br />Price/Unit: $35,000<br />Cap Rate:7%<br />Occupancy:100%<br />NOI:$10,675<br />Unit Mix:<br />Rent/Unit:<br />Rent/Month:<br />Comments:4 plex, extra-large apartments, separately metered, individual furnaces - laundry area in basement coin operated (leased machines) ample parking and green space, flat roof, window a/c hardwood floors, brick exterior stately and charming.<br />40th Street Apartments, 68131<br />Agent Information: Aaron Adams,<br />NAINP Dodge, (402) 255-6060<br />4:30 p.m.<br />3870 Harney Street, 68131<br />Agent Information: Dave Paladino,<br />Landmark Group, (402) 672-6566<br />5:15 p.m.<br />Price: $1,485,000<br />No. Units: 70<br />Price/Unit: $21,214.29<br />Cap Rate:4.85%<br />Occupancy:<br />NOI:$72,102.12<br />Unit Mix:417: 8-1Beds<br />421-23: 15-1Beds<br /> 9-2Beds<br />503: 38-1 Beds<br />Rent/Unit:$300-$550<br />Rent/Month:$14,769<br />Comments:3 separate buildings to be sold together.<br />Price: $895,000<br />No. Units: 20<br />Price/Unit: $44,750<br />Cap Rate:7.79%<br />Occupancy:95%<br />NOI:$77,491<br />Unit Mix:2-1 Bed<br />2-2 Bed<br />16-3 Bed<br />1-Studio<br />Rent/Unit:$450-$850<br />Rent/Month:$14,555.00<br />Comments:Spacious units most with hardwood floors. Balconies and secured entry. Most apartments have hardwood floors throughout, and many have fireplaces. They are all spacious and unique. <br />3524 Dewey Ave, 68105<br />Agent Information: Randy Holmes,<br />Peterson Bros Realty, (402) 397-8700<br />6:00 p.m.<br />Price: $179,000<br />No. Units: 5<br />Price/Unit: $35,800<br />Cap Rate:<br />Occupancy:100%<br />NOI:<br />Unit Mix:3-2Bed<br />
    • 1Bed
    Rent/Unit:<br />Rent/Month:<br />Comments:Driveway on west is shared with bldg. to north. Driveway on East is owned by owner of bld. Tenants pay their gas and electric. Owner pays water and heating water.<br />*Dave does not think you should buy the next 5 properties*<br />115 N 33 Street, 68131<br />Agent Information: Nancy Lazer,<br />NAINP Dodge, (402) 255-6078 x217<br />3304 Burt Street, 68131<br />Agent Information: Dave Paladino,<br />Landmark Group, (402) 672-6566<br />Price: $525,000<br />No. Units: 16<br />Price/Unit: $32,812.50<br />Cap Rate:7.87%<br />Occupancy:93%<br />NOI:$42,520<br />Unit Mix:1- 1 Bedroom<br />7- 1 Bed, Study, Deck<br />6- 1 Bed, Study, Sunroom<br />2- 2 Bedroom<br />Rent/Unit:<br />Rent/Month:<br />Comments:3 story brick. Mix of 1 and 2 bedrooms. Large attractive units, wood floors, some with study, deck, sunrooms. Refrigerator and range included with laundry facility on site<br />Price: $669,000<br />No. Units: 33<br />Price/Unit: $21,181.82<br />Cap Rate:-<br />Occupancy:0%<br />NOI:-<br />Unit Mix:All 1 Bedrooms<br />Rent/Unit:-<br />Rent/Month:-<br />Comments:Great Apartment Building for an Investor. North Omaha Location is close to TD Ameritrade Park where the College World Series is held. Close to a Creighton University. Not far from Downtown Omaha.<br />3105 Dewey Ave, 68105<br />Agent Information: Fred Tichauer, <br />Prudential, (402) 679-3914<br />506 S 31 Street, 68105<br />Agent Information: Fred Tichauer,<br />Prudential, (402) 679-3914<br />Price: $635,000<br />No. Units: 13<br />Price/Unit: $48,846<br />Cap Rate:<br />Occupancy:<br />NOI:<br />Unit Mix:10-2 Bed<br />
    • 1 Bed
    Rent/Unit:$600, $485, $450<br />Rent/Month:$7,385<br />Comments:Enclosed balconies in 10 units. Beautiful oak floors & original woodwork in 10 units. Boiler is approx. 15 yrs. old. Window A/C units, storage in basement. Coin op laundry (leased). Owner prefers to sell with property next door, 506 S 31st St, which is listed separately.<br />Price: $269,000<br />No. Units: 7<br />Price/Unit: $38,428<br />Cap Rate:<br />Occupancy:<br />NOI:<br />Unit Mix:7-2 Bed<br />Rent/Unit:$600, $495<br />Rent/Month:$4,095<br />Comments: Enclosed balconies, great woodwork, and tall ceilings. Plenty of off street parking behind. Owner prefers to sell with property next door- 3105 Dewey Ave.<br />907 & 911 S 25, 68105<br />Agent Information: Dave Paladino,<br />Landmark Group, (402) 672-6566<br />Price: $600,000<br />No. Units: 24<br />Price/Unit: $25,000<br />Cap Rate:<br />Occupancy:<br />NOI:<br />Unit Mix:<br />Rent/Unit:<br />Rent/Month:<br />Comments:Pocket Listing.<br />