Diagnose your email personality
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Diagnose your email personality






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Diagnose your email personality Diagnose your email personality Presentation Transcript

  • Diagnose Your Email Personality
    Sales Meeting
    August 1, 2011
  • Diagnose Your Email Personality
    Openness to Experience:
    Willingness to entertain new ideas
    Enjoy exploring fantasies and adventure
    Appreciate the arts
    Punctual, neat, and attentive to detail
    Can be counted on to complete what they start
    Outgoing, sociable, and willing to self-disclose.
    They're typically happy and optimistic.
    Immune to the aggravations that come from everyday annoyances
    Calm and level-headed.
    You won't hear much complaining from them
    Prone to excessive worry, anxiety,
    Feel that others don't like them
    Pessimistic, always expecting the worse.
    Tend to ruminate over their perceived failures
    High in self-doubt.
    Most people are a combination of the Big 5 Traits
  • 4 E-mail Behaviors You Want to Avoid
    Don’t fake urgency with your subject line.
    Messages may soon become “the boy who cried wolf” if constantly marked important but lack critical importance 
    Give the person time to respond.
    Don’t call or e-mail right away
    If you need an instant response to a message, pick up the phone in the first place. 
  • 4 E-mail Behaviors You Want to Avoid
    Don’t have an auto response for every message.
    Setting an auto response that goes out when you receive an e-mail can give you extra time to respond
    Start a new e-mail chain for messages.
    Pressing the “reply” button to an old e-mail chain to keep all correspondence in one place seems like a good idea but can send the message that you are lazy, disorganized, etc.
    When e-mailing a customer, start a new e-mail that reflects an appropriate subject line when a new issue is being discussed
  • Pain Compartment
    Sandler Training Video
    Role Playing Experience
  • The Pain Compartment
    Not talking about physical pain, but an emotional response
    What problems are they trying to solve?
    What is the cost to them for not fixing the problem?
    Buying decisions are made to relieve some form of pain
    An unfulfilled need can become a pain
    The Pain Compartment
    Featuring Dave Arch
  • The Pain Compartment
    Pain Funnel is a graphic representation of question flow
    Negative Reversing
  • Pain Questions
    Tell me more about that…
    Can you be more specific?
    Give me an example.
    How long has that been a problem?
    What have you tried to do about that?
    And did that work?
    How much do you think that has cost you?
    How do you feel about that?
    Have you given up trying to deal with the problem?
  • Pain Point Marketing
    Direct Mail/Neighborhood Farming
    The counter at reception areas
    Anywhere that they might catch the eye
    Put magnetic cards on the interiors of the elevators
    Produce a series of postcards for greater impact
  • Questions/Comments
    Role Playing