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Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
Developing leads
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Developing leads


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Developing Leads
    Sales Meeting
    January 19, 2011
  • 2. Video
    Real Estate Conversation with Tom Ferry:
    Lead Generation
  • 3. Be Proactive!
    “Lead Triad”
    3 sources of leads generate 15% of your commission revenue
    Web Prospects, Expireds, FSBOs, orphan clients, REOs, farming, past client/sphere of influence categories
    Review last 12 months of transaction sources
    Do you have a lead triad?
    Do you rely too much on one source?
  • 4. Look Close to Home
    Most people prefer to give business to somebody they know!
    Ask these people for referrals too!
  • 5. Get Out & Network!
    Look for relevant trade shows!
    Coming Up:
    March 6, Home & Garden Expo (Qwest)
    April 30, Health, Wellness & Fitness Expo (MAC)
    October 12, Buy the Big O! Show (Qwest)
    Neighborhood Association Meetings
    Rent a booth at a local festival and collect business cards in a bowl
    Give a talk at the local business hotel and invite people from the Chamber of Commerce to attend
    Consider that social membership at the country club/golf course.
    Don’t forget to network with fellow REALTORS as well.
  • 6. Sales Lead List
    The RedX
    Expired Listings from MLS
    Look for the ability to narrow your target as much as possible
    Take time to develop relationships with the people on the list
  • 7. Vary Your Method of Contact
    Today we have a greater variety of methods to reach a prospect than ever before.
    Direct mail
    Telephone (voice and text), e-mail, social networks, and still others.
    Begin with method you excel at, then adjust for client
    Use at least two means of communication before you determine the lead unreachable.
  • 8. Appointment Setting
    An appointment is: any meeting that will positively impact your business
    Sitting face-to-face with a motivated seller (listing presentation)
    Working with a buyer who wants to buy
    Previewing a motivated For Sale By Owner
    A face-to-face meeting with a Past Client, a Center of Influence or anyone who can refer you business
    How would your business be impacted if you went on at least one
    great appointment each work day?
  • 9. 7 Techniques for Setting an Appointment a Day
    Focus Daily on Setting Appointments
    Create A Definition of an Appointment that Serves You
    Affirm That You Set Appointments Daily
    Carry Your Best Leads with You At All Times
    Know Your Automatic Shot
    Learn 5-7 Basic Closes to Improve Confidence
    Be Unattached to How and Where Your Next Appointment Comes From
  • 10. Determine the Value
    Use the internet to learn more about leads before you make contact
    Always, Always make a minimum of 2 contacts before you disqualify a lead!
    Don’t give up just because you feel it would involve too much effort!
    NAR 2009 study on home buyers:
    Nearly 70% of all buyers only interviewed with one person prior to determining who to work with. By making a phone call, you have a 70% chance of getting a new client!
  • 11. Categorize the Lead
    The Friendship Trigger - Activates both trust and agreement through bonding on a social level
    The Authority Trigger - Activates acceptance through expertise
    The Consistency Trigger - Motivates consistency with past actions and repeat contacts.
    Follow up!  Follow up!  Follow up!
    The Reciprocity Trigger - You give, you receive.
    Use the services and businesses that your clients own or work at...and they will do the same for you.
    The Contrast Trigger - Side by side comparisons of options to make one more attractive than the other.
    Listing presentations, Financing options, CMA, etc
    The Reason Why Trigger - Emotional reasons to make decisions and actions.
    The Hope Trigger - Instills positive expectations to help persuade one side of an argument.
  • 12. Follow Up
    Goal: Book an appointment
    Always ask for the appointment! The worst they can say is no.
    Before calling back, consult a script that will help you identify their needs and motivation, and set up a face-to-face appointment.
    Be helpful and nonthreatening!
    Make a targeted offer that provides a benefit to them for very little work
    "Would you like to receive a daily list of homes that match your criteria?"
    "Great, if we can get together for about 15 minutes, I can listen to exactly what you're looking for so that we don't miss out on the perfect home. When is a good time to get together, days or evenings?"
  • 13. 6 Qualities Every Follow-Up System Needs
    Send a yearly card reminding:
    The golfer about the day he shot a hole in one
    The day the client’s daughter won at the school track meet
    The date of the Kentucky Derby for a horse racing fan
    • Surveys show that the most common reason people don’t stay loyal to agents is that they can’t remember their name.
    • Take a long-range view of building referral business. Continue to send contacts information as long as their addresses remain valid.
  • Bright Ideas:Keeping Customers for Life
    1. Give a battery-operated smoke detector as a gift, then supply a new battery once a year as reason to follow up.
    2. Build a special referral database of your area’s top 50 salespeople and develop a regular contact program with them. Once they know you, you can market your listings directly to them.
    3. Print “Just Moved” postcards that have clients’ and customers’ old and new addresses, as well as your logo and contact information, as a closing gift.
    4. If you see a local business for sale, follow up to see if the owner is also thinking of relocating and selling a home.
  • 14. Promotional Marketing
    Best Prospecting Giveaways
  • 15. Focus
    Focus daily on…
    Finding your next appointment
    Going to another appointment
    Servicing your clients
    You have to make the decision that lead generation is a priority 12 months of the year
  • 16. Questions/Comments