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  • 1. Business Coaching
    Sales Meeting
    September 1, 2010
  • 2. A little bit about me…
    Degree in Business Management- Merchandising
    Worked for 2 years in Sales Support at Borsheim’s Fine Jewelry
    Assisted a staff of 40+ Sales Associates
    I have no real estate experience, and limited sales experience.
  • 3. Video
    “Do You Need a Business Coach?”
    Jeff Dostal and Lori Botz
  • 4. Purpose of Business Coaching
    We succeed as a team
    Venture into areas not looked at through:
    Outside Opinion
    Create a sense of accountability
    If I know what you have going on, I can help you stay focused
    Provide motivation and direction
  • 5. Benefits
    Work with you to understand how you play the game
    Improve and move forward
    Individual Attention
    Keep you on track through “Goal Oriented” discussions
    Different ways to be successful
    Develop a partnership
  • 6. Asking for Help
    Set up meetings that work for you
    Before/After Wednesday meetings
    Bi-weekly, Monthly
    How do you like to communicate?
    Phone vs. Email
    Group Sessions- Help from other Agents
  • 7. Value Specific Identity
    Personal Strengths
    Passion- What drives you?
    Beyond making money
    Make a list- How do I generate revenue pursuing my passion, and using my strengths?
  • 8. Coaching Action Plan
    What do you want to achieve
    Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
    How do we get you to your goals
    Have a plan
    Map to Success
    How can I help you?
    What are you working on currently?
    What is in your pipeline?
    What do you wish you could do better?
  • 9. Feedback
    Are we winning?
    Can we move forward?
    What changes can we make?
  • 10. Productivity
    Productivity Standards
    Vary with Salesperson
    Know what is expected
    Quantify not just closed transactions:
    Phone calls
    Listing and buyer presentations
    Thank you notes, etc
  • 11. Communication
    Attend Wednesday meetings and coaching sessions
    Communicate through your website
    This is often times the first place a client will look for information
    Keep it updated!
    Let Richard know what to change, update
  • 12. Other Reminders…
    Real Estate Pictures Needed
    IWEN Exposures
    Dawn, Dave, Chuck, Dan, Ryan, Mike
    Add Ryan, Chuck and Mike to website
    What information would you like posted?
    Cannot locate contracts for some agents
    Chuck, Chris, Dan, Dawn, Mike, Phil, Tim
  • 13. Questions?