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Mercury-10 secrets of customer astonishment slideshow

  1. 1. CUSTOMERASTONISHMENT Strike with Awe and Wonder
  2. 2. Chapter 1 ROCK the WORLD• Pure Genius• Outrageous Creativity• Exceptional Diligence• Daring to be Different• Amazing Consistency• A Little Extra Work• And/or some Genuine Thoughtfulness
  3. 3. Chapter 2BEWARE Bloopers, Blunders, or Worse Bloopers BlundersDLTWID Dumb Little Thi D b Littl Things W I We Innocently D tl DoGHOST Gaping Holes Or Serious Traps
  4. 4. Clued-In or Clueless?~Initial Self-Examination~ Initial Self Examination What messages do we UNINTENTIONALLY send customers that are inconsistent with how IMPORTANT these customers are? What obstacles may be in the way that need to be eliminated or smoothed out to pave the way for Customer Loyalty? Do we put customers on a PEDESTAL or not? How? How not?
  5. 5.  Do we really want to succeed by making customer relationships a priority or are we pretending that enough business will walk through the door that we can afford to “blow off” a customer here blow off and there? What little annoyance have we ignored for too long that j y g g just needs to be fixed now? Do we recognize the little things that are really big things to many customers? Do we have the skill and the presence of mind to deal with all the other stuff going on in our business so that we’re not distracted from putting them on the PEDESTAL? Do we pay attention to the work environment to head off those situations that say, “Our employees are just clerks, not business people”? Where have we left the door open for our competition or for unflattering and damaging scrutiny of some kind? Where is our REPUTATION at stake? Where are we weak and not BOLD enough?
  6. 6. GREAT CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS Make the World Go Round! Customers give us the OPPORTUNITY to apply our TALENTS to SERVE them. Then, they let us transfer MONEY from their accounts to ours so that we have financial leverage to ACHIEVE our GOALS. GOALS This SIMPLE everyday economic interdependence is what Business SIMPLE, Success, Professional Accountability, and Personal Prosperity are all about.
  7. 7. Chapter 3 TOP OF THE MIND DISTINGUISH yourself Provide products that are DISTINCTIVE Be DIFFERENT from all the othersBegins ithB i with your LOCAL marketplace and with your k t l d ith ALREADY- ALREADY-LOYAL customers who will help you create the WORD OF MOUTH that will make you GROW, grow some more, and then find yourself ready to CONQUER THE WORLD. y WORLD.
  8. 8. Power UP/Creativity ON• Be Different • Be Far Out• Reinvent • Stop Fear• Think Global • Simplify p y• Join Forces • Make a New Face• Retire a Cash Cow • Get Out• Govern BOLDLY • Climb• Set the Standard • End Comfort• Be a Household Word • Shine Shi• Create Surprising • Dare to Dream Alliances • Seize the Moment• Change Now • Start a Revolution
  9. 9. Chapter 4ASTONISHING YOU S O S G O• Be Interested• Be Sold• Be Brave• Be More Powerful• Be the Brand• Be Your Best Self…Be the Example• Be Astonishing!
  10. 10. Be INTERESTED• Study them in advance• Learn about them• Take good notes when listening to them• Connect stated WANTS with underlying NEEDS d l i• A LEADER is a READER!
  11. 11. Be SOLD• Sold on your own products• Study your products• Use your own products• Enthused about your products E th d b t d t• Sell the BENEFITS of your products
  12. 12. Be BRAVE• BELIEVE in YOURSELF• Prepare• Pay attention• Listen to your manager Li t t• Perceive challenges and objections as OPPORTUNITIES to ENLIGHTEN yourself
  13. 13. Be More POWERFULOnce you become interested inyour customers, sold on yourservices, and have becomemore brave, you will have theability to MAKE THINGSHAPPEN!
  14. 14. Be the BRAND• Build on what is DISTINCT, DIFFERENT, and UNIQUE about you.• Make a list of your talents, perspectives, values, passions, skills, insights, and commitments…RIGHT NOW!
  15. 15. Be Your BEST SELF• Be the BEST VERSION of who you are• Your unique qualities and capabilities will guide you to DO the right thing t assure success i ht thi to• Most important thing about being a GREAT Leader is EXAMPLE L d i EXAMPLE, EXAMPLE, EXAMPLE!
  16. 16. Be ASTONISHING• “To SUCCEED, figure out what you’re really good at and do a lot of it ” it.• Stand for what you do well.• Refine it, then Expand on it.• Be PASSIONATE about it!• Create your own “Value Proposition” to support it.• Connect it to what your customers truly need need.• Enjoy serving and astonishing them.• Give of Yourself.• Make your everyday delivery of “You” EXTRAORDINARY!• Expect WONDERFUL Success.• Realize that the GREATEST Benefit your customers will derive from doing business with you is your COMMITMENT to them.
  17. 17. Chapter 5 THE STRATEGY RESPONSIVE …Serve Well A I ANTICIPATORY C O Think Thi k AHEAD Think Thi k BEYOND …Build Loyalty For the Customer the competition EXPANSIVE Q2 Q4 …Grow the Business R E INTUITIVE Think ABOUT the Customer Think BIG about the Customer …Lead the Way Q1 Q3
  18. 18. Be RESPONSIVE ~Think ABOUT the Customer~ Do what you do very well to establish your overall credibility. Do it with exceptional consistency so p y that the customer feels secure in relying on your products and y g y p services.
  19. 19. Be ANTICIPATORY e C O ~Think AHEAD for the Customer~ Observe your customer Pay Special ATTENTION ANTICIPATE needs ACT without waiting to be asked itho t aiting Giving the customer OPTIONS Being THOUGHTFUL “Smooth the Way”
  20. 20. Be EXPANSIVE ~Think BIG about the Business~ Move beyond your business comfort zones Become an Expediter Have a H l f l Attit d H Helpful Attitude General Resourcefulness Network in order to locate important resources “Think Outside the Box”
  21. 21. Be INTUITIVE ~Think BEYOND the Competition~ Interpret your Core Purpose, BROADLY Scan for patterns that others miss Keep your customers informed K t i f d Turn on the LEARNING Experiment, Try New Things, “RE-IMAGINE” “RE-IMAGINE RE
  22. 22. Part Two10 SECRETS
  23. 23. Secret # 1:Be Customer Champions Know what your team STANDS FORand communicate it through words and actions. Ch ti Champion your CORE i PURPOSE in direct response to what your customers want and need the most.
  24. 24. • CUSTOMER: The individual or organization next in line to receive value added as a result of the performance of my/our work; the individual or organization that purchases the product of my/our labors or who funds our enterprise.• CUSTOMER CHAMPION: Is one who looks out for his or her customers…someone who works to a higher standard to please their customers and who becomes a champion in their eyes. eyes
  25. 25. Core Purpose• B i by considering this question: Somewhere at the Begin b id i thi ti S h t th center of what’s going on inside your business, there is a reason for it all – a DRIVING FORCE that keeps V G O C p you going from day to day and year to year…WHAT year…WHAT IS IT?• Why is the fundamental work you do important to your customers and to you?• When and where and how are your customers counting on you?• The more you understand the CORE PURPOSE, feel PURPOSE, it, and live up to it, the more successful you become.• For what will your team be so known? What are the KEY WORDS you may own one day?
  26. 26. Building Commitment• Do you intend to be ordinary or EXTRAORDINARY? EXTRAORDINARY?• TIP #1: FOLKLORE What is your team’s folklore? Are there any legendary customer rescue missions to recount? Have a quarterly get-together to celebrate your recent get- triumphs and current successes successes.• TIP #2: CUSTOMER PANEL Create a Customer Panel with rotating membership. Invite these customers to attend a semiannual meeting with your team to tell them what they like about you, your services and products-h you have helped i d products-how d t h h l d them.
  27. 27. • TIP #3: DECISION MAKING Signal to the world that your CORE PURPOSE, along PURPOSE, with your MISSION STATEMENT, are prime criteria for ith STATEMENT, i it i f key decisions. When it comes time to rearrange the office layout, ask, “Will this arrangement make it easier to fulfill our CORE PURPOSE? When you design the next PURPOSE? promotional piece to advertise your products, ask, “Does this promo represent to our customers what we stand for? for?” When you prepare to hire a new team member, ask, member ask “Does this person understand our CORE PURPOSE? PURPOSE? Will she/he contribute to it?”• TIP #4 RECOGNITION AND REWARDS #4: The timeless principle is simply: people do what gets rewarded. Yes money is part of the equation, but the real core of the concept is that we are all creatures of f h i h ll f POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT. Take time as REINFORCEMENT. teammates to recognize each other and take into account those worthy accomplishments that move your CORE th th li h t th t PURPOSE toward its fulfillment.
  28. 28. 1. Does the statement of CORE PURPOSE look at your work from the customer’s perspective? customer s2. Is it something that adds both importance and excitement to the work you do even though some tasks may be routine?3.3 Does the statement make you feel included?4. Is it short, concise, and easy to remember?5.5 Can you BUY IN to make it part of your commitment to the work you do?6.6 Does it “stoke your fire” and “ring your chimes”? stoke fire ring chimes ?7. Could it cause you to wake in the morning an spring to your feet?
  29. 29. Secret # 2: Get ConnectedKnow the interdependencies representedbyb your own CHAIN OF CUSTOMERS. CUSTOMERS. Make communication LINKAGE a toppriority that demonstrates the importance of all of your customers, internal and y external.
  30. 30. Chain Of Customers It’s not only about connecting with your external customers; it is very much about the EFFECTIVENESS of your work team and your relationships with other internal customers. customers REMEMBER…If REMEMBER…If you are not serving the end customer, you’re customer you re serving someone who is. is Develop a more CUSTOMER-FOCUSED CUSTOMER- mindset by renaming what you do at work. work Consider how you affect those who depend on you for service. service
  31. 31. Customer Conversations The most meaningful feedback you will ever get from your customers is by way of “ANECDOTAL DATA GATHERING”. It GATHERING”. means that you must create opportunities for the customer to just chat with you to candidly share personal insights and those “little experiences” that really add up to the i ” h ll dd h reputation you have with your customer. B Become a WORLD-CLASS INTERVIEWER WORLD- and take notes as you engage your customer in these key conversations. conversations
  32. 32. Tips To Guide Your Conversations TIP #1: Support Your Team (29 Questions That Will Energize Your Team - pgs. 62-63) 62- TIP #2: Keep It Simple TIP #3: Be Proactive TIP #4: Seize Opportunities For Customer Education C t Ed ti
  33. 33. Secret # 3: Get It TogetherQuickly RESOLVE internal conflicts so they do not become apparent and weaken the customer s customer’s confidence in your team. team ACHIEVE crystal clear agreements TEAM PRIORITIES and INDIVIDUAL d RESPONSIBILITIES. RESPONSIBILITIES.
  34. 34. ► You may be individually competent, but it is the combined resourcefulness and the continuity of service you represent AS A TEAM that makes you truly powerful for the customer.► SYSTEMIC and CULTURAL factors do legitimately g in the way, however, it is up to g y get y, , p your leaders to create and maintain an environment where CUSTOMER ASTONISHMENT can be a natural occurrence.
  35. 35. Principles of Team Conduct1. Deal with issues, not personalities. Remember to fix the problem, not the blame.2. Reserve Judgment. Before taking on the issues, let’s be sure we understand the issues.3. Listen with the ears of a DETECTIVE and heart of a FRIEND. FRIEND. Listen for the facts and the impacts. Ask the customer to help you understand why they feel so strongly.4. Instead of EGO, how about WE-GO? EGO, WE-GO?5. TTB: Touch the Bases! Take a chapter from baseball. You can run around the ball diamond to home plate, but d b t it doesn’t count unless you “TOUCH THE ’t t l BASES.”
  36. 36. Secret # 4: Know Your CustomersListen to them Observe them. Make a them. themcommitment to NO SURPRISES, except SURPRISES, on th i bi thd their birthdays. What you promise is Wh t i i what they get and MORE. MORE.
  37. 37. Behavioral Preferences How well do you know your customers? At a macro level, customers do manifest certain level behavioral preferences that give us initial clues as to how we can better adapt and respond to them in a more personalized manner. Please study the simple grid below: Deliberate Spontaneous Rational FACTS FUTURE Instinctive FORM FEELINGS
  38. 38.  The FACTS oriented customer doesn’t function well until you provide them a level of detailed information. They think information things through in an outwardly rational and deliberate way. The FORM oriented customer is concerned with organization and predictability They trust their instincts and are very predictability. deliberate about orderliness and an underlying adherence to tradition. The Th FEELINGS oriented customer has a greater need for a i d h df “hands- “hands-on, here and now” experience that is tied to that “human touch” we all recognize. This is where the element of instinct d i i and spontaneity come in. i i The FUTURE oriented customer think their way through life with an air of creativity and are preoccupied with the future, y p p , which means their dreams and aspirations are especially important. They take an outwardly rational approach and are more spontaneous and q p quicker to speculate. p
  39. 39.  As you consider this model, you will begin to recognize your own BEHAVIORAL PREFERENCES as an individual and as a customer. Th insight you gain about The i i h i b yourself and others will help you to be a better “READER OF PEOPLE” as you commit to adapting and p p g personalizing y g your products and services to meet the unique needs of your va ous custo e s. eeds o you various customers. YOU MUST BE VERSITILE TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS BUSINESS.
  40. 40. Five Clues1. BUILD A BETTER CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP as you discover and protect the values of each customer customer.2. Be patient with each customer’s questions (What, (What, How, Who, or Why) and provide relevant answers. Why)3. Provide what each customer NEEDS in the process of working with you and making decisions about doing business with you.4. Target your marketing and customer support at the buying preoccupations (Price, Reliability, (Price, Enjoyment, or Performance) of each customer. Enjoyment Performance) customer5. Deliver information (CUSTOMER EDUCATION) (CUSTOMER EDUCATION) in the mode that best fits the distinct learning styles g y of your customers.
  41. 41. Family Of Customers1. What are the social and professional profiles of these end h h i l d f i l fil f h d customers?2. What are the demographics? (age, education, income)3. What is the greatest geographic concentration of your customers?4. What is the economic value of one of these customers, on average?5. What do your customers most need from you and your associates?6. Why do they choose to do business with you?7. In what other ways (direct or indirect) do your customers affect your business? Where do they have influence with y y others who are important to your success?8. What distinctive likes and dislikes do your customers typically have?9. What mechanisms are in place to assure effective customer communication?
  42. 42. Priority Customers y Have a consistent and ongoing need for your products and services that translates into a very p y profitable business relationship over time. Relate to and be inclined to help you achieve your CORE PUROSE. PUROSE. See a distinct advantage in doing business with you- you- something they believe your competitors do not provide or represent. Suppo t Support you in gett g bus ess with others, if in no getting business w t ot e s, o other way than by WORD OF MOUTH. MOUTH. Collaborate with you, this is, team up with you to accomplish special projects that may be of a business nature or community service related.
  43. 43. Up Close & Professional pBUSINESS FOCUS: Customer’s full name Customer s Customer’s title and professional responsibilities Principal products used p p Economic significance to you and your business What this customer needs most from us Why this customer chooses to do business with us h hi h d b i ih Opportunities for CONVERSATIONS and FEEDBACK that we must create and encourage Key next steps to cement our VALUE ADDED into this customer’s mind How we will measure progress toward CONTINUALLY IMPROVING the relationship
  44. 44. PERSONAL PROFILE: Significant commitments and interests outside of work that may represent opportunities for collaboration and friendship Professional experience, formal education, and other accomplishments to acknowledge and to draw upon Personal “points of pride” that are keys to “what is truly important” to this customer of which we can simply be aware and acknowledge as appropriate (family, home, distinctive automobile) Important philosophies of business and life (favorite books are a key) Long range career and personal goals that we can support Chief worries, pressures, or special sensitivities that we can ,p , p help minimize Favorite restaurants, sports, cultural events, music, books, etc. etc
  45. 45. Secret # 5: Know The BearThere is a bear out there, behind you. Faster is not fast enough. Reliable is not reliable enough. enough World- World-Class means you set a standard f th world t f ll t d d for the ld to follow. The bear cannot keep up.
  46. 46. Continuous Vigilance: Vigilance: Beware Of Morphing Bears Vigilance comes in two forms: WATCHING for problems and PREVENTING problems. Bears take on various forms: Incompetence, p , negligence, poor quality, substandard service, failure to have contingency plans and letting your competitive edge grow dull. dull Great customer care teams always have a Plan B and regularly sharpen their competitive edge through continuous education and technology updating.
  47. 47.  Know the Bears. Know your Vulnerabilities.KKnow your Competition. C ii Know what’s changing in your g g y industry and marketplace. Know what it takes to outrun the bears. Be Vigilant of BVPD guidelines: Beauty, Value, Precision, and Dependability. Dependability
  48. 48. B-V-P-D Beauty. Is your product beautiful or attractive. Value. Does your product or service represent i a “GOOD DEAL”? Is it an unquestionably DEAL”? good investment of the customer s time and customer’s money? Is the customer better off because of your product or service? Precision. W ll–d i P ii Well– Well designed administrative d d i i t ti procedures. Easy-to-understand forms with Easy-to- readable print and p p plenty of space for the y p required information. Dependability. Will your customer always proclaim that you deli ered what you o delivered hat o promised?
  49. 49. Customer Champion’s Creed1. Make PROIR PLANNING a top priority. Be eager to learn what is “coming down the coming road” for the customer. Provide multiple options for p p problem solving and minimize g surprises for everyone.2. Smooth the way for the customer. Consistently practice the A-R-T of systems A- management. Guarantee the availability of g y Adequate resources that are fully Responsive to customer needs and Technologically up to date.
  50. 50. 3. Be sure everybody wins. Be sure your fundamental goals are to satisfy customer f d t l l t ti f t needs, to exceed expectations, and to equitably support the interests of all key it bl t th i t t f ll k individuals who are your partners in success. KKeep everybody i f b d informed and d d secure in the knowledge that the bears are far f away i their forest habitat where th in th i f t h bit t h they belong.
  51. 51. Secret # 6: Take OwnershipChampion the idea that “I AM THE ONE.” For F each member of your t h b f team, thi this means “I am the one who first spoke with the customer. And, at the end of the day, I am the one who will follow through to be g sure WE met their needs.
  52. 52. The GREATEST Secret Of The Ages At the heart of dealing effecti el with the effectively ith world of work and with customers is the rediscovery that: You CREATE YOUR WORLD by how you THINK and SPEAK about it. it. You can transform the outcome of situations you face in business and in life by recognizing two fundamental thinking channels or systems and then by choosing the one that works best. y g
  53. 53. Two Systems: Owner…Victim The person accessing the OWNER system takes responsibility for situations and outcomes. outcomes In the OWNER system commitment is a DECISION. DECISION. The person accessing the VICTIM system simply figures that “stuff happens and you i l fi h “ ff h d must struggle through it somehow.” In the VICTIM system commitment is just a FEELING. FEELING.
  54. 54. Secret # 7: Stake Your Reputation p Create your own HALLMARKS OF PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE. EXCELLENCE.Seize those crucial moments of truth in away that shows your true commitment to each customer.
  55. 55. Personal Excellence To stake your reputation, you must IDENTIFY THE EXTENT of your commitments. MOMENTS OF TRUTH are those crucial situations where your commitments will be especially important. PRIDE FACTORS are the commitments you make as to how you will handle these situations. INDIVIDUAL PRIDE FACTORS usually originate in one of two ways: (a) as a result of some “childhood teachings,” (b) in response to “specific customer situations situations” encountered in the course of doing business. NOTE: The word “ALWAYS” occurs often as a subtle indication of an especially serious commitment to some key i i l k principle or behavior. b h i
  56. 56. Pride FactorsThe BEST meet the f ll i criteria: h S h following i i1. In response to specific customer situations,2.2 Often the result of customer feedback about likes and dislikes; prior disappointments and future expectations,3. Behavioral i that you can see, hear, smell, feel h i l in h h ll f l what has been done to make the customer experience more p p positive, ,4. Measurable so you can track your progress at being more aggressive about your commitments and improving your performance over timetime,5. A set of stakes you drive in the ground to mark your claim to SERVICE EXCELLENCE. And, these EXCELLENCE. commitments are about “ALWAYS ” which means it t b t “ALWAYS,” hi h they are met consistently and never left to chance.
  57. 57. Team Pride Factors Imagine the IMPACT of all the members of your team each working on specific commitments to g p their particular customers. As you find you have certain PRIDE FACTORS in common, these can become your TEAM common PRIDE FACTORS and will represent a friendly way to cultivate your CULTURE OF SERVICE EXCELLENCE and to orient new employees to “who you are as a team and how you do business with those you serve. serve.” Your PRIDE FACTORS are about being the BEST VERSIONS of who you are as you take pride in what you do and as you POSITIVELY id i h d d ASTONISH those you SERVE.SERVE.
  58. 58. Secret # 8:Add Value at Each Step of the WayBe sure that whatever it is that you do, do you do it with the customer in mind.
  59. 59. Customer- Customer-Need Driven1. To Be Process Driven: This means that you have a certain process you follow in doing business with your customers This process is important because customers. it is the basis for fundamental control and consistency.2. To B C2 T Be Customer Driven: Thi would mean that you Di This ld h are ready to follow any and all orders the customer might g y g give you. This appears to be maximum pp responsiveness- responsiveness-doesn’t it?3. To Be Customer-Need Driven: This is to focus on Customer- the customer’s particular problem, want need or customer s problem want, need, expectation and to deliver-to take responsibility for deliver- the outcomes that would be most useful and ASTONISHING to the customercustomer.
  60. 60. Secret # 9: Smooth The Way y ALWAYS treat the customers as an honored guest. NEVER place yourconvenience above that of the customer. customerYour professionalism will SHINE as you do. do.
  61. 61. To be ANTICIPATORY in addressing gcustomer needs means you “look out” for thecustomer to remove any obstacles and yinconveniences. It is an extension of customercourtesy and of adding value. Remember the“GOLDEN RULE” of customercare…TREATcare…TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULDLIKE TO BE TREATED.CWO - Chief WOW Officer: Be sure you do C e O ce : e su eeverything you do with the customer in mind.Co s de whatConsider w you do from the cus o e s o e customer’spoint of view.
  62. 62. S-E-A-S The OpportunitySUMMARIZE – Don’t prescribe a solution until you candescribe the underlying need. Listen to the customer. Makenotes as needed. Be able to tell your client two or three thingsyou’ve j t learned about their situation and get confirmation ’ just l d b t th i it ti d t fi tithat you are on the right track.EMPATHIZE – Reflect on how the customer must feel aboutthe ith impact of this situation on his or her business or personal t f thi it ti hi h b i lsuccess. How would you feel if you were in the customersshoes? How would you hope somebody would treat you insuch a situation? Thoughtfully acknowledge these customerimpacts as you proceed to help.ANALYZE – Separate symptoms from causes. Depersonalizethe situation so that emotions are put in perspective. Ask fortime to do your homework. Involve the customer in yourplanning wherever it makes sense.SYNCHRONIZE – Coordinate everything for the customer y guntil a solution is reached. Assure the timeliness of allresponses to the customer. Keep everyone informed.
  63. 63. Secret # 10: Create Options pNEVER say “NO” to the customer. NO y is often uncreative. YES is great, but may be over-commitment. The customer needs options. CREATE d i THEM. Even partial solutions are better th b tt than roadblocks. Be a world- dbl k B ld class problem solver.
  64. 64. To ACT!A – Acknowledge the customer and his/her needs needs.• As you acknowledge the customer, you buy y yourself time to think.C – Circumstances: Discuss them.• As you examine the circumstances, you discover underlying needs and also recognize the parameters within which your problem solving will occur.T – Tell the customer what you can do.• As you tell them what you can do, you show your flexibility AND even a partial solution is better than a roadblock.
  65. 65. Special Thanks Thanks…to Roxanne (Roxy) Barajas who developed this special slide show on the 10 Secrets to World Class Customer Care by author Darby Checketts.Roxy and Linda Mallory Price, principal of y y ,p p Lindenwood Insurance Services, Los Angeles, submitted this as p of the g part Silver Agency Forum, Service Excellence Award.