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UCPL Intro To Computers
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UCPL Intro To Computers


Published on

Meant to accompany a class for adults at University City Public Library. For beginner-level computer users.

Meant to accompany a class for adults at University City Public Library. For beginner-level computer users.

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  • 1. Intro to Computers University City Public Library Welcome!
  • 2. Some Things to Keep in Mind: 
      • You are smarter than the computer.
    • 2.  There's too much information out there for you to learn everything on your first try. (So keep trying!)
    3.  Nobody is born knowing how to work a computer.    4. Don't be afraid to ask questions!
  • 3. What is a Computer? 
    • com·put·er (km-pytr)
      • NOUN:
      • 1. A device that computes, especially a programmable electronic machine that performs high-speed mathematical or logical operations or that assembles, stores, correlates, or otherwise processes information.
      • 2. One who computes.
      • Source: American Heritage Dictionary
    Wait a minute! Does that mean our brains are computers? (Yes, it does!)
  • 4. Hardware: What Computers Are Made Of Image sources: Wikimedia Commons ( ) Tower   This is a box that includes:   -disk drive -CD drive -hard drive -memory -modem and/or wireless card Monitor Keyboard Mouse
  • 5. Peripherals: Fun Things You Can Connect to Your Computer 
    • Examples:
      • digital camera
      • MP3 player
      • scanner
      • printer
      • storage
    •              -USB drive
    •              -floppy disk
    •              -CD ROM
    Image Source : Free Images ( )  
  • 6. Software: The Cool Stuff a Computer Can Do 
    • Examples of software:
      • Word processors (Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, AppleWorks)
      • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel, Base, Claris)
      • Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint)
      • Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera)
      • Games (Solitare, FreeCell, World of Warcraft)
    • Software is...
      • A program of instructions that directs the operation of a computer.
      • Source: Science Lobby's Dictionary of Electronics.  ( )
  • 7. Operating Systems 
    • Operating Systems (OS) are special kinds of software that help your computer to run more efficiently and help you work with your computer.
    • Examples of Operating Systems
      • Windows
      • Mac OS X
      • Linux
      • UNIX
    Which operating system is the best? It's really a matter of personal preference.  Practically all operating systems allow their users to do the same things. Windows is by far the most popular operating system. 
  • 8. 3 Things a Computer Cannot Function Without 
    • Processor (also called chip or CPU )
      • The master chip (circuit) in a computer that controls the execution of program instructions, arithmetic functions, and access to memory and peripherals.
    • Hard Drive
      • Like a floppy disk, flash drive, or CD drive, only much bigger and usually part of your computer tower.
    • Memory (also called Random Access Memory , or RAM )
      • Operating memory of a computer-- temporarily stores programs that are currently being used.
      • Source: Computer Hardware and Micro-Scope Glossary, ( ) 
  • 9. Mouserobics! 
    • Working on this website can help you learn to use a mouse more easily.
    • So, go here:
    • Or here:
    • Don't worry, they go to the same place.