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  • Good morning everyone, thank you for coming. Introduction: Bob Owen – Inside Sales Manager Dennis Buehring – Project Manager Joel Kasper – Project Engineer Mike Weickert – Director of Engineering Jim Paulsen – Application Manager Check that all can see and hear Give a quick overview of why we are hear and what we want to accomplish: What we want to accomplish hear today is to create a better understanding of what Nercon has to offer and how Kraft Foods can benefit from this. Along with this Nercon will have better understanding of how we can help Kraft achieve their production goals by maximizing our services? Give a quick outline of the structure and let them know that we will take questions at any time: Design Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Manufacturing Services Get things going: And with this I will turn it over to: Dennis
  • Thank you ??? Nercon was founded in 1976 by Jim Nerenhausen, who is still very active in the day by day actively of the business. To date Nercon remains 100% family owned and is managed by Jay Nerehausen. Last year we had 32 million in sales and have been experiencing steady growth over the past 15 years with 80% to 85% repeat business. We have three main facilities, One in Oshkosh, WI --- That serves as our corporate office, assembly floor and panel building area. Most of the controls intensive systems are built in Oshkosh. Two facilities in Oconto, WI --- These serve as our fabrication and main assembly areas, with one building having sixty foot ceiling height for assembly and testing of tall equipment. These large buildings allow for set up and shop testing. This minimizes the installation and field debug time in your plant. Nercon currently has 51 engineers, technicians, designers and programmers. 112 fabrication and assemblers, 7 field service technicians, 10 sales people, 36 administration positions.
  • Table top conveyors continue to be the workhorse in the packaging industry and represent a significant segment of Nercon’s sales. Nercon has access to most of the major manufacturer’s of table top chain so that we can design and build the conveyor that’s best suited for the application.
  • Mattop conveyors are another significant segment of the Nercon line of conveyors. They are low maintenance and with the options of flights, high friction and roller top surfaces they offer many solutions to customer needs of elevating and lowering products, in-line accumulation, and also raw product handling.
  • Nercon has provided miles of belt conveyors over the years that include M-trough and roller trough designs for bulk handling, wide flat belts for patterned transportation of cookies or dough products, belts for cooling products, servo driven belts for collating, merging and diverting, wire mesh conveyors for fines elimination, belts for metal detector applications, or belts with retracting ends for product distribution or rejects.
  • Sanitary design conveyors are another Nercon option. While all our conveyors for the food and beverage industry take cleanliness into consideration, these units are specifically designed for quick and easy cleaning and include components and designs that are wash-down compatible.
  • Nercon draws on its experience, including its owner and other key personnel whose experience pre-dates the founding of the company in 1977, as well as its new employees who bring with them new ideas and concepts, to respond to your company’s applications. Whether it’s Accumulators for cartons of snack crackers or for bulk cookies and crackers, Orientors for turning or upending trays, cartons or cases, rinsers and single filers for bottles of salad dressing or coffee containers, case and carton elevators, or laners or diverters for just about any Kraft product, Nercon and Nemco have, and will continue to provide solutions.
  • Packaging line are what our engineers and programmers do every day. This means we can provide you with people who know how to make your packaging line operate smoothly and provide the highest possible efficiency from you line. Our background in variable speed and servo drives helps us design custom solutions for our clients where no OEM equipment is available. We can provide custom vision systems solutions to help insure you provide the highest quality products for your customers. Our staff has experienced operator interface designers who can provide efficient and cost effective solutions to your line operations. We are experienced with RS view Wonderware and Intelution software as well as the Allen-Bradley panel view products.
  • Nercon Company Overview

    2. 2. About Nercon • 30 + year old company with 22% employees with at least 15 years of service • Engineering team including over 50 mechanical and electrical engineers, Oshkosh, WI technicians, designers, programmers and detailers • Over $30 Million in Annual Sales • 250,000 sq. ft. of assembly area shared by three facilities Oconto, WI
    3. 3. Table Top Conveyors• One of the most widely used and versatile packaging conveyors• Available from all major chain manufacturers Table Top Conveyors
    4. 4. Mat Style Conveyors• Low maintenance• Ideal for packaging and food handling applications• Wide verity of chain types to handle packages and containers of every shape and size Mat Style Conveyors
    5. 5. Belt Conveyors• Versatile Belt Conveyors can be configured in a variety of designs• Slider bed, “M” trough, roller bed, V-Guide, roller and vacuum belts Belt Conveyor
    6. 6. Sanitation Levels• Specially designed for quick and easy cleaning• Can be designed with removable carry and return wear strips Sanitary Conveyors
    7. 7. Machine Expertise• Accumulators• Orientors• Servo Merges• Single filers• Elevators• Rinsers• Laners• Diverters
    8. 8. Services• Conveyor Controls and Integration• Installation and Training• Transportation• Parts Program• Nemco Design Group
    9. 9. Thanks for your time! For more information, visit our website Check out our blog! Nercon Knowledge Center