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The right mobile platform for your product
The right mobile platform for your product
The right mobile platform for your product
The right mobile platform for your product
The right mobile platform for your product
The right mobile platform for your product
The right mobile platform for your product
The right mobile platform for your product
The right mobile platform for your product
The right mobile platform for your product
The right mobile platform for your product
The right mobile platform for your product
The right mobile platform for your product
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The right mobile platform for your product


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Here’s what we found out:
    Mobile customers are aging fast – 6 months ago: 10yrs younger on average, today 5 yrs. younger
    Mobile is predominantly male – compared to desktop
    Mobile has a larger share of high value customers
    The two main purposes to visit from a mobile device:
    Play Lotto
    Check Lottery Results & Quotes
    The highest activity is before the cut-off time in the evening
  • Even though there are statistics that say 80% of the mobile usage time is spent on apps, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right thing for your business. About 25% of the 80% are Facebook which also functions as a browser to read)
    The three basic options are
    Web App
    Accessed through browser
    Native App
    Downloaded in App Store
    Hybrid App
    Web App embedded in a Native Wrapper
    Also downloadable in App Stores
  • Native Apps
    Take full advantage of the device’s hard- and software
    The AppStore provides visibility
    Push-Notifications enable direct communication to customers
    High development costs in when you want to cater to both major platforms
    Slow update / release cycles
    Restrictions due to AppStore Guidelines
    High Cost
    Web App
    Cross-platform compatibility
    Easy updates
    No app store restrictions
    Cheap(er) development costs
    Communication restricted to classical channels, i.E. no Push Notifications
    No presence on home screen
    No access to device’s hard/software
  • 3rd Option Hybrid App
    A Native Wrapper is build around a Web App
    Make use of Push
    App Store
    Relatively cheap
    Compromise in UX - > No native look & feel as usability is based on lowest common denominator of the targeted operating systems
    Slower performance than native
    However as a sales driven company we didn’t want to miss out on being without an app
    To make use of Push-Notifications
    To increase customer acquisition via App Channel
  • Insight:
    iOS App customers spend over 22% more than Web App customers
    Push notifications with CTAs have a (yet) low, but measurable impact on sales 1-2%
  • Visit your page through the eyes of your customer!
    Is the key information being communicated?
    Draw frequency?
    Jackpot Size
    After we added these info:
    - Sales Increase of 1,6% and growing
  • The next thing we are improving are the banners on our home page
    Having learnt that our mob. customers
    Are Aging fast
    Are Playing last minute bet
    ->Easy & quick navigation is essential
    We took a look at our current banners and realized
    The 2 Buttons on Banner are too small -> easy to miss – (old men have big thumbs)
    Critical Information is not communicated (cut off time)
    We decided to redesign our banners to
    Communicate the cut-off time
    Include only one big call to action, instead of two
    And to
    Deploy banners across the mobile site on account settings pages to navigate to tickets faster
    No figures yet as banners will be released next week
  • Auto-zoom feature on android.
    When touching an area with two input areas the screen zooms in so you can select the right one…
    Opposing opinions in the team whether it’s good/bad
    Employed user testing
    customers found it annoying and frustrating
    Zoom prolonged the process (time is critical!)
    Consequently we disabled the auto-zoom function to keep users happy and buy tickets faster
  • Another Example:- German Lotto has 2 Draw Dates Wed & Sat
    Knowing that time is critical
    it’s important to have quick and easy purchase process.
    - idea: pre-select the next draw date.
    Before we did that, we checked what our mobile customers are actually playing:
    - 1/3 of all Tickets sold on Monday are for Saturday’s draw
    A large amount of tickets played on mobile are combi-tickets
    Eventually it wouldn’t necessarily make users happy to preselect the next draw date as many only play for saturday
    Also it might negatively affect the sales of combi-tickets
    Conclusion: Don’t preselect next drawdate – Alternatively: test preselection of combi-tickets
  • Transcript

    • 1. How to go mobile quick, but not dirty Aarhus, 06.11.2013
    • 2. Background • Secondary Lottery • Main Products: Lotto 6 aus 49 (German Lotto), Euro Millones, EuroJackpot • Target group: German speaking lottery players worldwide • 2m monthly visits (Desktop Site) • 400k monthly visits (mobile Site) 2
    • 3. Know Your Customer • Who is our mobile customer ? • What do they consume, what is relevant to them ? • When do they consume? 3
    • 4. Know Your Customer What we found out: • Mobile customers are predominantly male • 5 years younger than average desktop customer • Larger share of high value customers • Main reasons to visit mobile Site – Play Lotto – Check Results & Quotes • Highest activity before cut off time 4
    • 5. The Right Platform 5
    • 6. The Right Platform
    • 7. The Right Platform for us
    • 8. The Right Platform for us What we found out: •Web App customer ≠ iOS App customer •iOS App customers spend 22% more •Push notifications with CTAs have a positive impact on sales of 1-2%
    • 9. The Daily Business 9
    • 10. The Daily Business 10
    • 11. The Daily Business 11
    • 12. The Daily Business 12
    • 13. The Wrap Up • Choose your platform according to customer needs and business objectives • Critically review the content of your website • Let customers test your website • Use data for decision making, not only your gut feeling • Keep track of KPIs to measure success 13