Selling Social Media to the C-Suite by James LaCorte
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Selling Social Media to the C-Suite by James LaCorte






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  • 7 billion on earth2.5 billion on internet1.8 billion on social mediaIn 2017 predict almost 3 billion on social mediaIn one month there was 10 million mentions of Fortune 100 companies on social media. 20% are not monitoring .
  • Blog Well event.Could not make it but saw this tweetHits the core to what social media is about.Shifting how companies work internally and externally.Forcing companies to move faster and be more transparent.
  • Through my own exp. And also input from other peers across all industries (posted to social media for input)Important to approach executives with these in mind.First impressions important, specially if they are skeptical or confused.6 tips to lead executives to water and get them to drink.
  • It’s easy to get distracted with new social tools and ideas. Reduce distractions by:Developing a social media strategy that aligns with business goalsMake sure to get input from across the organizationThrow new ideas, products, social tools against the strategy to see if it sticks/applies to the organizationMake sure there is budget and resources for implementation and ongoing work
  • WIIFM and ROI for company Show examples of how social has benefits the business (internal or external, listen and learn, change process)CEO example – In the beginning Internal blog post had less comments but he saw value because of the deep connection he was building with employees. Employees who would avoid eye contact in elevator were now talking to him about various topics from the blog.Shared with other exec. Very powerful.Customer Service – Turn frustrated consumers into advocates / solve difficult issues / see trends before business area and escalate.
  • Find out their likes/dislikes, pain points. Provide solutions that will help them solve business problemsGains credibility and trust Easier to see value   Bad – White papers, stats – eyes glazed overGood – Showed understanding of business areas, did research and identified pain points we could solveAnother example – Monthly stats – first all numbers and social speak. Now stories and narrative sprinkled with stats. Used as a model for other areas and getting more readership.----------------------------The narrative of the city of Babel is recordePd in Genesis 11:1-9. Everyone on earth spoke the same language. As people migrated from the east, they settled in the land of Shinar. People there sought to make bricks and build a city and a tower with its top in the sky, to make a name for themselves, so that they not be scattered over the world. God came down to look at the city and tower, and remarked that as one people with one language, nothing that they sought would be out of their reach. God went down and confounded their speech, so that they could not understand each other, and scattered them over the face of the earth, and they stopped building the city. Thus the city was called Babel. 
  •  Some executives embrace social media, others are more reserved. Don’t use same formula on all exec.Be flexible – some are willing to get involved internal or external, others may not but use this opp to educate them and share regular success storiesSetup internal/external reports or regular reminders of how social benefits the business.
  • Inthe past management was the filter for employees and what customers were saying.Social has added a level of transparency.Managers job has shifted from filtering information into connecting ideas/identifying themes they can use to improve the businessExample – Share examples
  • Let them know the steps your are taking for the corporation and how they are apart of it.Map your social strategy to business goals.Make sure some effort is spent on executives – if they buy in and leverage social so will employeesRemind leaders how their efforts are paying off Don’t be afraid to ask / remind. They are busy.  
  • Tips are easy to give. Now comes the hard work. Rolling up our sleeves and delivering.Next few slides focus on steps you can take to expand exec involvement internally and externallyFeel free to jump in and share your exp. With us.
  • 45% companies in recent Stanford survey do not have social media policies or guidelines.Anyone have stories of how execs use social media to connect with employees?
  • Expand externally  Show how SM helping the business - Share reports - monitoring / stats  Setup a dashboard or email alerts like Rebel mouse so they see company activityLinkedIn first step - connect and post - at first provide posts, soon they will do their ownExpand depending on personality, goals, and time Anyone have stories or exp to share?
  • Change is the end result of all learning – Leo BuscagliaInnovationPersonal BrandNew and deeper connections

Selling Social Media to the C-Suite by James LaCorte Selling Social Media to the C-Suite by James LaCorte Presentation Transcript

  • Selling Social Media to the C-Suite JAMES LACORTE @THEGASPAR
  • About Me Started an ISP Online newspaper Online communities Insurance JAMES LACORTE @THEGASPAR
  • The World is Changing St. Peter's Square in 2005 and 2013
  • The Brass Tax “We may all say we do social, but at the end of the day we’re in the business of change management.” @sunaynat
  • 6 tips when approaching executives A good teacher will lead the horse to water. A great one will make the horse thirsty first.
  • Gollum was consumed by his lust for the ring. 1. Don’t let shiny objects distract you
  • Originated in 1600 as "All the proof of a pudding is in the eating”. 2. Show them proof
  • Tower of Babel 3. Speak their language
  • Personality influences personal preference. Embrace it, don’t force it. 4. Don’t try to fit a square peg in round hole
  • Management was the filter. Now they are the connector! 5. Change brings opportunity
  • A goal without a plan is just a wish 6. Share your expectations and desires
  • 1. Implement policies and guidelines 2. Conduct training 3. Mentor executives 4. Connect online/offline conversations 5. Share successes – stats tied in with stories Start Internally
  • 1. Show how social media impacts the business 2. Setup dashboard or email report 3. Start executives on LinkedIn or a blog 4. Expand based on personality, time, and goals 5. Share successes – stats tied in with stories Expand Externally
  • End Result Personal Brand Innovation New/Deeper Connections Brand Reputation
  • Let’s share •Share your experiences •Successes and challenges •Lessons Learned •Tips and tricks JAMES LACORTE @THEGASPAR