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  • 1) Bluetooth: The symbol for short-distance wireless connection. This rarely told story comes in two parts. It is derived from the two runes representing the initials of King Harald Bluetooth who ruled Denmark in the 10th century. Bluetooth was famous for uniting the Danish tribes.
    The technological counterpart as you know is a way to unite devices through the exchange of signals. The name was suggested by Intel’s Jim Kardach who was part of a multi company working group and the name was intended to be temporary. But when the technology had to launch quickly, the group decided to go with “Bluetooth” until the marketing folks could come with something better. They never did.
    One more thing on vikings….
  • Here’s a photo of my 2 sons
    I’m not very big on horses, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Icelandic ponies. The horses of the vikings. This photo is from the 1st day of summer in DK together with my 2 sons just a few days after Philly 13. As a friend commented, these are either either very big kids or a small horse. To those of you from big cities, I’ll point out the horse….
  • And here’s Gustav, my youngest son
  • onto more recent times and more serious matters.
    Everybody here is a superhero. you are the superheroes in my view,
    but please help make your users (for the lack of a better word) your superheroes
  • ….. We’ve come along way in the past 15 years….
  • Let me ask you something:
    Can you make the squeaking sound of an old analog modem?
    The digital divide is no longer just between the 3rd & the industrialized world. Today it is in different ways with those <15 years and all of us. Since last conference, I’ve had the pleasure of being a bit involved in getting an initiative started to teach programming to kids and get it on the national elementary school curriculum similar to what has been done in Estonia and also parts of the UK. We need kids that are smarter than their iPads. 
The divide is also with digital mainstreamers vs. disconnected board roomers. At this conference, we hope to help you bridge some of these divides. Networked knowledge in action is about this….
The divide for us at J. Boye has been the good old divide between Europe and North America. For many years, Joel Shapiro was our one-man-show, but since my last visit to Philly for our May 2013 conference, I am happy to say that we’ve grown to be a 5 person team in the US. Joel is here. So is Beth, Patricia and Courtney who are on the team that moderates groups for digital professionals that meet 3 – 4 times a year. Finally Kas Thomas recently joined our our new research team.
    Let me finish by telling one final story.
  • As some of you might know, I went to high school with Joel on Long Island in the mid-90’s. We ran cross country and track and as far as I remember we had 3 – 4 coaches. I remember Limmer, Hughes and I’m sure there were others whose names I don’t remember, but I’m sure as a team we would have failed miserably without them. World-class athletes also has several coaches and back in high school we had 3 – 4 every afternoon.
    Working with the Web is an intense experience that requires a hunger for learning, making plenty of mistakes, It is tough to learn when a bigger and bigger group of people are watching you. Similar to in high school you shouldn’t go it alone either. You should all have people inside and outside your organisation ready to help you. Whether formalized or not. That is really what networked knowledge is about. That is when it truly moves mountains.
  • To illustrate it, this is the key to success  and I wish you a great conference and hope to get to know you better during the next days and beyond.
  • To illustrate it, this is the key to success  and I wish you a great conference and hope to get to know you better during the next days and beyond.
  • Philadelphia 14 Wednesday welcome presentation

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