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How we selected Sitecore

  1. 1. Selecting a new CMSDate: November 7 2012
  2. 2. Terminalen: a nationwide multi brand dealership ▪ www.jaguarlandrover.dk2 11. november 2012
  3. 3. Bayern AutoGroup: The largest BMW/MINI dealershipchain in Denmarkwww.bag.dk3 11. november 2012
  4. 4. Importer of Jaguar in ▪ ▪ 11. november 2012
  5. 5. Importer of Land Rover in ▪ ▪ 11. november 2012
  6. 6. Importer of Hyundai in 11. november 2012
  7. 7. Handling online activities locally caused a patchwork ofsystems and external partners (2011) CMS/E- CMS CMS: Umbraco CMS: Drupal CMS: TYPO3 CMS: Alterian CMS: Alterian CMS: Typo3 commerce: Magento Hosting Fab:it Guava Curanet Landrover Jaguar CMSHouse Magentohotel.d k Analyse: Analyse: Analyse: GA Analyse: GA Analyse: GA Analytics Analyse: GA GA+Adform GA+Adform (UK) (UK) (UK) Analyse: Ingen SEM SEM: Outrider SEM: Intern GA konto SEM: Intern BCI SEM: Landrover UK SEM: Jaguar UK SEM: N.a. SEM: N.a. eCRM: Zoomio eCRM: Jaguar eCRM eCRM: Globase eCRM: i CMS eCRM: Zoomio (Wunderman UK) UK eCRM: N.a. eCRM: N.a. Daglig drift: Daglig drift: Daglig drift: Daglig drift: Daglig drift: Daglig drift: Daglig drift: Operation Hyundai Graphic House BCI Landrover UK Jaguar UK NCG Magtools/Shopb iz Teknisk Teknisk Teknisk Teknisk Teknisk Teknisk Teknisk Tech support support: support: support: support: Content (UK support: support: CMS support: Magtools/Shopb Kraftværk Graphic House Masters Jaguar UK house bureau) iz Online agency Reklamebureau: Reklamebureau Reklamebureau: Reklamebureau: Reklamebureau: Reklamebureau: Reklamebureau: Magtools/Shopb Mindshare Masters Landrover UK Landrover UK N.a. iz
  8. 8. Centralization or decentralization? Simplicity and shared functionality will Handling online activities locally results in a reduce overhead and secure better websites speedy and agile development process • The technical set up will be simplified to • Every company/website should be able to avoid the handling of many different choose its own technical platform to online platforms support the specific need of dealer • Lower online spending as a result of websites and importer websites fewer systems and external partner • Developing components and new features relations to a single website can be done at a faster • One online platform for all makes re-use pace and much more dynamic of components and joint functionality possible • Developing components that can be use on more than one site also means a higher spend on the single component – and hopefully a better usability in the end8 11. november 2012
  9. 9. Draft of a future dealer websiteFront page shows core functions and focuses generating leads Login to My Site Top menu with focus on core functions Campaign slider (video, targeted content, inspiration) Targeted content Top models and brands will lead the user to search and configuration Other components on the site Footer (about us, PR, top menu, find dealer) ILLUSTRATION9 11. november 2012
  10. 10. Simplifying the technical set upRe-use of components and functionality. Organizational synergies. Importer websites: Dealer websites: Other websites: CMS + E-commerce CMS platform • Simplified technical set up Hosting Hosting partner • Fewer partner relationships Analyses Google Analytics +Adform • Joint online efforts with clearly defined rolls for each sites SEM SEM and SEO • Synergies in both operations eCRM eCRM platform and in the development of new components and features Operation NCG Online Tech support Technical partner11 11. november 2012
  11. 11. One partner fits all Technical tasks must be centralized and one joint partner appointed: • Implementing web design • Developing and implementing IA • Operation and support Importer websites Dealer websites share share IA, but have IA, but have unique unique design design and ToV according to brand CI All sites share the same technical platform One IT and design partner for all websites in NCG on a joint technical platform12 11. november 2012
  12. 12. What we were looking for in a new CNS  Content  Support rich media for inspiration and campaigns  Support functionality such as ”My Site” and search  Logistics and transactions in an e-commerce solution  Automated workflows  Roll based access  System integration  Car manufacturers content and services  Use car database  eCRM  Axapta og MOSS integration  Micro sites/marketing sites  Sociale components og social websites  Affiliates (e.g. Bilbasen)  Sales tools  Advanced product configurator based on multidimensional data  My Site – user login og profile  Campaign management (promotions and after sales campaigns)  Targeting (eCRM)  Tracking og raporting  SEO  Customer Service  Support various contact point such as chat, phone, email13 11. november 2012
  13. 13. Content Management Systemer – Market reviewFocusing on mid market .NET baseed CMS, preferably open source EPIServer - Attractive prices - High quality Open Source Licens - .NET Microsoft MOSS Enterprise Open Text Open Text - Enterprise CMS - Integration to SAP Umbraco - Wide range of products - Danish CMS with Fatwire international reach EPI-server Sitecore udbredelse Umbraco Fatwire Umbraco - Innovativ Mid market - Open Source - .NET - Stærk funktionalitet - Udfordring på usability Joomla Joomla - Core CMS functions Sitecore - Open Source, PHP/MySQL - Høj brugervenlighed - Stor vifte af produkter  CMS selection criteria: - SharePoint connector  Interaction between IT and technical CMS competences that the IT integrator recommends  Mid market CMS med wide range to secure access to the best practice regarding development  Baseed on .NET  Re-use of existing components and functionality14 11. november 2012
  14. 14. Going through a pitch with the top 5 suplliers. The projectwas scoped and prices negotiated. Board of Director Online strategy Business Prequalification and Negotiation approvement and high approved requirements selecting level project plan15 11. november 2012
  15. 15. Thank youLine HeimerOnline ManagerMob 42 14 11 53E-mail