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Social Media Landscape


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Overview of the social media landscape and the value it provides small businesses and large brands. This presentation was prepared as part of a training session to educate new employees and fellow …

Overview of the social media landscape and the value it provides small businesses and large brands. This presentation was prepared as part of a training session to educate new employees and fellow staff members on the evolution of social media marketing.

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  • 1. Social Media Landscape Overview of current social media landscape and how clients can reap the rewards of an emerging digital marketing trend. Prepared by: Jonathan Berthold Director of Digital Media for Rank Media Agency, Clicko
  • 2. Social Media Landscape A Blog can be the source from which you publish valuable content and share to social sites – think of blogs + social media sites as a spoke-and-wheel.
  • 3. Value of Social Media • Social media can help businesses… • Increase brand awareness across the web • Complement SEO efforts • Generate new leads and/or sales • Build active communities and jumpstart viral campaigns • Target niche audiences via advertising platforms
  • 4. Defining Your Clients’ Social Media Strategy • B2B audience or B2C? • Which platforms are most appropriate? • Community building or lead/sales generation? • What goals does the client want to achieve?
  • 5. Blogs
  • 6. Content Marketing with Blogs • Brands can position themselves as experts in their field by producing fresh content • Valuable resource for SEO campaigns • Build posts around high-traffic keywords and long-tail searches • Create a central platform for a company’s brand – connects all social media profiles • Can help build an interactive community by encouraging users to subscribe and comment • Publish content directly to Twitter and setup a live Twitter stream on you blog via widgets (custom Blogger and WordPress blogs can set this up easily)
  • 7. Recommendations • Install a WordPress blog on-site • Easy to install and WordPress plugins are perfect for SEO and Social performance • 4 posts per month – content can be based on: • • • • “How to” posts Company updates Industry trends and observations Video blogs (can share socially and pull videos from YouTube) • Optional: Tumblr blog for cross-posting social updates/blogs off-site • Another page that can be indexed by search engines and boost brand awareness
  • 8. Facebook
  • 9. Facebook Overview • There are over one billion monthly active users, of which 669 million are active on a daily basis • Great social networking site for community building and contests • Sophisticated advertising platform can help increase brand exposure via promoted products and regular display advertising • Cross-posting can be enabled to-and-from Twitter Sources: Facebook Investor:
  • 10. Facebook Advertising • Display Advertising • Regular display ads on the right side – can be used for retargeting (through Adroll and soon, Facebook) or driving traffic to external landing pages. • Promoted Page Advertising • Cost-effective method of building up a targeted audience. • Promoted Post Advertising • Generate exposure for content & offers via extensive targeting platform. Sources: Facebook Investor:
  • 11. Facebook Advertising • Facebook Targeting Options: • • • • • • • Demographics Location Precise Interests Broad Categories Interests Mobile vs. Desktop / iOS vs. Android Workplaces Education Sources: Facebook Investor:
  • 12. Twitter
  • 13. Twitter Overview • Over 500 million registered users • Over 200 million users are active on a monthly basis • Cross-posting can be enabled from most popular social sites. • Easy-to-use microblogging technology makes it easy to publish content and build a following • Trending topics/hashtags (#) originated on Twitter and provide ample opportunities to a brand’s visibility Sources: Business Insider:
  • 14. Twitter’s Promoted Products • For larger campaigns, you can leverage the viral power of Twitter’s promoted advertising products to increase brand awareness • Currently only provisioned for US based accounts (or brands with $10K+ monthly budgets), you can do the following: • Promote Individual Tweets • Promote Individual Accounts • Promote a Trend ($$$$$) • Although it is defined as “paid media”, Twitter ads are less obtrusive, more organic, and do not take away from user experience compared to other forms of advertising
  • 15. LinkedIn
  • 16. LinkedIn Overview • LinkedIn currently has 238 million registered members across the globe • Known as the world’s largest B2B social networking site • Its platform provides opportunities for both job seekers and job posters to find employment and candidates respectively • Company and group pages provide ample opportunities for networking • LinkedIn Ads continues to evolve and provides ample targeting opportunities Sources: LinkedIn:
  • 17. LinkedIn Advertising • Regular Display Advertising • These ads appear on the right side of the site and allow brands to target niche audiences • Sponsored Updates • Similar to Facebook’s Promoted Post advertising • Ad Targeting: you can target users based on: • • • • • Location Industry Job Function or Job Title Demographics Groups Sources: LinkedIn:
  • 18. Google+
  • 19. Google+ Overview • World’s second largest social media site with over 359 million active members • Google+ profiles can be synchronized with YouTube, Gmail, and other Google products • Communities and branded pages offer branding opportunities for clients • Connecting Google+ profiles to blogs (Google+ Authorship) can help boost SEO efforts • “+1’s” are the most effective social signal for gaining SEO points Sources: Business Insider:
  • 20. Pinterest
  • 21. Pinterest Overview • The photo-sharing site reached 70 million members in June 2013, of which 20 million are active • Important social platform for e-commerce sites: users are more engaged on Pinterest than Facebook • Highly visual images and interesting videos can go viral • Use of hashtags and pertinent keywords can increase visibility of visual content Sources: Read Write:
  • 22. Instagram
  • 23. Instagram Overview • Instagram just announced that it has over 150 million monthly active users • It has become popular for the photo editing features available within the application, pushing Twitter, Facebook, and other companies to follow suit • Simplistic photo sharing ability allows users to upload images easily and ubiquitously • Photos can be shared to other social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr, and Tumblr • Creative images receive a lot of comments and likes, and the use of hashtags can increase visibility for uploaded images Sources: Mashable:
  • 24. YouTube
  • 25. YouTube Overview • YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing site, with more than 1 billion unique visits each month • It is a more popular search engine than either Bing or Yahoo • Many brands have leveraged YouTube effectively to jump-start their marketing activities and increase brand exposure • YouTube ads allow channel owners to monetize traffic and brands to generate more exposure • YouTube’s interface makes it easy to upload and share videos to other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Sources: YouTube:
  • 26. Vine
  • 27. Vine Overview • 40 Million registered users • Most downloaded app back in April 2013 in the Apple store • Used by brands such as McDonalds, GE, Virgin Mobile, Microsoft • 5 Tweets per second contain a link to Vine • Top industries are fashion, sports, automotive, technology, and print Sources: Digital Buzz Blog The Verge:
  • 28. Foursquare
  • 29. Foursquare Overview • Popular check-in application • Over 40 million registered users • Introduced advertising products for brands looking to gain exposure locally • There are 1.3 million business pages on Foursquare • 100,000 business have run AmEx specials ( Source: Expanded Rambling:
  • 30. Presenter Information • Jonathan Berthold • Director of Digital Media for: • Rank Media Agency: • Clicko: • LinkedIn Profile: