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Ventuno content seeding slideshare

  1. 1. Enhanced audience engagementand monetization through Videos Content Seeding
  2. 2. Video Content Seeding – The Pitch• Online Video is fast becoming a preferred medium to reach and engage online users.• Video content seeding is an innovative way to get brand videos viewed by users on video sites, blogs and social networks in an unobtrusive, contextual manner.• Video seeding relies on a combination of digital PR, on-site and word-of-mouth marketing to get videos viewed on YouTube and other video sites where the fight for attention is fierce.
  3. 3. Video Content Seeding – The Logic• In reality, majority of video content fails to achieve ROI let alone viral levels of audience penetration• The challenge is to subtly hold the user’s attention and seed the brand in their conscious• The user has to identify with the content and context for the effect to be exponential• So you achieve extrapolation effect thats not possible with ads.
  4. 4. How it works?• Video content of a brand, shot & owned by the advertiser, would be distributed across online video properties.• The content would be part of a publisher’s regular content channels or promoted content channels.
  5. 5. How it works?• Video content offers an extended time opportunity for the brand to engage the user vis-à-vis an advertisement• The non-advertising nature of content seeding helps the brand avoid Advertising blind-spots while establishing a connection 15 secs 8.30mins with user. Branded content Pre-roll ad
  6. 6. Elements of a Content Seeding Strategy• Get a fix on the target audience and desired outcome. YouTube isn’t the only place where people are consuming content. There are many other interesting options• Choose an identity and a design style or color palette that will be consistent across properties. Creating a unique cross channel online presence can go a long way, especially in a seeding campaign with multiple videos.• Have a series of videos to keep the interest going and upload the series based on a schedule• Once the seeding has begun, actively manage the properties you exist on. That means monitoring conversations around the content and even responding to peoples comments.
  7. 7. Ventuno Delivers• Free Smart Player & Hosting Solution for Video Content• Hosting possible in various formats - AVI, MP4, WMV• Simultaneously reach over 200+ Ventuno Publishers and over 25 video distribution destinations• Capacity of 40 Million video sessions a month• Creating buzz is just inevitable with the traffic available• Content Category specific targeting• Page Content specific video content push through deep- tagging• Transparent Reporting and performance tracking
  8. 8. About Ventuno“Ventuno is a video ecosystem that reachesand monetizes audiences across internetconnected consumer electronics”“Our mission is to publish & distributeprofessional digital media”
  9. 9. Ventuno NetworkLaunched in 2008, Ventuno Ecosystem has grown bylistening to and creating value across the spectrum• 200+ Publishers Year Partners• 15+ Content providers• 60,000+ Videos in our library 2009-10 40• 6 Video ad networks integrated 2010-11 120• 1000+ Video ad campaigns executed 2011-12 235• 40 Million video sessions a month
  10. 10. Ventuno PlatformContentProviders’ Value Users AccessProp•Mass distribution Content Publishers PCsacross devices•Content/Audience Ventuno Video Publishers Content Mobilesmatching Platform•Monetization (Upload, Organize, Tablets Manage, Syndicate, Publishers Video Ads Monetize & Analyze) TVsAdvertisers’ Banner PublishersValue Prop Ads STB•Audience Scale•Brand Safety•Optimization Publisher’s Value Proposition•Buy like TV •Vast Media Library•VAST Compliant •Customizable Players, Templates, Widgets •Engage AudienceLeverage own Content and Ads •Monetization (Fills/Yields) •Scalable and Easy to Use
  11. 11. 14CONTACTMahadevan