Membership Engagement


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Presenters: Jason Homan and Alex Mezin.

Tips for keeping your membership engaged in your student org. Converted from a Prezi, so sorry for the originality of the presentation format.

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Membership Engagement

  1. 1. Membership Engagement
  2. 2. Who the heck do we think we are?Jason Homan• Co-Director of USG Interns• Former President of International Students Association• Student Organization SummitAlex Mezin• Former President of Morril Tower Activities Board• Student Organization Summit Disclaimer: We are not professionals
  3. 3. Question: why would people wantto stay involved with your org?
  4. 4. Answer: You must be able to offerthem something
  5. 5. 5 Things to Offer• Active atmosphere• Utility for success• Social outlet• Personal growth• Leadership opportunities
  6. 6. Active Atmosphere• Meetings o Purpose o Organized o Rhythm o Informative o Engaging• Out-of-meetings o Socials o Mentoring o Communication o Events
  7. 7. Utility for Success• Provide opportunities for advancing academic, extra-curricular, and professional careers• Networking• Resume-building• Must be worthy of their time
  8. 8. Social Outlet• Interaction with other humans (students)• Development of relationships with those of similar interests• Escape from the stressors of life (school, work, etc.)• Socials
  9. 9. Personal Growth• Gain a better understanding of themselves o Values, beliefs, purpose, interests, abilities• Group experience o Team dynamic, meetings, politics• Better more cooperative citizens o Everyone wins
  10. 10. Leadership Opportunities• Make them a part of your exec team• Put them in charge of a project, task, or event• Dont micromanage! o If you dont know their past experience, test them• Find opportunities for them outside of the organization• Groom them for the future• All in all, challenge them
  11. 11. Know Your People• Who are these people? o What are their interests, goals at Ohio State, goals with the organization, goals after Ohio State, ect.?• What are their expectations? o Experience, opportunities, fun, relationships
  12. 12. Know Your Organization• What do we do?• Whats our purpose/mission?• Whats our current and long-term strategy?
  13. 13. Know Yourself• Who are you?• What are your interests?• Whats your personality like?• What are you good at?• What do you expect from your organzation?• What do you expect from the people in your organization?
  14. 14. Tie It All Together: You, Them, This• Once you figure out who you are, who they are, and what your organization need to get them to buy into this• Apply the attributes recently discussed to make this successful o Active Atmosphere, Utility for Success, Social Outlet, Personal Growth, Leadership Opportunities• Seal the deal with quality communication and organizational practices
  15. 15. Engagement has occured if they... • Attend often • Actively participate • Bring their involvement to the next level
  16. 16. It’s Not Just Up to You• Involve your exec partners• Compromise with your members• Remember it’s not always your fault if complete engagement isn’t attained
  17. 17. Tuckman’s Model of Group Development
  18. 18. Questions? Comments? Jason @jHOamerica Alex