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Chapter 21 review
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Chapter 21 review


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A recap of the material covered in Chapter 21 of the Geography Alive textbook.

A recap of the material covered in Chapter 21 of the Geography Alive textbook.

Published in: Education, Business
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  • 1. Chapter 21 Review Micro-entrepeneurs: Women’s Role in the Development of Africa
  • 2. Introduction • Micro-enterprise: A small business. • Micro-entrepeneurs: People who start very small businesses.
  • 3. The Geographic Setting • Most of Africa is made up of developing countries. • Undernourished: When people don’t get enough food to lead a healthy life. • Civil War: A War between groups living in the same country.
  • 4. Women Face Challenges • Gender-based division of labor: The division of work in a society based on a person’s gender. – Men are the money earners. – Women are responsible for caring for their family. • Informal economy: Where people exchange goods and services without much government control. Ex: sell food in a street market, trade childcare for firewood.
  • 5. Grinding Peanuts in Mali • Multifunctional platform – Simple, sturdy machine that can be used in many ways. – Grinds peanuts into peanut butter – United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) helped fund the machine
  • 6. Earning While Learning New Skills • Learning how to maintain and use the machine • Improving the Quality of Life – Increased education for women: learning to read and write – Improved the lives of men: Jobs as mechanics – Generator produces electricity
  • 7. Selling in Uganda’s “Poor Man’s Market” • Attracts people from nearby Kampala, the capital of Uganda • Make pocket money without having to pay taxes
  • 8. Soap and Drinks Fund a Micro- Enterprise • Margaret Saajjabi – Rents market spaces to other people – Got her start by selling laundry soap and bottled soft drinks – Sold others’ products and saved the money to buy the land in Kalerwe market
  • 9. Cooking Up Comfort Food in Botswana • A Used Trailer Becomes a Street-Side Restaurant – Buy a caravan – Convert caravan into restaurant – Find a place to park the caravan
  • 10. Creating Jobs Along with Food • As businesses grow, some businesses can hire workers – Restaurant owner prepares box lunches for another woman to sell in another part of the city. • Make money to send their children to school • General public can buy a traditional meal for low prices anywhere in the capital, Gabarone.
  • 11. Beginning to Think Globally • Micro-credit organizations: Companies who make loans to groups of women. – No one in the group can take out another loan until everyone’s first loan is repaid.