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Chapter 16 section 5

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This is an overview of the material covered in Chapter 16 Section 5 of The American Nation textbook

This is an overview of the material covered in Chapter 16 Section 5 of The American Nation textbook

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  • 1. Chapter 16 Section 5 A Nation Divides
  • 2. The Election of 1860
    • The Democrats
      • Southerners wanted the party to support slavery
      • Northerners did not want to support slavery
      • Party splits in two
    • Northern Democrats
      • Chose Stephen Douglas as their candidate
    • Southern Democrats
      • Chose John Breckinridge of Kentucky
  • 3. The Election of 1860 cont’d
    • The Republicans
      • Chose Abraham Lincoln for President
    • A new party on the horizon: The Constitutional Union
      • Tried to heal the split between the North and the South
      • Chose John Bell of Tennessee
  • 4. Americans go to the Polls
    • Americans made their opinions clear
    • Lincoln carried the North and effectively won the election
    • Bell only got a few southern states, and Douglas got most of the South
  • 5. The South Reacts
    • Many southerners believed that Lincoln’s election showed that the South no longer had a voice in government.
    • Senator John Crittenden (KY) made one last attempt to save the Union
      • Extend the Missouri Compromise line to the Pacific
      • Proposed that states south of the Compromise line could hold slaves.
  • 6. The South Reacts cont’d
      • This bill received little support
    • Many southerners believed that the North had put an abolitionist in the White House
    • They felt that secession was their only choice
    • The first state to secede was South Carolina (12/20/1860) Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas soon followed
  • 7. The Confederacy
    • Many southerners believed that the Declaration of Independence supported them
      • “ it is the right of the people to alter or abolish” a government that denies the rights of its citizens
    • They felt that Lincoln had denied them the right to hold slaves
  • 8. The Civil War Begins
    • In his inaugural address, Lincoln warned that “no state…can lawfully get out of the Union.”
    • Jefferson Davis began to order forces to begin seizing federal forts in the South
    • Fort Sumter (SC) was one of the only forts not taken over by the Confederacy
    Fort Sumter, 1861
  • 9. The Civil War Begins cont’d
    • President Lincoln learned that supplies at Fort Sumter were running low
    • Lincoln notified the S. Carolina government that he was going to only send food, not troops or weapons
    • On April 11, 1861, the Confederates demanded that Fort Sumter surrender
  • 10. This Means War!
    • Major Robert Anderson, the Union commander, refused to give in
    • Confederate guns opened fire
    • Union troops quickly ran out of ammunition
    • On April 13, Anderson surrendered the fort.