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Comm this is jw

  1. 1. John Kelley<br />This is Me<br />September 29, 2010<br />Comm 130-014<br />Self Intro<br />Good afternoon class. I’m John Kelley and and so far, our identities hacent been influenced much in class. So I’m looking out this Johari window that I’ve only allowed you to see as much as I’ve shared in class, but it’s been fun so far.<br />I’d like to start with my prior school. I was an ambassador that recruited freshman to come to the school, a peer minister that aided in transitions to high school and aimed to get the younger students involved, and a peer mentor that mentored more than just the students requesting help: I mentored the cause both of us were dedicating our time and our work to. In student council, I retained the presidency and a social chair. One of our fluke pieces of legislation was to rename our school mascot from the ‘Hawks’ to the ‘Saints’. Community service was a big part of school life, and I probably didn’t do as much as I should have. I was however the voice of the hawk, one of two students who got to address the entire population of the school community, a large responsibility I’m proud to say I handled well. A normal morning would go as follows:<br />Good Morning Xaverian this is your morning hawk here to help guide you through your day. Today is Wednesday, September 30, 2010 and it is a Day 3.<br />Professor Al-Obaidi’s class will not meet today, please check blackboard for assignments. Program committee will be meeting this Tuesday at 5, all those interested should attend or email with any questions.<br />Involvement at my old school, Xaverian, was important to me and I’d like to retain that characteristic here at Bridgewater. I’m making a bid at the Freshman Senate Seat this year after a comforting but failed attempt at commuter at large. I went to a rush event at Sigma Pi last week and had a good time, the pasta they had prepared went beyond my expectations. In the summer, The Office of Student Involvement had planned an Emerging Leaders Institute I went to and met a few cool kids at.<br />Bridgewater also recently had a collaborative Leadership Summit with Stonehill. Meeting people that may not have similar minds as myself (ideologically or motivationally) is never boring but is always enhanced when they have similar mental orientations: Seeking to be the best leaders we are and making our leadership capacity larger.<br />The First Session I attended was Emotional Intelligences where the focus was on awareness of self, others and environment. Leaders know when they are responding to a stimulus appropriately and make the right changes for everyone in the group. We tell when our groups fray and understand how to rebraid what we lose when there is a problem amidst the group. When we recognize our reactions to our feelings and empower ourselves to respond with better behavior, we lead with emotional intelligence and grow our group's capacity of its mission.<br />Session Two was focused on Motivation and what drives us. Harnessing your Values, your Goals, and your Passion you can make a vehicle of your goals that reminds you to keep buckled up: Your Mission goes nowhere if you're not in that car. Take a step back and see your Passion Engine motor you towards a goal. This helps you to not overwork, you rejuvenate your mission and your mindset gets a refresher along with it. This is a global trait with goals, whether you hold a position in leadership or have interactions you pilot with others. Find your Values, Goals, and Passion and your Capacity to Lead Yourself will have your Success calling you.<br />This next bit goes back to before I knew I would be here at Bridgewater in the fall . After a miserable attempt at college last year I had a stint in the workforce at 50-70 hours a week starting midway fall semester to May, 2010. It scared me how circular my trivial jobs seemed, but they pointed me to a more direct route of goals I have to accomplish, primary to accomplishing them is graduating college.<br />Throughout it all though I have enjoyed my interactions with others. I think it becomes obvious that I believe in having a dynamic personality. We account for who we are daily by the actions we perform. I just never want to stop performing.<br />