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Pakistan - Land of Peace, Art, Culture and customdian of great civilization, Different perspective from Media
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Pakistan - Land of Peace, Art, Culture and customdian of great civilization, Different perspective from Media


Its an effort to let you know something about Pakistan beyond main stream media perspective. Pakistan is an historical region which is enhancement of ancient civilization and people in there still do …

Its an effort to let you know something about Pakistan beyond main stream media perspective. Pakistan is an historical region which is enhancement of ancient civilization and people in there still do practice those values. This presentation will give you an over view and different perspective of the country with its culture, capabilities, strength and historical facts from 5000 BC till date.

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  • 1. Jamal Hussain Shah 1
  • 2. Have We not made the earth as a bed and the mountains its pegs? (Qur'an, 78:6-7) We placed firmly embedded mountains on the earth, so it would not move under them… (Qur'an, 21:31) He cast firmly embedded mountains on the earth so it would not move under you, and rivers and pathways so that hopefully you would be guided. (Qur’an, 16:15) Balanced Geological Structure of Planet earth explained by Holy Qur’an 2
  • 3. 3
  • 4. 4
  • 5. 5
  • 6. Titanic 1912. At 11.40 pm (ship's time) 6
  • 7. About 7000+ Years ago (5000 yrs BC) Individuals, Tribal, Regional, (Islam) Umma, Nationalism... History of Sociology 7
  • 8. Map of ancient civilizations Islamic Republic of Pakistan 8
  • 9. Pre-Islamic Civilizations and the Advent of Islam Prehistoric – 1206 9
  • 10. The Delhi Sultanate 1206 – 1526 10
  • 11. The Mughal Empire 1526 – 1857 11
  • 12. British Colonization and Muslim Reform Movements 1857 – 1905 12
  • 13. The Struggle for Independence 1905 – 1940 13
  • 14. Two Nation Theory Islamic Republic of Pakistan 14
  • 15. The Pakistan Movement 1940 – 1947 15
  • 16. The Teething Years 1947 – 1958 16
  • 17. Building a Nation 1958 – 1969 17
  • 18. Martial Law and the Restoration of Democracy 1969 – 1977 18
  • 19. The Rules of Democracy 1977 – 1988 19
  • 20. Hopes and Fears 1988 – 1998 20
  • 21. Search for a Political System 1998 – 2005 21
  • 22. Osama Bin Laden & his supporter War Against Terrorism (War of US) Islamic Republic of Pakistan Taliban? Mulla Omar 22
  • 23. War Against Terrorism (Foreign Intrusions) Islamic Republic of Pakistan • NATO (44 Countries) • ASF • Talibans • Black Water • Israel & Others 23
  • 24. We can better understand; If we know the stories of: How we got involved in US war? • Cambodia & Vietnam • Iraq & Kuwait • Iran & Iraq 24 • Pakistan & Afghanistan
  • 25. Islamic Republic of Pakistan ‫ستان‬ِ‫ك‬‫پا‬ ‫جمہوریۂ‬ ‫اسالمی‬ Faith, Unity, Discipline ‫ایمان‬‫تنظیم‬ ، ‫اتحاد‬ ، 25
  • 26. Geo Location Islamic Republic of Pakistan 26
  • 27. General Info: - Capital: Islamabad - Largest City: Karachi - Official Language: English – Urdu - Regional languages: Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Balochi, Saraiki, Hindko, Brahui - Writing style: Arabic-Persion/Nastahleeq - Legislature: Shoora – Sanat – National Assembly Formation • Conception of Pakistan 29 December 1930 • Pakistan Declaration 28 January 1933 • Pakistan Resolution 23 March 1940 • Independence from the United Kingdom • Declared 14 August 1947 • Islamic Republic 23 March 1956 Exports Crops (Wheat, Sugarcane, Cotton etc.) Fruits (Mango, Orange, Kino) Dry Fruits (All kind) Honey Area Approx. 800,000 km2 Water 3.1% Population 180,440,005 (2012) Religion • 2nd large Muslim country • 97% of Pakistanis are Muslim (Sunni Majority) • 3% Non-Muslims (Hindus, Christian, Sikh and others) National Signs Islamic Republic of Pakistan 27
  • 28. Cedrus deodara Jasmine National Signs Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mango 28
  • 29. Achievements in Science & Technology (1/2) Islamic Republic of Pakistan Pakistani theoretical physicist Abdus Salam won a Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the electroweak interaction in 1979 In medicine, Salimuzzaman Siddiqui was the first Pakistani scientist to bring the therapeutic constituents of the Neem tree to the attention of natural products chemists. Pakistani neurosurgeon Ayub Ommaya invented the Ommaya reservoir, a system for treatment of brain tumours and other brain conditions. Pakistan has an active space program led by its space research agency, SUPARCO. 29
  • 30. Pakistan developed and supervised the launch of the Rehbar-I rocket from Pakistani soil, making Pakistan the first South Asian country to launch a rocket into space. Pakistan launched its first satellite, Badr-I, from China in 1990, becoming the first Muslim country and second South Asian country to put a satellite into space. In 1998, Pakistan became the seventh country in the world to successfully develop its own nuclear weapons. Pakistan is the first Muslim country in the world to embark on a nuclear power program Pakistan is one of a small number of countries that have an active research presence in Antarctica. The Pakistan Antarctic Programme was established in 1991. Pakistan has two summer research stations on the continent and plans to open another base, which will operate all year round Achievements in Science & Technology (2/2) Islamic Republic of Pakistan 30
  • 31. Cricket World Champion 1992 T20 World Champion 2009 Squash Champion (Jahangir Khan) for continuously 20 Time champions by winning 555 games consecutively 2012 Asian Hockey Champions Trophy Achievements in Sports Islamic Republic of Pakistan 31 2012 world Snooker champion More-than 40 World Records holder by Guinness as Pakistan 5 weather seasons with 2 springs and extreme Summer and winter Pakistan Army proved best in the world - GOLD MEDAL in Cambrian Patrols 2010
  • 32. Arfa Karim (RIP) – (1995-2012) - Youngest MCP in the world… Islamic Republic of Pakistan In 2004 at the age of 9 she successfully achieved MCP certification. She was extra intelligent young girl with high IQ. She died 14th Jan 2012 in the age of 16 in Lahore Pakistan by epileptic seizure. 32
  • 33. Mohammad Mahmoud Alam (RIP) – Air force Fighter Pilot Islamic Republic of Pakistan MM Alam's Legendary F 86 Sabre Alam downed five aircraft during a combat in 1965 in less than a minute — the first four within 30 seconds — establishing a world record 33 This great legend died on 18 March 2013 (aged 77)
  • 34. • Advance Educational Institute & Research Center. • Agriculture Research Institute, Quetta • Agricultural Census Organization • Agriculture Training Institute • Applied Economic Research Center, Hyderabad • Applied Economics Research Centre, Karachi • Area Study Centre, Far East and Southeast Asia, University of Sindh, Jamshoro ( • Asian Management Institute • Azra Naheed Center for Research and Development, Superior University Lahore • Business Research Consultants ( • Business Incubation and Support Company (BISCON, Office no. 175/176 Super Market Depal Pur, Lahore • Bioresource Research Centre (BRC) • Central Cotton Research Institute, Multan • Central Cotton Research Institute, Nawabshah • Centre Of Excellence In Analytical Chemistry, Jamschoro • Centre of Excellence In Geology, Peshawar • CENTER OF RESEARCH EXCELLENCE- CORE • Cholistan Institute of Desert Studies (CIDS-IUB) • Civil Aviation Training Institute • Collective for Social Science Research ( • COMSATS Institute of Information Technology • Commecs Institute of Faculty Training • Computer Training Centre • Directorate of Research and Training • Directorate of Manpower and Training, Sindh • Directorate Of Veterinary Research Institute • Soil Research and Survey Center • Directorate Of Staff Development, Punjab • e Sci ([International Research organization] • Electronics Design Centre • Environmental Protection Agency, Punjab • Economic Evaluation and Research Centre, Pakistan (EERC) • Farm Guide Agricultural Consultancy Services • Fisheries Research and Training Institute, Lahore • Geological Survey of Pakistan • Health Services Academy, Islamabad • H. E. J. Research Institute Of Chemistry • Hydrocarbon Development Institute Of Pakistan • Institute of Rural Management [1] • In-service Agricultural Training Institute Rahim Yar Khan • Institute of Research Promotion (IRP) • Industrial Relations Institute Lahore • Inspectorate of Mines, Government of Punjab Lahore • Institute of Education and Research, Karachi • Institute of Meteorology & Geophysics • Institute of Marine Engineers Pakistan (IMarE) • Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) • Institute of Regional Studies, Peshawar (IRS) details • Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad (ISSI) • Institute Of Cost And Management Accountants Of Pakistan • Integrated Health Services, Islamabad (IHS Pakistan) • International Institute of Islamic Studies and Research IISAR Karachi • Iqra University Research Center (IURC) • Legal Research Institute of Pakistan (LRIP) • Local Govt. and Rural Development Training Institute, Lalamusa • Margala Institute of Health Sciences, Islamabad • Marine Fisheries Department • NDFC- Pakistan Development Banking Institute • National Centre Of Excellence In Analytical Chemistry, Jamschoro • National Centre of Excellence In Geoloy, Peshawar • National Centre Of Excellence In Physical Chemistry, Peshawar • National Fertilizer Development Centre (NFDC) • National Fertilizer Corporation (Nfc) Technical Training Centre • National Institute of Electronics • National Institute of Historical and Culural Research • National Institute Of Labour Administration Training • National Institute Of Malaria Research And Training • National Transport Research Centre • PARC-IIBC Station, International Institute Of Biological Control • Pakistan Administrative Staff College, Lahore • Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Islamabad • Pakistan Forest Research Institute, Peshawar • Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Centre (PITAC) • Pakistan Institute for Air Defense Studies • Pakistan Institute Of Cotton Research And Technology • Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) • Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS) • Pakistan marine science council. • Pakistan Design Institute of Historical Perspective • Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER) • Pakistan Institute of Management Karachi • Pakistan Institute of National Development (PIND) • Pakistan Marine Academy • Pakistan Manpower Institute • Pakistan Medical Research Council • Pakistan Meteorological Department • Pakistan Space And Upper Atmosphere Research Commission • Pakistan Scientific & Technological Information Centre • Perac Research & Development Foundation • Petroman • PIA, Training Centre, Karachi Airport • Research and Development Solutions • RESEARCH-PAKISTAN • Sindh Bureau of Statistics • Sindh Development Studies Centre • Sindh Regional Plan Organization • Soil Survey of Pakistan • South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (SAIHS) • STRAPS (Scholar Teacher Research Alliance for Problem Solving) • Technical Training Centre, Peshawar • Textiles Industry Research & Development Centre • The Family Planning Association of Pakistan • The Institute Of Bankers In Pakistan • The Islamia University of Bahawalpur • Training and Management Development Dept. of the Agricultural Development Bank • University College of Engineering & Technology, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur • Veterinary Research Institute, Lahore • Water Management Training Institute, Punjab • Pakistan Institute of International Affairs, Karachi • Pakistan Social Science Research • Ceee Solutions; Solutions of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Thermal Power & Sustainable Power 112 Research Centers • Education • Science & Technology • Aerospace • Physics • Chemistry • Math • Biology • Social Sciences • Weapons etc. On going research centers Islamic Republic of Pakistan 34
  • 35. 35
  • 36. Natural Resources Islamic Republic of Pakistan Metallic 1. Aluminum 2. Antimony 3. Arsenic 4. Chromite 5. Coal 6. Copper 7. Dolomite 8. Gold 9. Iron ore 10. brass 11. Fire clay 12. Fluorite 13. Glass sand 14. Garnet 15. Granite 16. Graphite 17. Gypsum 18. Lead 19. Magnetite 20. Manganese 21. Tungsten 22. Zinc 23. Bertie Non-metallic minerals 1. Asbestos 2. Brine 3. Calcite 4. Kaolin 5. Lignite 6. Limonite 7. Limestone 8. Marble 9. Mica 10. Rock phosphate 11. Potash 12. Pyrite 13. Radioactive minerals 14. Rock salt 15. Silica sand 16. Soapstone 17. Sulfur 18. Vermiculite 19. Natural Gas Gemstones 1. Peridot 2. Aquamarine 3. Topaz - in various colours including violet, pink, golden, and champagne 4. Ruby 5. Emerald 6. Bastnaesite - rare earth mineral 7. Xenotime - rare earth mineral 8. Sphene 9. Tourmaline 10.Quartz of various types 36
  • 37. Natural Resources Islamic Republic of Pakistan 37
  • 38. • The armed forces of Pakistan are the eighth largest in the world in terms of numbers in full-time service, with about 617,000 personnel on active duty and 513,000 reservists in 2010 • Pakistan has a 1,046 km (650 mi) coastline along the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman in the south and land borders of 6,774 km (4,209 mi) in total: 2,430 km (1,510 mi) with Afghanistan, 523 km (325 mi) with China, 2,912 km (1,809 mi) with India and 909 km (565 mi) with Iran. • It shares a marine border with Oman & India. • Pakistan occupies a geopolitically important location at the crossroads of South Asia, the Middle East and Central Asia. Strength & Geo-location Islamic Republic of Pakistan 38
  • 39. Armed forces Islamic Republic of Pakistan Navy Army Air Force SSG FC Pakistan 39
  • 40. Defense System Program(s) Islamic Republic of Pakistan Missiles Systems: 1. Surface-to-Surface 2. Air-to-Surface 3. Surface-to-Air 4. Air-to-Air Types: 1. Ballistic Missiles 2. Cruise Missiles 3. Anti-Tank Missiles 4. Glide Bombs 5. Torpedoes 6. Medium Range Area Defense SAMs 7. Short Range Point Defense SAMs 8. Man Portable SAMs 9. Beyond Visual Range AAMs 10. Within Visual Range AAMs Nuclear Program: • Started in 1972 • Tested in 1998 Darra-Adam-Khel Weapon Factorial: • Its well known factorial territory in North Pakistan with capability of development of any kind of export quality weapons. • Using Russian's Tank metal so its durable • Rent a rifile Pakistan Ordinance Factory: • Its developing from small hand gun till anti-tank from 5mm till 203mm highest level of artillery. • Sufficient for Armed forces needs. • Its favorite being exported to several Arab, Far eastern and neighbor countries. 40
  • 41. Chagai Hills Pakistan's nuclear test site. First used on May 28, 1998. Golra Possible uranium enrichment R&D facility/pilot plant. Like many other sites in Pakistan, it is not subject to inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Isa Khel Chasma Large plutonium extraction plant, civil works complete, and a Chinese- supplied nuclear power reactor in early stages of construction. Kahuta Khan Research Laboratory. Enrichment plant designed to produce steady supply of weapons-grade uranium for nuclear devices. Karachi Canadian-supplied nuclear power reactor. Khusab Plutonium production reactor under construction. If completed, in conjunction with the plutonium extraction plants, it could create a significant inventory of unsafeguarded weapons-usable plutonium. Rawalpindia Pakistani Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology. Laboratory and a not- yet-operational plutonium extraction plant. Sargodha M-11 surface-to-surface missile storage facility. Tarwanah Missile production factory. Pakistan Nuclear Program – Uranium enrichment facilities Islamic Republic of Pakistan 41
  • 42. JF 17 Thunder Capable to take Nuclear Payload Pakistan Artillery and Aeronautical developments Islamic Republic of Pakistan 42 F 16 Falcon Capable to take Nuclear Payload Al-Khalid Tank Lethal on ground Al-Zarrar Tank Stealth action on all terrain Mashaq Training Plane
  • 43. Karakoram range Tourism – North Pakistan Islamic Republic of Pakistan Saif-ul-Malook Hunza Valley K2 – Highest in KKR World 2nd highest peak Gilgit Baltistan Thar Desert Gilgit Valley 8,611 m (28,251 feet) 43
  • 44. Tourism –Indus Valley Civilization Ruins Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mohinj-o-Daro Rohtas Fort Harappa Makli Graveyard Ghandhara 44
  • 45. Tourism – Major Cities Islamic Republic of Pakistan Indo-Pak Border Monument - Islamabad King Faisal Masjid Tomb of M. Ali Jinnah Lahore King’s Fort Shahi Masjid - Lahore HBL Plaza Multan 45 Khyber Pass
  • 46. largest earth filled dam in the world and is second largest by the structural volume Tourism – Tarbela Dam Islamic Republic of Pakistan Information: completed in 1974 Covering River Indus 250 square kilometer 148m high above the riverbed Power capacity of 3,478 MW 46
  • 47. World largest salt mine KEWRA Tourism – Others Islamic Republic of Pakistan 47
  • 48. Ideological meaning of Pakistan Islamic Republic of Pakistan 48 What is the meaning of Pakistan? ‫ال‬‫اال‬ ‫اله‬‫هللا‬
  • 49. ‫شكريه‬ 49