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Fmp production log_08_05_2013
Fmp production log_08_05_2013
Fmp production log_08_05_2013
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Fmp production log_08_05_2013


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  • 1. Salford City CollegeEccles Sixth Form CentreBTec Level 3Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionGames DesignFinal Major ProjectProduction LogName Jack FletcherDate CommentsTuesday19:02:2013I have begun secondary research into sandbox game; I must now look in to the most popular genres currently on the market.Wednesday20:02:2013I have now created a questionnaire to distribute around college; I shall do this in the days to come.Thursday21:02:2013I have computerized my survey and posted it on online forums for a wider range of results.Friday22:02:2013Having completed most of my research, I held a focus group in the classroom and also posted one online, I will collate all my results once I have received enough replies on myfocus group.Tuesday26:02:2013I have now completed my research into the audience of my game, as well as what to include in my game.Wednesday27:02:2013I have begun Task 3 and started research into themes.Thursday28:02:2013Having almost finished task 3 I should begin moving work on to my blog.Friday01:03:2013I have updated my blog, and started on task 4.Tuesday05:03:2013Continued working on task 4, I should try and get my pitch finished asap.Wednesday06:03:2013I have almost finished my pitch, I should finish it tomorrow.Thursday07:03:2013I have finished my pitch, Now I should look at pre-production.Friday08:03:2013I have begun pre-production; I have modelled a car for use in the game.Tuesday12:03:2012I have begun my plan and budget.Wednesday13:03:2013I have modelled a second car. I have also outlined a plan.
  • 2. Thursday14:03:2013I have modelled 1 of 3 turrets.Friday15:03:1213I encounter some problems today, Firstly with importing an object with the texturelayers. I had initially used .OBJ objects, which did not import with any textures, Aftersome research I found out that the desired file format was .FBX witch was notsupported in this version. At this point I turned to trial and error to find out that .3DSobjects imported with texture layers. I than tried adding a toon effect to these textures,and a new problem that was changing the colour of all toon effects instead of thesingle effect I was changing. I found the solution to this problem after a bit of messingabout with the system.Tuesday19:03:2013After modelling and texturing my rocket, I have created a string of scripts to make the fire on command, I can now use this in my game.Wednesday20:03:2013I have incorporated the rocket into the car assets and as a result the car can shoot, unfortunately, the car dose not behave as it should, I must work on this at a later date.Thursday21:03:2013I have slightly improved the rocket system to fix some bugsFriday22:03:2013I have created a terrain and change its shaded to cel.Tuesday09:04:2013Over my time off, I have done some work on the movement of the car, it now behaves like a car should and shoots accordingly. I have also crated some cel shaded Tress for usein my game.Wednesday10:04:2013After I had created sections of my road to be placed in the game, I found this method to be very buggy, in terms of lining up the pieces; in light o this I have decided to create oneobject in modler for my whole road system.Thursday11:04:2013The road system is coming along. I have also improved the functionality of the core gameFriday12:04:2013I have developed a split screen game mode for my game; this will need to be a sep0erate game to single player.Tuesday16:04:2013I have continued to work on functionality, I intend to finish the functionality before I finish the roads.
  • 3. Wednesday17:04:2013The game has come along with few issues, I will need to export a semi-final version of the roads for use in the alpha.Thursday18:03:2013I have added a main menu in to the game with single player and multiplayer options.Friday19:03:2013The GUI now works, and moves from scene to scene. I will need to add a help screen into the menu so the players can find out how to play.Tuesday23:04:2013With all the coding out the way, I Have moddled a simple building and added some (If not fluent) destruction physicsWednesday24:04:2013With all my game up to date, I will need to finish the help page. I will then be able to put the game up in Alpha for testing.Thursday23:04:13I encountered a problem when exporting my game. The first being that I do not have permissions to open the exe files, I found a way around this by using an administratorsaccount. The second being that ion my game the Yellow car cannot be controlled, this could be due to the code and the way it works, I will have to fix this in order to continue toAlphaFriday24:04:13I have fixed the problem in the car controller by making each control a separate key rather than using the Get Axis function, I will need to test this before releasing the alpha.Tuesday30:04:13I created a questionnaire to address some issues that may occur in the Alpha test, It is worded in a way were obvious problem and bug that I already know about will not comeup in the resultsWednesday01:05:13Now my game is up for testing I should continue to work on my game, I will try and implement an in game menu, and a new 1 on 1 game mode.Thursday02:05:13I have modeled an arena for a new game mode, it looks good, but the cars struggle to move on it, I will have to remake this model at some point.Friday03:05:2013I have begun building the level and putting the pieces together, I will need to make a score system after this.Tuesday07:05:2013With the level built, I have started building a score system, I ran into some problem with the wining function as it will not detect the scores from the global variables, I willcontinue to work on this tomorrow.Wednesday08:05:20Thursday09:05:2013Friday10:05:2013