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  • We’re talking about a significant strategy change and the clients that we work with today all started with a more traditional recruitment methodology – relying soley on their career sites and the job boards to recruit – which is more transactional and reactive in nature – and which comes with challenges like spending dollars with every job posted, not recycling or re-marketing to candidates, eating a lot of recruiters timeWhat we need to think about today is a strategy embedded in relationship building – a proactive strategy that allows you to get in front of the right candidates at the right time – build a strategic talent pipeline – and leverage your brand and your career site across all of the online channels where candidates live today so that you can have a career long relationship with them through ongoing contactSingle hires – transactionalTo pipelining all the time – constant contact and building relationships which results in multiple hires
  • And this is not a new notion – J2W has been at this for more than 5 years now – leading this industry with world-class companies like yours – with the Fortune 1000 marketplace with companies of the Forbes 500 who have really set the stage for what the vision of recruiting in the new online world looks like. We’ve evolved as a company as a result of this changing industry and as a result of our clients best practices at work – leading to ongoing product development that evolves as our the recruiting world evolves – so we can be a strategic partner in your every day recruiting decisions.
  • Again – let’s re-enforce the reason why we’re talking today – there has been a significant shift in the way your job seekers search for jobs and hence how companies are finding and engaging them. Your candidates are paving the way and your strategy has to keep up – just like it’s been through the print ages and then the job board ages – and now the digital ages with Web 2., 3.0 and beyond…
  • This generation of online recruiting uses a mix of new resources: Search engines, social networks, friend referrals, mobile handsets, new niche job sites, blogs, RSS feeds, email alerts. And a host of others.Most companies struggle with these emerging technologies and most recruiters feel overwhelmed but now you have technology at you fingertips to help you pave the way – take the twists, turns, and tangles out of the recruitment process and streamline your way to better talent.
  • We thought about how much money and effort are poured into scattershot, unproven strategies.About how the application process is often more of a barrierthan an invitation. How hard it is to know the effectiveness of yourrecruiting spend is until after the campaign is over.We thought about how all this conspires to keep good people from finding good companies to work for. And vice versa.Simplify the route to better talent.That is what jobs2web is all about. We help you leverage the transformational technologies break down the barriers, and shorten the commute between your jobs and the people you want to hire. The result is that you Recruit people, faster, for a fraction of the cost.
  • This is a strategy that ties together your branding assets – your ATS – and all of the best in practice integrated recruiting tools for 2010, 2011 and beyond – as you see here – and J2W sits at the core of this entire strategy as the recruiting engine
  • Reference: Our experience with over 100 direct employers and our generalized observations before and after becoming Jobs2web clients.We’ve seen budgets decrease of the past 2 years and while spending might be leveling off now (some spending more, some spending less) what is true is that the share of spending on recruiting channels and campaigns is being distributed more evenly.
  • Find Better: Go DirectSearch Engine & Site Targeted CampaignsSocial Networks & MediaIncreased Employee & Viral ReferralsJob Aggregators & ClassifiedsEngage Better: Stay In TouchBuild & Manage Your Talent CommunityPassive Candidate Capture & ContactAutomated Job Matching MarketingSocial Channel CommunicationsKnow Better: Be SmarterReal Time Visibility To Talent Centric AnalyticsSeamless Source Tracking Into ATSTalent Supply Chain DemographicsEnd-To-End ROI Tracking By Source
  • You will find better people, and they will find you—more quickly, efficiently, and surely than ever before.Meanwhile in the recruitment world, companies try to access that talent with an equally unwieldy assortment of piecemeal and inefficient online solutions.
  • Jobs2web can optimize your entire recruitment process and help recruiters benefit from the full mix of web 2.0 technologies. Our integrated recruitment strategy connects your jobs to all the channels job seekers use, transforming your career site into a recruiting engine that will drive the best talent to your site quickly and efficiently. With every job posting you’ll reach the largest number of qualified people, develop a deep network of candidates for your future openings, and you’ll have a detailed breakdown of your campaigns’ performance with the ability to make real-time adjustments. Best of all, jobs2web works in concert with your existing career site and ATS to boost their performance.
  • Remember - every job is a campaign – that is pulled from your ATS and taken through the J2W engine which now makes every job interactive. Now, if a candidates is not ready to apply – they still have options besides apply or goodbye. RSS feeds, social sharing, and talent community building are available across every single one of your jobs
  • Best practices also streams your jobs into Category Landing Pages which serve as an extension of your career site – and are all about building your brand recognition. These pages represent your content, your branding, your messaging, and your jobs and communicates your targeted recruitment messaging. These pages are also what provide the foundation for a dramatically improved candidate experience.When you have these Pages in play across your Web 2.0 channels – you are providing a consistent yet unique experience for your candidates by providing the interaction and choices they want and delivering the relevant material they asked for.These pages are present and available even if you don’t have open positions for ongoing recruiter presence.
  • You will engage better—capturing and cultivating rich, proprietary, hire-ready talent communities that are connected with your brand and primed to apply.At Jobs2web we firmly believe that the best route between job and talent is a two-way street. For that reason, we make it a painless—even pleasant—experience for people with even a casual interest to engage with your company. Jobs2Web helps you capture and develop those relationships into thriving, vibrant Talent Communities—a centralized, candidate-centric, automated recruitment pool that grows over time to become a sustained competitive advantage.
  • Did you know that on a typical career site only 8% of visitors will begin the apply process, and only half of those will actually finish? That’s inefficient. But with jobs2web every visitor to your site can be included in your talent community resulting in a larger number of people who complete the application process.We’ll help you leverage all of your current contact assets into a centralized talent community that’s exclusive to your company.
  • Your competitive advantage is your exclusive, proprietary talent community – and your talent communities live everywhere on the web. Pools of targeted, qualified, active & passive prospects that you can develop into a self-sustaining source of engaged talent that will be harvested for years to comeWith a thriving talent community,you won’t have to go looking far and wide for candidates. And you won’t have to spend big bucks hiring agencies, or advertising to fill your jobs. Because the talent you’re looking for will be one click away from you, in your own community.
  • Groups assemble into one larger group.Employee referralsPast applicantsPassive career site visitorsSocial networks contactsRecruiter contactsAutomated regular dialogue with every candidate, and even employees and alumni keeps your community engaged.New job postings become campaigns that instantly match the best talent from your community with the right job.Your talent community will be a robust supply chain helping you fill jobs better and faster than ever before. An ATS tracks only people who have applied for a job—and just for that one job. But your Jobs2web talent community captures all interested parties into a dynamic system that automatically matches and markets future opportunities to them—until they find the right job, at the right time.
  • You will know better how your recruiting strategies are working—source by source and person by person—with talent-centric metrics radical in their scope, integration and intelligence.It seems like recruiting is still a guessing game. And that’s just wrong. The stakes for your business are simply too high for that to fly. Nobody can afford to make recruiting strategy decisions anymore based on anything less than complete, crystal-clear knowledge of what’s working and what’s not.Determined to end all the guesswork once and for all, Jobs2web devised a game-changing tool: our award-winning Recruiting DashboardTM.
  • Are you stuck throwing money at job boards and agencies? Are you juggling social networks on your own without knowing what’s really working and what isn’t?Jobs2web takes the guesswork out of recruiting. As campaigns are created, sending job postings out to social channels, and as candidates are sent your way, the jobs2web platform tracks every detail about visitors and campaign performance…You will know better how your recruiting strategies are working—source by source and person by person—with talent-centric metrics radical in their scope, integration and intelligence.
  • real-time access to talent-centric metrics and recruiting analytics that give you end-to-end views into your talent supply chains, talent community demographics, source-specific ROI and other critical data, our Recruiting DashboardTM puts the knowledge you need to recruit better, and drive down your cost per hire at your fingertips.The recruiting dashboard enables you to see the effectiveness of your campaignsOnly jobs2web tracks every step of the recruitment process providing you up-to-date and concise information, so can optimize each campaign and maximize your recruiting efforts.STOP TOSSING TALENT (AND WASTING MONEY)An ATS tracks only people who have applied for a job—and just for that one job. But your Jobs2web talent community captures all interested parties into a dynamic system that automatically matches and markets future opportunities to them—until they find the right job, at the right time.
  • Jobs2web simplifies the complex world of online recruiting and helps you build a wealth of talent that is only one click away from your jobs. We automate the process and provide detailed talent-centric analytics all geared toward what matters most—hiring the best people for your jobs. What’s more, all this will require far less legwork from your staff, because Jobs2web automates many of the routine tasks that have become such recruiting time-wasters and productivity-vacuums.Automated support, liberated recruiters-Recruiters at companies working with Jobs2web will tell you it has changed their lives. -By automating those countless mundane tasks that distract from their core activities, we free recruiters to focus on delivering value to the business at their highest and best level.


  • 1. 1
  • 2.
  • 3. Vs.
  • 4. 2010
    • 160+ Clients
    • 5. Staff and Facility Expansion
    • 6. “Recruit Better”
    • 7. Expanded Resources
    • 8. Job Distribution & Analytics
    Jobs2web Background
    Headquartered in Minnetonka, MN with a proven leadership team combined with over 70 committed people that do:
    • Research & Development
    • 9. Marketing & Sales
    • 10. Implementation & Support
    • 11. Account Management
    • 12. Finance & Operations
    • 130+ Clients
    • 13. 2009 Inc. 500 Honoree
    • 14. 2009 Top HR Product Award
    • Interactive Recruiting Site
    • 15. Client Advisory Board
    • 16. Dashboard Analytics
    • 17. Leveraged Social Networking
    • 18. 85 Clients
    • Extended Industry Partners
    • 19. 30 Clients
    • Recruiting Platform introduced
    • 20. SEO Leadership
    • 21. First Clients- Xerox, Merck
    • R&D Core Technology
    • 22. HotGigs Staffing Exchange
  • 23. Web 2.0 +
    Web 1.0
  • 24.
    Jobs2web is revolutionizing the recruitment industry by using interactive marketing technology, empowering you to Recruit Better.TM
    Each day, we help hundreds of clients attract higher quality candidates in less time, for a fraction of the cost.
  • 26. CAREER
  • 27. Real Results = Optimized Recruiting Spend
    An employer who is using traditional recruiting methods
    An employer who has started to leverage all recruiting channels and optimized recruitment advertising spend
  • 28. Helping You – Recruit BetterTM
    Increase Campaign Yield
    Lower Operational Costs
    Return $2+ For Each $1 Invested with Jobs2web
    Increase Competitiveness
    Lower Advertising Expense
    (Job Boards & Print)
    Increase Visitor to Candidate Conversion
    Lower Headhunting Costs
    Increase Recruiter Efficiency
    Talent Community
    SEO & PPC
    Email & RSS
    Job Distribution
    • Visitor Intelligence
    • 29. Keyword Rankings
    • 30. Candidate Demographics
    • 31. Social Network Monitoring
    • 32. Source Tracking
    • 33. Campaign Tracking
    • 34. Cost Per Applicant
    • 35. Cost Per Hire
    Social Media
    Career Site
    Social Networks
    Career Site
  • 36. Partial listing of clients …
    Retail /
    Med Tech
  • 37. FIND BETTER.
    Talent abounds in a mindboggling array of channels in the online universe.
  • 38. Every Job is a Campaign
    Social Media & Networks
    Search Engines
    Employees (Referrals)
    Career Site
    Job Boards
    Job Classifieds & Aggregators
    Past Visitors & Applicants
    Recruiters Contacts
  • 39. Connect
    Passive Capture
    Apply Direct To ATS
    ATS Keyword Search
    Social Sharing
    Description from ATS
    Apply Direct To ATS
  • 40. Connect
    Social Sharing
    Passive Capture
    Matching Jobs
    Direct To ATS
    “Jobs2web helped us deliver a better candidate experience that has been instrumental in building a diverse talent community, enabling us to reduce our time to fill open positions
    by up to 50 percent.”
    Jess Elmquist
    Vice President, Life Time University
    At Jobs2web we firmly believe that the best route between jobs and talent is a two-way street.
    of visitors will begin
    the apply process!
    of those will actually finish the application process!
  • 44. What Is A Talent Community?
    • Centralized database of targeted talent groups
    • 45. Automated job matching & marketing
    • 46. Configured & self-managed by talent
    • 47. Grouped & tagged for campaign targeting
    • 48. Designed to increase repeat & viral traffic to your site
    • 49. Integrated into your career site, apply process
    • 50. Accessible by Sourcing Teams to target key talent
  • Talent Community Building
    Visitors join your Talent Community to be notified of future opportunities.
    • Active Job Seekers
    • 51. Employee Referrals
    • 52. Past Applicants
    • 53. Passive Career Site Visitors
    • 54. Social Network Contacts
    • 55. Recruiter Contacts
    • 56. and More!
    Automated dialogue with every candidate keeps your community engaged.
    • New job postings become campaigns that instantly match the best talent with the right job.
    Your talent community will be a robust supply chain that helps you fill jobs better and faster than ever before.
  • 57. Connect
    Keyword Search
    Map Search
    Category or Keyword Links
  • 58. Current Candidate Experience – Apply or Goodbye
  • 59. Current Candidate Experience – 7 clicks to apply
  • 60. Connect
    Passive Capture
    Job Details: Sales Associate
    Sales Associate Will work regularly with customers to find and s Job Details: Sales Associate Job Description: Sales Associate Will work regularly with customers to find and sell products to match our customer’s needs. Must be interested in and capable of interacting with the customer by approaching customers to suggest items as well as using active selling techniques to drive add on business. Qualified candidates should feel comfortable working in a dynamic environment with shifting priorities and responsibilities. Outside of selling product to our customers on our selling floor, associates may also stock shelves, maintain backroom areas, process customer pick-ups and operate cash registers as needed. May also be assigned other duties within the store at the direction of the store management team.
    Apply Direct To ATS
    ATS Keyword Search
    Social Sharing
    Description from ATS
    A consumer report requesting criminal conviction information and/or an investigative consumer report may be requested in connection with your employment application. Upon written request to the employer, you will be informed whether this report was requested, and, if so, the name and address of the consumer reporting agency. You may inspect and receive a copy of this report by contacting the agency. Click here to read the text of Article 23-A of the New York State Correction Law relating to the employment of persons previously convicted of a criminal offense.
    Powered by Jobs2web
  • 61. Talent Community Membership
    Cleveland Clinic
    HCR ManorCare
    Lifetime Fitness
  • 62.
    • 67% Of Candidates Apply Same Day
    • 63. 33% Join Talent Community & Apply Months After
  • Social Network Strategy
    • Inconsistent Experience
    • 64. Poor Employment Brand Use
    • 65. Recruiter Owned Network
    • 66. Recruiter/Rolodex defection
    • 67. Better and consistent Experience
    • 68. Promotes Company Brand
    • 69. Company Owned Network
    • 70. Network Retention
    “The Jobs2web platform helps us automate and measure all aspects of our talent community and social recruiting strategy.
    It has definitely brought the efficiency, innovation, and insights that we needed to drive the results we’re looking for, and even helped us to re-humanize the recruiting function here at Microsoft.”
    Marvin Smith
    Director Of Talent Communities
    It seems like recruiting is still a guessing game.
    No more getting reports after you’ve spent your money—and still wondering – did it work?
    • See your results from the time the first dollar is spent
    • 73. Make adjustments on the fly
    • 74. Improve every campaign
    • 75. Be in total control of your spend and strategy
    • Visitor by Visitor Reporting (Source + Keywords)
    • 77. Visitors Map
    • 78. Visitors by Day & Time
    • 79. Members Overview
    • 80. Members Map
    • 81. Members Groups
    • 82. Facebook Referrals
    • 83. Applicants Overview
    • 84. Applicants by Job
    • 85. Applicants by Job Overview
    • 86. Jobs Overview
    • 87. Categories Overview
    • 88. Keyword Rankings (and History)
    • 89. Conversion Funnel (by Source of Talent)
  • HCR ManorCare
    “Jobs2web has helped HCR ManorCare identify, develop and track new recruitment channels to drive increased candidate traffic directly to HCR ManorCare at a significantly lower overall cost. At HCR ManorCare we measure everything with very detailed analytics.”
    Annette Foght
    Director of National Recruiting
  • 90. WE JUST
    We put our Client Strategy Group at your service to create perfectly calibrated solutions that align with your strategy, processes, and goals.
    Your own Client Strategy Director will work with you, day in and day out, to help you navigate the interactive recruiting environment, and get where you want to be.
    We’re eager to talk to you, work with you, build a solution for you, and put you on the direct path to recruiting better.
  • 91. Lifetime Fitness Transformation
    Reduce its annual $200K spend on job boards
    While most job seekers thought of Life Time Fitness for openings such as personal trainers, Life Time has a variety of positions – including positions in spas, restaurants and administrative offices. They needed to attract qualified, geographically diverse applicants with varied skills sets and create brand visibility in areas where Life Time Fitness was not yet established.
    Jobs2Web transformed the company’s career center into
    an interactive recruiting engine that leverages Web 2.0 technologies.
    187,000-member talent community
    Eliminated 99% of job board spend
    Improved candidate experience
    Increased conversion of visitors- to-applicants by 100%.
    804% increase in applicants
    Reduced cost per hire from as much as $300 to as little as $15.
    Improved quality of candidates, as evidenced by 30% turnover reduction for key roles.
  • 92. Lifetime Fitness Increase In Talent Quality & Key Business Metrics
    QoQ new club opening marketing cost reduced by 85% and CPA by 75%
    QoQ Value Growth
    QoQ Personal Trainer financials over-performing $1.3M over revenue target
    YoY Product Growth
    YoY Talent Community growth 6X
  • 93. ADP Case Study: Working with Widgets
    As a leading global provider of HR, payroll, and benefits administration services, ADP required a vast pool of uniquely-talented employees to service a large catalog of clients. The company tasked Jobs2web with opening doorways to jobs on their career site and other Web 2.0 channels in order to attract and welcome potential candidates into their talent community.
    Jobs2web installed widgets on the ADP career site and Facebook fan page. The ADP widgets included a field to search for careers, networking and social media widgets to engage visitors on other platforms, and an email subscribe widget to publicize their talent community. Each widget was embedded with a unique code, enabling ADP recruiters to track their efficiency on the Jobs2web dashboard.
    ADP realized immediate and significant increase in applicant volume and quality
    10X more traffic to their career site – now over 100,000 job seekers visit the ADP site monthly
    Talent community burgeoned to 100X its original amount, from a dozen a day to over 1,300 subscribers per day
    Visitor to applicant conversion increased by 50%
  • 94. Jobs2Web Integration Catapults Volume, Quality and Throughput
    YoY ATS completed applicants up 40%
    QoQ Value Growth
    MoM visitors up 10X
    MoM throughput conversion up 50%
    YoY Product Growth
    MoM Talent Community joins up 100X
  • 95. Meeting Your Business Objectives
    Drive quality talent directly via multiple channels
    Enhance brand recognition
    Build proprietary, passive talent relationships
    Make recruiters more efficient
    Power your social networking strategy
    Improve the candidate experience
    Gain accurate and total visibility to recruiting metrics
    Spend more effectively
  • 96. Jobs2Web Recruitment Marketing Platform
  • 97. Time To Value In 12 Weeks
    Go Live
    How fast can your jobs be in front of candidates?
    • Easy and collaborative deployment
    • 112. Live in 12 weeks from receiving assets
    (pending client approvals and project scope)
    • No changes to ATS System
    • 113. No change in your recruiting process