Harold Washington Library Center


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This was the group presentation I did for my final project for LIS 701 Intro to Library & Information Science, Summer 2012. Dominican University.

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Harold Washington Library Center

  1. 1. HAROLDWASHINGTONLIBRARY CENTERHeidi Lundquist, Lynn Tarkowski, JamieWinchell
  2. 2. What are your experiences with theHWLC? Lynn: first time visiting! Heidi: first time back since the late 1990s…used to hang out, study, read. Jamie: study, hang out, HS senior researchtour.
  3. 3. We love this place!After our joint & respectivetours of the HWLC, we hadthe same reactions andconvictions:•“this place is amazing!”and•“I have chosen the rightfield.”
  4. 4. Harold Washington Library CenterStatisticsStatistics January-MayCirculation 400,421Holds 120,604Visitors 708,135Internet Sessions 163,050
  5. 5. Artwork everywhere.Sleeping Beauty (5th floor)Architectural models for the HWLC (8th floor)Carriona Figure No. 2(top of escalator to 3rd floor)Architectural modelfor Cloudgate
  6. 6. 3 points of entryMain Reference Desk YOUMediaPopular Library
  7. 7. Computer Commons 133 Internet-only, 37 Internet + wordprocessing, & a handful of express computers Self-reservation system for two 1-hrsessions/day 60% use computers for job searching “Cybernavigator” + free workshops Privacy screens Unfiltered Security guard roving
  8. 8. Security Issues Mr. Peters:“anything you can imagine” hashappened there. Roving & stationed security guards, 2 undercoverpolice officers A court order needed to ban a person (and it hashappened). Sexual activity Drinking alcohol Vandalism & theft Hard maple furniture; nothing is upholstered.
  9. 9. Library Reference CollectionWaiting for you to visit on the 6th floor!
  10. 10. The Popular LibraryHWLC, 1st Floor“A branch within a branch.”--Carolyn Mulac Division Chief for General Information Services, HWLC
  11. 11. 10,000 circulating items• Books, CDS, DVDs, VHS Tapes• Audio books, Playaways• Designated Hold Area-for self reservesOriginal Concept began at the Central Library Location• Revived in 2000 as Media Express, then Chicago Public Library Express• 2003 became the Popular Library again
  12. 12. Intended design• A quick area• No computers or places to sitBusiest Times• 11am-1pm lunch• 5pm-7pm evening
  13. 13. • Self Check Station• Circulation desk• Small reference desk/standing kioskStaff• 2- Level I librarians• 1-Level II librarian• 1 –Librarian Associate• Circulation Staff-however they report to themain circulation desk of the library center
  14. 14. Thomas Hughes’ Children’sLibrary•Children birth-8th grade•Toddler books, fiction & non-fictioneasy readers, readers & elementarybooks.•Foreign language section
  15. 15. Children’s Library Services•16 unfiltered computers•School groups & other programming
  16. 16. “Rahm’s Readers”“You are what you read”
  17. 17. Times are tough…With the January 2012 budget cuts:• All ordering is centralized• Pages have been eliminated• No programming budget for the Children’s Library• Unit heads & closed departments work reference desk shifts
  19. 19. The Talking Book Center Free service National LibraryService program Visual, physical, andlearning disabilities Nationwide
  20. 20.  Digital audiobooks and downloads Braille books Magazines and radio shows Newspapers Computer programsThe Talking Book Center
  21. 21. YOUMedia: a Digital Library Space forTeens “The philosophy behind the creation of the ChicagoPublic Librarys YOUmedia was to enable teens to bemore than just consumers of digital media, but to becreators as well. Through the activities of making anddoing, YOUmedia addresses two significant challengesfacing urban public libraries today: The shortage of authentic, engaging physical andvirtual spaces for teens in public libraries; and
 A lack of meaningful opportunities for teens to learndigital media skills while also gaining relevant newentry points into library resources.” -http://www.youmediachicago.org/10-philosophy/pages/56-philosophy
  22. 22. “hanging out”Teens can hang with friends, work on homework, check out booCirculation of YAL titles went up 400%!
  23. 23. “messing around”… check out a laptop, play video games, experiment with technolog
  24. 24. “geeking out”… or take a workshop on digital photography, or digital music productio
  25. 25. Innovation + YOUMedia Design & layout are research-based Staff are flexible to users’ needs & interests 3 branch library YOUMedia programs President Obama wants to replicate 30 acrossthe country. Video here
  27. 27. Special Collections Rarebooks, archives, art Non-circulating Conservation isextremely important Staff cuts have madethis more difficult
  28. 28.  Focus: Chicago Exhibits: Harold Washington, CivilWar, costume designs Reading Room for research: Chicagoneighborhoods, World’sFair, theater, Civil WarSpecial Collections
  29. 29. Brian Bannon, CommissionerPhoto from http://www.wbez.org/blogs/bez/2012-05/new-library-chief-brian-bannon-tech-savvy-says-hes-librarian-first-99664•Recent upheaval in CPL Administration:Commissioner of 18 years resigned, 5upper-level administrators have retired.•Brian Bannon, age 37, was hired inMarch 2012.•Technology is essential for people tomake their lives better•New media can show us wherelibraries are headed. The “future-focused library.”•Libraries can be public spaces forperformance and art exhibitions.