A perspective on a controversial topic


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A perspective on a controversial topic

  1. 1. A Perspective on a Controversial Topic: Pornography<br />BY: Jonathan Bush<br />Eng 1105<br />Aug 5, 2011 <br />
  2. 2. how Pornography helps society<br /> The porn industry makes over 5 billion dollars a year in the United States alone<br />Porn affects men in positive ways helping them to become more confident in their sexuality and relationships<br />Porn is economically successful, the porn industries makes a large amount of money which helps the economy since some of the money goes to the Gross Domestic Product<br />Porn minimizes stalking, rape, and underage sex<br />
  3. 3. The Supreme Court Case: People v. Freeman<br />In the Supreme Court case People v. Freeman, the state of California tried to argue that pornography was a form of prostitution. <br />The state of California was charging Harold Freeman, who directed a pornographic film called “Caught From Behind, Part II.” <br />The State believed that Harold was paying people to commit acts of prostitution.<br />The Supreme Court ruled that pornography wasn’t a form of prostitution and legal <br />
  4. 4. What Is Pornography?<br />Pornography is a freedom of expression that is protected by the first amendment<br />Pornography is considered a form of acting where the actors and actresses are involved in either real or fake obscene and explicit scenes in any form of media representation<br />
  5. 5. Prostitution relation with Pornography<br />Prostitution and Pornography has many similarities in the views of many people.<br />The only noticeable difference with pornography is that it is filmed and intended to be sold to an larger audience <br />Paying someone to have sex with a family member is still considered prostitution although it is not for your sexual gratification which contradicts pornography<br />
  6. 6. how pornography effects women<br />Most female activists strongly believe that pornography disgraces women. <br />In Andrea Dworkin’s essay, “Pornography and Grief,” Dworkin states that, “If a woman has any sense of her own intrinsic worth, seeing pornography in small bits and pieces can bring her to a useful rage. <br />Many women around the U.S. have even banded together to stop the distribution of porn, due to beliefs that porn is causing more violence and rape incidents among women to occur <br />
  7. 7. The Effects of pornography<br />Research done on males who watch pornography by Dr. McKee held positive results but further research has shown that watching porn has negative effects. <br />Exposure of porn has been shown to increase rape, and for males to experience an increase in aggression and less sympathy towards female victims of rape.<br />
  8. 8. Correlation between pornography and crime<br />Studies on sexual assault cases by Darrell Pope showed that in 41% of 38,000 sexual assault cases in Michigan, pornographic material was viewed before the crime.<br />Studies and surveys conducted on women, whom have had experiences in sexual abuse reported that pornography played a role in their abuse. <br />
  9. 9. Correlation between pornography and crime<br />Other research has shown pornography and rape to be directly correlated with each other when surveys that were conducted on males showed disturbing answers. On the survey 35% of the males claim that they would rape a women if they would not be caught for the crime, 48% would use force to have sex.<br />Other research done by James Check, where men watch different forms of pornography shown that exposure to porn can cause men to use force to have sex or rape. <br />Other research has shown pornography and rape to be correlated, when a study on the United States by Larry Baron and Murray Strauss found that the states that have larger distribution of pornographic material have more rapes than the states that don’t have as many<br />
  10. 10. What is Child Pornography?<br />Child Pornography involves any child under the age of eighteen in any act of sexual conduct in a photograph, film or video, picture on the web, and even a computer -generated image.<br />Child Pornography is not only a federal crime but is completely illegal throughout the entire United States of America.<br /> Unlike pornography, child pornography isn’t protected as a form of first amendment right as children is not of age to give legal consent to sex. <br />
  11. 11. Origins of child pornography<br />Child pornography can be linked to pornography; material that is presented in child pornography is the same as the explicated material found in adult pornography. <br />Earlier studies on child pornography shown images of children involved in nudity, sexual contact with an adult in popular magazines such as Playboy, Hustler, and Penthouse. <br />
  12. 12. Crime dealing with child pornography<br />One of the main reasons why child pornography is becoming such a major problem is because of the ability for anyone to post images depicting child pornography on to the internet.<br />Pedophiles has been known to use the internet to engage in illegal activities dealing with child pornography which is trafficking child pornography, locating children to molest, engaging in inappropriate sexual communication with children, and to communicate with other pedophiles.<br />Exposure to child pornography may lead to the molestation of children, and victimization of other children.<br />
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