How did you attract


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How did you attract

  1. 1. How did you attract your audience?
  2. 2. I named the magazine Jam as I felt it presented themusic genre as fun and sweet, and as it is aimed at Mastheadfemales; it had to have a feminine touch. I think thatthe masthead calls out to young girls and is simpleand easy to remember. http://izziieescarlet. 11/survey- analysis.html The link to my surveyThe price of my magazine was My Surveydecided through my survey, as £2.00was the most common price thatpeople were willing to pay. This will The survey I conducted at theattract the audience as it is the price planning and research stagethey have said is reasonable for the determined how I would attractmagazine, meaning that they will beable to buy it and not be put off by my audience and gave me ideasa high price. and tips that would draw them in Price even more, as I would be giving them what they want.
  3. 3. Free exciting prizesThe Languagewas used to grabthe readersattention andmake them feelthat themagazine isdirected purelyat them. I usedwords andphrases that arecommonly saidby the agegroup so thatthey couldconnect to thecontent.. The Language
  4. 4. The clothing – Can be used as an The photography influence/role model. It is bright and bold, I also tried to use heavily patterned clothing to make the modelFormal with floral background Outside, live, energy, fun. stand out more and represent the genre of music as a lively genre. I used images that showed a high level of attitude, as the genre of music can sometimes be like this. And the target audience would want I changed the opacity on the photos to look some images, just to make interesting and not Black and white adds the magazines images plain. sophistication. look a little different and not all full of bright colours. I displayed this image in a different, unique way; in a Polaroid design. I The make up and hair took this idea from one of the on the model – I magazines I analysed, and thought it made sure the model was a nice touch. was glamorous and almost flawless, as I felt I used props that fit my the model should look confident and music magazine important. Studio photos, emphasis on together. colour.
  5. 5. My music magazine:Existing musicmagazines: A very feminine colour. Pink I also chose two colours that I thought matched and complimented pink and, red and orange. This is because I wanted to make sure I included quite a few colours instead of just two, as the genre of music is meant to be fun and more colours would show this better. Although purple and orange weren’t commonly used in other magazines, I felt that as they are complimentary colours, they would add more to the magazine and attract more people. Yellow Bright and connotates energy and life. Connotates love Red and passion, things that teenage girls like.