Face your fears: Drush and Aegir
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Face your fears: Drush and Aegir



Presentation from Drupal Design Camp Berlin 2011.

Presentation from Drupal Design Camp Berlin 2011.




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Face your fears: Drush and Aegir Presentation Transcript

  • 1. FACE YOUR FEARS: DRUSH AND ÆGIRIztok Smolič | @iztok | iztok@etelje.com | iztoksmolic.com
  • 2. Proud member of Drupal Slovenia
  • 3. Why would designer/themer/site- builder want to use tools for hardcore developers?
  • 4. Still using FTP?
  • 5. DrushMust have for all site builders
  • 6. What is drush?! Drush is a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal!   Controlling your Drupal site outside of the browser, from a terminal, (shell, command line, …)!   Can be used without Ægir! Drush can be used on your local machine (works on Win, OSX and Linux)!   http://drupal.org/project/drush
  • 7. Did you saycommand line?
  • 8. Basics commands (UNIX)!   List folder’s content: ls!   Go to folder: cd [path], go one folder back: cd ..!   New folder: mkdir [folder_name]!   Rename file/folder: mv [file_name] [new_name]!   Copy: cp [source] [destination] (cp –r for folders)!   Remove: rm [file], rm –r [folder]!   Show current folder path: pwd
  • 9. Installing on a local computer!   Works best on Mac and Linux OS!   Works on Win, but limited !   Running Linux inside virtual machine may be the best alternative
  • 10. Basic, useful drush commands!   Download project from D.org: drush dl [name]!   Enable module: drush en [name] !   Enable by name matches: drush en name_*!   Update everything: drush up !   Update specific project: drush up [name]!   Clear cache: drush cc !   Clear all cache: drush cc all!   Get a list of commands: drush!   More here: http://drush.ws/help
  • 11. Use cases and examples!   Site has a broken theme function and you can’t navigate to the performance page to clear the cache! !   solution: drush cc all!   You need to update the site over FTP. !   much easier and faster: drush up!   You download views and before enabling it you find out that module ctools is needed! ! drush dl views, drush en views_ui it will download and enable all dependencies modules
  • 12. Help and tips! Drush documentation: http://www.drush.ws/!   commands: drush –help! groups.drupal.org/drush! drush cheatsheet: http://www.scribd.com/doc/57989208/ Drush-4-Cheat-Sheet!   Check if you favorite module implemented drush support !   features ! backup_migrate
  • 13. ÆgirHost your sites in style
  • 14. What is Ægir?!   Hosting system for managing Drupal sites!   It is basicaly a Drupal site with which you can control all of your hosted sites!   You can run tasks like: !   Create, disable, delete sites !   Backup site, restore backups !   Migrate (update) sites
  • 15. Installation!   Ægir is only a set of modules: ! Hostmaster (http://drupal.org/project/provision) ! Drush (http://drupal.org/project/drush) !   Provision (http://drupal.org/project/provision) ! Eldir Theme!   Installation: !   http://community.aegirproject.org/installing !   apt-get install aegir!   Hosted solutions like omega8.cc and Koumbit
  • 16. Documentation!   Homepage: http://aegirproject.org!   Discussion and support: http://community.aegirproject.org/discussion IRC: #aegir @ irc.freenode.net
  • 17. AegirstructureServerAdditional to localhost we canhave multiple servers controlledby one Ægir instancePlatformDrupal core or distributionlocated on a server.SiteInstance of one site inside aplatform. Regular multisitestructure.
  • 18. Multisitestructure Modules and themes from directory “all” are available by all modules
  • 19. Tips!   Updating site’s core with migrate task !   example: create new platform Drupal 7.2 and migrate from D 7.0 to D 7.2 platform !   works for major versions migrations too (Ægir also checks if modules are available for destination version)!   Clone site and perform module updates (you keep the production site safe)
  • 20. Host distributions!Distributions are Drupal’s packaged profiles for specific use.! Acquia 6 & 7 ! OpenPublic! OpenAtrium ! ManagingNews!   Drupal Commons !   COD! OpenScholar !   Open EnterpriseMake you own “distributions” with favorite modules or eveninstallation profile.
  • 21. Advance use!   Host sites on multiple servers – control with one Ægir instance!   Using Ægir in deployment workflow best practice: (http://greenbeedigital.com.au/content/drupal- deployments-workflows-version-control-drushmake-and- aegir) using platform for one site, versioned!   Allowing clients to manage own sites – making a real hosting platform!   Expand: http://community.aegirproject.org/contrib-modules
  • 22. Demo TimeGet yours at http://omega8.cc/contact/Demo