Face your fears: Drush and Aegir


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Presentation from Drupal Design Camp Berlin 2011.


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Face your fears: Drush and Aegir

  1. 1. FACE YOUR FEARS: DRUSH AND ÆGIRIztok Smolič | @iztok | iztok@etelje.com | iztoksmolic.com
  2. 2. Proud member of Drupal Slovenia
  3. 3. Why would designer/themer/site- builder want to use tools for hardcore developers?
  4. 4. Still using FTP?
  5. 5. DrushMust have for all site builders
  6. 6. What is drush?! Drush is a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal!   Controlling your Drupal site outside of the browser, from a terminal, (shell, command line, …)!   Can be used without Ægir! Drush can be used on your local machine (works on Win, OSX and Linux)!   http://drupal.org/project/drush
  7. 7. Did you saycommand line?
  8. 8. Basics commands (UNIX)!   List folder’s content: ls!   Go to folder: cd [path], go one folder back: cd ..!   New folder: mkdir [folder_name]!   Rename file/folder: mv [file_name] [new_name]!   Copy: cp [source] [destination] (cp –r for folders)!   Remove: rm [file], rm –r [folder]!   Show current folder path: pwd
  9. 9. Installing on a local computer!   Works best on Mac and Linux OS!   Works on Win, but limited !   Running Linux inside virtual machine may be the best alternative
  10. 10. Basic, useful drush commands!   Download project from D.org: drush dl [name]!   Enable module: drush en [name] !   Enable by name matches: drush en name_*!   Update everything: drush up !   Update specific project: drush up [name]!   Clear cache: drush cc !   Clear all cache: drush cc all!   Get a list of commands: drush!   More here: http://drush.ws/help
  11. 11. Use cases and examples!   Site has a broken theme function and you can’t navigate to the performance page to clear the cache! !   solution: drush cc all!   You need to update the site over FTP. !   much easier and faster: drush up!   You download views and before enabling it you find out that module ctools is needed! ! drush dl views, drush en views_ui it will download and enable all dependencies modules
  12. 12. Help and tips! Drush documentation: http://www.drush.ws/!   commands: drush –help! groups.drupal.org/drush! drush cheatsheet: http://www.scribd.com/doc/57989208/ Drush-4-Cheat-Sheet!   Check if you favorite module implemented drush support !   features ! backup_migrate
  13. 13. ÆgirHost your sites in style
  14. 14. What is Ægir?!   Hosting system for managing Drupal sites!   It is basicaly a Drupal site with which you can control all of your hosted sites!   You can run tasks like: !   Create, disable, delete sites !   Backup site, restore backups !   Migrate (update) sites
  15. 15. Installation!   Ægir is only a set of modules: ! Hostmaster (http://drupal.org/project/provision) ! Drush (http://drupal.org/project/drush) !   Provision (http://drupal.org/project/provision) ! Eldir Theme!   Installation: !   http://community.aegirproject.org/installing !   apt-get install aegir!   Hosted solutions like omega8.cc and Koumbit
  16. 16. Documentation!   Homepage: http://aegirproject.org!   Discussion and support: http://community.aegirproject.org/discussion IRC: #aegir @ irc.freenode.net
  17. 17. AegirstructureServerAdditional to localhost we canhave multiple servers controlledby one Ægir instancePlatformDrupal core or distributionlocated on a server.SiteInstance of one site inside aplatform. Regular multisitestructure.
  18. 18. Multisitestructure Modules and themes from directory “all” are available by all modules
  19. 19. Tips!   Updating site’s core with migrate task !   example: create new platform Drupal 7.2 and migrate from D 7.0 to D 7.2 platform !   works for major versions migrations too (Ægir also checks if modules are available for destination version)!   Clone site and perform module updates (you keep the production site safe)
  20. 20. Host distributions!Distributions are Drupal’s packaged profiles for specific use.! Acquia 6 & 7 ! OpenPublic! OpenAtrium ! ManagingNews!   Drupal Commons !   COD! OpenScholar !   Open EnterpriseMake you own “distributions” with favorite modules or eveninstallation profile.
  21. 21. Advance use!   Host sites on multiple servers – control with one Ægir instance!   Using Ægir in deployment workflow best practice: (http://greenbeedigital.com.au/content/drupal- deployments-workflows-version-control-drushmake-and- aegir) using platform for one site, versioned!   Allowing clients to manage own sites – making a real hosting platform!   Expand: http://community.aegirproject.org/contrib-modules
  22. 22. Demo TimeGet yours at http://omega8.cc/contact/Demo