Tiered response apr 2011
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    Tiered response apr 2011 Tiered response apr 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • Tiered Responsefor Video Intrusion Alarms A “win” for everybody
    • HOV Lane for Video AlarmsNew Alarm Systems Create Policy Opportunity: Priority Response to Video Intrusion AlarmsBenefits: Arrests, Efficiencies, Cost SavingsGoal – Adopt Priority Response as Formal Policy:1. Create new code in CAD in Dispatch Center2. Create email address in Dispatch Center3. Draft formal policy announcement.
    • Enhanced Video Alarms are: NOT surveillance This is an "incremental step" in technology doing exactly what intrusion alarms and central stations have always done: “Detect and Notify”. Video intrusion alarm systems go beyond traditional “Detect and Notify” practices, providing visual confirmation of what caused the alarm.
    • What Are Video Intrusion Alarms?1.Alarm signal with video clip is transmitted to a central station.2. Operator confirms if an intruder is present and calls owner.3.operator dispatches confirmed alarm for priority response. www.priorityresponse.info
    • Video Intrusion Alarms are: NOT to identify an intruder NOT 24/7 surveillance video NOT to provide "live video" on demand NOT self-monitored by the consumer MONITORED by a qualified UL listed Central Station
    • Video Intrusion Alarms: Why now? Video Intrusion Alarm Systems have become cost effective, competing with non-video systems. Affordable for the residential consumer and small businesses, not just large businesses. This is not a service for the rich. Law Enforcement is under budgetary pressures, seeking new efficiencies.
    • Video Intrusion Alarms are: Vendor Neutral  Dealer/Installers: Security dealers and system integrators have access to many video intrusion alarm systems - none are unique.  Central Stations: Ability to monitor many types of video intrusion alarms - none are unique.
    • Vendor Neutral:Three Technologies - Many Mfgrs 1. CCTV with 2. Hybrid Alarms with Pixel Detection integrated CCTV Alarm Panel Video Module 3. Standalone
    • How does Response work? 2 Confirming Owner phone calls Monitoring Squad Car Alarm Station Priority Response Queue PSAP 1. Event A PSAP PSAP 2. Event B Event Dispatcher CAD Call Taker 3. Event C
    • Case Study – Phoenix Central Station operator views what caused the alarm Video clip can be sent to 911 center and/or squad car
    • 40 arrests – 4 months
    • Case Study – Detroit
    • 60 arrests – 6 weeks ArrestedVandals with School PipesSledge Hammers
    • Multiple Arrests/Many Sites No Prosecution Needed Substation Arrest Winter Copper Theft Theft of Grounding At Utility Yard Rods
    • Proven in Remote Sites arrests 4-Wheeler Intruders ArrestedFenced Compound Construction Sites
    • Proven in Remote Sites Copper Thieves Desert Heat Construction Sites
    • It already works!• Seattle – 11 dispatches/11 arrests• Multiple Central Stations – 50% Videofied alarms = arrests
    • Enhanced Video Alarms: They Work All three technologies work and deliver instant video for immediate response: Arrests Efficiencies Officer Safety
    • 3 Steps to Priority Response1. Create new alarm code in PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch)2. Create email address to receive video clips from Central Station3. Formal announcement of PSAP policy to consumers/industry
    • Simple Press Release Formal AnnouncementThe ______ Police Department has designated alarmsconfirmed as crimes in progress for prioritydispatch. We will continue our existing response policyfor standard alarm systems.
    • Sheriff Support
    • Policy is being adopted “While Calhoun County sheriff’s deputies will continue our current policy of responding immediately to all intrusion alarms, we believe that enhanced video alarms offer enhanced protection to you and help us in our efforts to keep Calhoun County citizens safe and protect their property.” Sheriff Larry Amerson, Calhoun County
    • Industry Support
    • APCO Support
    • Case Study – Boston• Leading companies in the Greater Boston area together• Meeting with the PSAP manager• Worked with the CAD program and IT (email)
    • Boston PSAP Meeting Wayne Wayne American Alarm ASG Alarm Alarm StanleySystems Security Systems Security Security Industry Support
    • Case Study – Boston• Alarms were Priority 3• 2 new alarm codes in CAD VAC = Video Alarm Commercial VAR = Video Alarm Residential• Special email address for Videos
    • Boston PSAP – Video Alarm Actual Video alarm
    • Case Study – Los Angeles• Leading companies in Southern California area together• Meetings with the Southern California PSAP managers• Worked with the CAD program and IT (email)
    • Orange County PSAP CMS StanleyMonitoring Security
    • Los Angeles PDthe LAPD implemented a revised Burglar AlarmDispatch Policy to make optimum use of limitedpublic safety resources. … A verified burglar alarmwill be dispatched as a high priority call.
    • Baltimore PSAP Stanley Stanley Security SecurityVector ASG Security
    • Boise PSAP Idaho Alarm Assn.
    • Call to action:1. Create new response code in dispatch CAD with higher priority response level.2. Email address in the dispatch center where participating central stations can send videos. Example: VideoAlarm@citypd.gov2. Formal announcement of policy change to community.
    • For more information: • Review videos of actual apprehensions: www.apprehensions.videofied.com • www.priorityresponse.info
    • Proven Budget-friendly Infrastructure Protection• Cordless MotionViewer PIR Motion Sensor• Wireless• Video Alarm System• Up to 24 Viewers on a single system 4 year Night Vision Battery Digital Camera Infrared Illuminators
    • Sheriffs Endorse