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Rti 2010

  1. 1. Developing and Delivering World Class Performance 140 Bourne Avenue, Suite 20, Rumford, RI USA Tel: 401-480-6032
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Who We Are .............................................................................3 What We Do .............................................................................4 Where We Specialize ...............................................................5 Who We Serve .........................................................................6 When We Engage .....................................................................7 How We Engage .......................................................................8 Our Action Matrix …....9 Why It Works ……...................................................................10 How We Measure Success …..................................................11 Why We Do What We Do.…………………………………….…12 Our Core Team.13 www.roundtableint.com
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE… The Roundtable International is a network of “organized intelligence” that provides Professional advisory services across multiple channels, disciplines, logistics and cultures. We have harnessed a diversity of expertise ranging from international finance to economic development, infrastructure design to human resource development and more. Roundtable International associates are: • Attorneys • Change Agents • Designers • Geologists • NGO Leaders A network of “organized intelligence” • Entrepreneurs • Engineers • Financial Analysts www.roundtableint.com • Researchers • Strategists • Venture Capitalists
  4. 4. WHAT WE DO… We deliver sustainable, cutting edge solutions to a myriad of business and economic development challenges. Sustainable, cutting-edge solutions We assist in developing agile business models that remain flexible and scalable while responding to the complex and shifting landscape of the global marketplace. We devise strategies that set a new direction for the organization and its industry or market sector, while internalizing the changing environmental dynamics. www.roundtableint.com
  5. 5. WHERE WE SPECIALIZE… Our network of associates and affiliates offer a diversity of expertise that allows us to custom choreograph an approach to match the circumstances, structure, culture, challenges and nuances of every client. Our strengths include: • Arbitration & Mediation • Business Development • Business Metrics • Business Turnaround • Micro-financing • Merger & Acquisitions • Organizational Development • Process Reengineering • Business/Organization Restructuring • Program Evaluation • Cash Forecasting & Liquidity Mgmt. • Communications • Construction • Financial Modeling • Risk Assessment & Management • Scenario Planning • Social Auditing • Stakeholder Engagement A diversity of expertise • Lender/Creditor Negotiations • Marketing Positioning www.roundtableint.com • System Integration • Entrepreneurship
  6. 6. WHO WE SERVE… Our client base includes local, regional and national government agencies, international civic organizations, multi-national corporations (MNCs), small and medium size enterprises (SME's) and start-ups around the world. Among others, our associates have worked with: • ABB • Business for Social Responsibility • Central Bank of Nigeria • CitiGroup • Dell • Dow Chemical •McDonald’s • U.S. National Aeronautics & Space Administration • Rhode Island Technology Council • Rhode Island Economic Policy Council & Development Corporation A global clientele • DuPont • Ford Motor Company • General Motors • International Society of Logistics • Johnson & Johnson • Ivape Brazil www.roundtableint.com • Texaco • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency • United Nations Development Program • Urban Ventures • World Resources Institute • South American Wind Energy
  7. 7. WHEN WE ENGAGE… We accept projects that allow us to work in three high leverage areas: • Sustainability –working with the corporate sector to ensure these clients are economically, environmentally and socially viable for the long term • Asset Based Economic Development –working with the public sector in emerging economies to ensure these clients invest in policies, business support programs and infrastructure that will allow them to compete in the global market place • Design Thinking1– applying the design process in strategy development and intangible problems to improve situations. 1 Design thinking involves six integrated processes that are accomplished concurrently and sometimes iteratively. The processes are problem definition, research, ideation, solution prototyping, implementation, evaluation and learning www.roundtableint.com
  8. 8. HOW WE ENGAGE… In our practice, we inspire and foster a seamless interplay between strategies, design, process, technology and people. By synergistically leveraging these core functions, we help our clients build internal capacity while delivering solutions to their immediate needs. Teams lead and deliver generative guidance within the organizational culture to present an arena for creativity and cooperation that effectively blends hierarchy with a collaborative process. An integrated input from specific domains facilitates cross-functional problem solving while enhancing personal and organizational growth. Seamless interplay of core functions Organizational development is integral to our service delivery model. We engage our clients in a learning-by-doing process that leads to increasing self-sufficiency. In this way we deliver systemic value that conveys a continuous return on investment. www.roundtableint.com
  9. 9. OUR ACTION MATRIX1 Problem Solution Definition Prototyping Implementation Evaluation 1 Boxes in the matrix are left blank because specific actions and interactions are customized for each client, depending upon the scope of work and intended outcomes of the engagement. www.roundtableint.com
  10. 10. WHY IT WORKS… In most of our work we employ the following proven approaches. We • Mobilize the right team, drawing on our broad network of associates and affiliates to combine unique expertise and skills set • Harness the “disruptive creativity” of a team process to embrace the unpredictable from which innovation – that which is truly new – can emerge Innovation: Embracing the unpredictable so the truly new can emerge • Create empowering and enabling environments where the innovation process we unleash thrives beyond the consulting engagement. • Build public-private sector partnerships or broad-based coalitions as each project requires • Develop frameworks, roadmaps, tools and other resources that facilitate industrial and/or economic change. www.roundtableint.com
  11. 11. Indicators & metrics to calculate your ROI HOW WE MEASURE SUCCESS… Our scope of work always includes a project evaluation plan and process. We customize a core set of indicators and metrics to evaluate: • Issue resolution • Process or product Innovations • Level of internal capacity building • Cost to budget • Performance to timeline In aggregate these metrics spell out your Return on Investment www.roundtableint.com
  12. 12. Increasing economic & social equity WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO… We envision a global economy where increasing economic and social equity provide a healthy and high quality of life for the majority while stewarding natural resources for the enjoyment of both current and future generations. All of our associates value the power of people, place and profits. We work for wealth creation even at the bottom of the economic pyramid and asset-based economic development without exploitation of human or natural capital or corruption. We are capitalists who believe that in a free market economy you can do well by doing good. www.roundtableint.com
  13. 13. OUR CORE TEAM… Robert Leaver Chairman of the Board Katherine O’Dea Chief Executive Officer Justin Aina Chief Operating Officer Caroline Ebong Senior Consultant Lamin Sarr Senior Consultant www.roundtableint.com
  14. 14. Robert Leaver - Chairman of the Board… He is a consultant, teacher, change agent, facilitator and thinker. He longs to build things that last. Robert’s work is about new forms of organization and new forms of community that add value. Robert has thirty-four years of consulting and teaching experience. His Writings He is the author of The Commonwealth Organization: A New Form to Heal the Ailing Soul of the World which was published in the spring of 1995 in Soul of Business by New Leaders Press. He has authored numerous monographs issued by Commonwealth Publications including: Entrepreneur as Leader and Agent of Change Leader as Maestro, Teacher, Ethicist and Story Teller Achieving Our Providence: Lessons of City-Building and Soul Making Robert is working with Dr. James Hillman on the forthcoming volume II – Soul and City which will be published in November 2005. This will be the Uniform Edition of the collected works of James Hillman, renowned thinker and author of archetypal psychology. www.roundtableint.com
  15. 15. Education, Teaching, Professional Associations and Talks Robert has designed and delivered hundreds of talks and workshops for the Organizational Development Network, the Nonprofit Management Association, and Businesses for Social Responsibility, National Head Start Office, the World Future Society and the National Timber Framers Guild. Currently, he serves as a business partner and adjunct faculty to Boston College’s executive level, graduate program called Leadership for Change based on action learning and a contribution to the Common Good. He taught organizational theory at Providence College from 1999 to 2002. He was president of Business for Social Responsibility in New England from 1991 to 1994. During the 1970’s he taught psychology and human development at Roger Williams College, Leslie College, Goddard College and RI College. His community work has included the Nonprofit Management Association – a national trade association, the Everett Dance Theatre, and now The Jewelry District Association in Providence. He commits, long-term, to one voluntary organization at a time. Robert has a BA in psychology from Roger Williams College and an MS in child development and family relations from URI. He is an eagle scout. Robert lives in Providence’s Elmhurst neighborhood with his wife Michelle and toddler son, Diego. He is a life-long learner. www.roundtableint.com
  16. 16. Katherine O’Dea -Chief Executive Officer… Katherine O’Dea is the Chief Executive Officer of the Roundtable International. She brings to this role more than 25 years of experience working in four high- profile fields: aerospace engineering support services, international logistics, sustainable economic development and environmental conservation. Ms. O’Dea spent 18 years in the private sector, 12 years in the non-profit sector and 4 years as a consultant. She has worked on issues ranging from missile defense systems support to fighter jet avionics reliability, product design to systems logistics, detoxification of manufacturing processes to habitat restoration, climate change mitigation strategies to environmental crisis management training. She has been both an internal (staff) and external (consultant) change agent for industrial process redesign, total quality management and corporate sustainability. She has a passion for sustainable value chain management, corporate environmental and social performance auditing, social ventures development and management and stakeholder engagement. www.roundtableint.com
  17. 17. In the private sector, Ms. O’Dea was a Senior Logistics Specialist for Dynamic Controls and a Logistics Engineering Manager for Raytheon - Missile Defense Systems Division. In both positions, she led multi-million dollar defense contracts. At Raytheon she supervised 25 logistics engineers and ran on-site systems support training at military bases across the country. At Dynamic Controls, Ms. O’Dea was responsible for securing $50 million in new contracts (over a five year period) and was a member of the company’s senior-level process re- engineering team. In the non-profit/NGO sector, Ms. O’Dea has been a Senior Fellow with the Green Blue Institute, Executive Director of INFORM, Executive Director of the Rhode Island Information Technology Council and the Rhode Island Biotechnology Association, Chief Operating Officer of the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, Vice President of Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and CEO/COO of the International Society of Logistics. In these positions, Ms. O’Dea’s has formed and facilitated a number of private/public sector collaboratives including one of BSR’s flagship environmental initiatives the Clean Cargo Working Group and two government, academic and industry workforce development collaboratives in IT and Biotechnology for the state of Rhode Island. www.roundtableint.com
  18. 18. While Executive Director at INFORM, Inc. Ms. O’Dea launched a multi-dimensional, city- wide food and food packaging waste reduction initiative for the city of New York, which will pilot multiple alternative disposition methods including waste diversion, multi-stream composting, on-site anaerobic digestion and high-technology gasification to energy solutions. She oversaw an endangered specie (the burying beetle) reintroduction program on Nantucket, as well as a controlled burn harrier habitat restoration initiative. She is currently developing sustainable packaging performance metrics for the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and recently completed a sustainability-based brand partnership feasibility study for NASA. Some of Ms. O’Dea’s other notable accomplishments include piloting a toxic-free cleaning process for manufacturing circuit boards, developing an award-winning design-for-the- environment tool and consulting to the President’s Council on Sustainable Development on the creation of industrial eco-parks on former Brownfield sites. She has also consulted on corporate sustainability issues for ABB, Bristol Meyers Squibb, CitiGroup, Dell Computers, Dow, DuPont, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Nike, and the Shell Group. www.roundtableint.com
  19. 19. Additionally, Ms. O’Dea has developed and taught multiple environmental and sustainability workshops on such topics as resource efficiency, reverse logistics, environmental cost accounting and industrial ecology and published numerous articles in Logistics Spectrum, Total Quality Environmental Management, and the Journal of Industrial Ecology. Ms. O’Dea holds degrees in Communications and Philosophy from Emmanuel College, Boston MA, completed a student exchange program at the Trinity College of Oxford University, Oxford, UK and completed graduate work in Philosophy and Organizational Psychology at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. She is also a graduate of the Prince of Wales Business and the Environment Program developed by the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK. www.roundtableint.com
  20. 20. Justin Aina – Chief Operating Officer… Justin Aina is Chief Operating Officer of the Roundtable International. Born in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, he has an Associates of Science degree in Business , from the Community College of Rhode Island, a bachelors’ Rhode Island. degree in Marketing and an MBA from Bryant University in Smithfield, He was a member of the Adjunct Faculty at The College of Global Management, Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. An accomplished lecturer, trainer, author, and international management consultant, Justin Aina has led multi-disciplinary teams on a variety of consulting projects including: outcome based economic development strategies, restructuring, knowledge creation/deployment, M&A, systems integration, as well as consolidation initiatives in Africa and South America. www.roundtableint.com
  21. 21. On February 2000, he presented a paper titled ”Mergers and Acquisitions: An Imperative for Nigerian Organizations” at a one day conference in Nigeria. The conference was organized, organized by Aina, Blankson and Co and African Alliance Insurance Company. In December 2004, Justin Aina and Roundtable Chairman Robert Leaver co-facilitated a Securities and Exchange Commission and Central Bank of Nigeria’s Mergers and Acquisition workshop for Nigeria’s banking executives. The workshop was the basis of a Roundtable toolkit publication titled“M&A Access Kit” In November 2006 at the 10th anniversary celebration of The Negotiation Conflict Management Group(NCMG) in Nigeria, he presented a paper titled “ Creating an Enabling Business Development Environment For A Partnership between SME’s & The Oil Industry – The Nigerian Experience” As a Management Consultant he has conducted seminars and workshops on entrepreneurship, organizational redesign and alignment, strategic positioning, leadership for change, project management, process mapping, systems Integration and time management for international, domestic, and local organizations. In his capacity as Business Development Specialist for Rhode Island Coalition for Minority Investments(RICMI) he wrote and anchored the implementation of RICMI’s strategy, established a multi- access business development network and provided cross functional business consulting services to RICMI and Minority Investment Development Corporation clients. www.roundtableint.com
  22. 22. As Vice President and Director of Finance for Rhode Island-based Abby Construction, he spearheaded the strategic, financial, organizational systems, and infrastructure that built the company’s bonding capacity from $100,000 to $5,000,000 in just four years. As founding Executive Director of Urban Ventures in Rhode Island, he built Urban Ventures’ portfolio of companies from 10 in 2000 to 115 in 2008 while increasing cumulative client companies’ revenue from $241,000 to $9.5 million and total employees from 16 to 413.. He is the Co-author of “Building the Next Economy of Rhode Island Cities.” Urban Ventures’ value proposition argument articulating a critical mass of urban entrepreneurship and its sustainability as a centerpiece of Rhode Island’s economic future. He co-founded Rhode Island Urban Business Development Network and Entrepreneurship Forum of New England. He is also one of the co-creators of The Call to Action – a framework for building Providence’s creative and innovative economy. www.roundtableint.com
  23. 23. He served on five local and regional boards: He was appointed to The Subcommittee on Form Based Zoning for the City of Providence by Mayor David Cicilline The Economic Development Committee of West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation The Strategic Advisory Committee of the Rhode Island state-wide “Cities Count”. Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Roberts Small Business Advocacy Council Finance Chair/ Board Treasurer of the Rhode Island for Community and Justice. Justin Aina was the 2001 Ocean State Business Forum “Business Practitioner of the Year”. He received two State of Rhode Island Citations (Secretary of State and Governor) and two United States Congressional Recognitions (Congressmen Patrick Kennedy and Jim Langevin) for the Award. He resides in Rumford, Rhode Island, USA www.roundtableint.com
  24. 24. Caroline Ebong – Senior Consultant… Caroline has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Arizona State University, and an MBA in International Finance from the prestigious Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management. She recently completed a course in Real Estate Finance at DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management, Glendale, Arizona. Caroline has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Arizona State University, and an MBA in International Finance from the prestigious Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management. She recently completed a course in Real Estate Finance at DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management, Glendale, Arizona. Her professional licenses include Series 6, Series 63, Life and Health Insurance and Mortgage Broker (FL). She has worked as an Investment Representative. She has served as a Bank Manager, Corporate Planning and Development, where she was responsible for strategic planning, budgeting, new product development, canvassing for new industrial accounts, financial reporting and supervision of 10 staff members. She developed and implemented a highly successful weekend banking program in remote trading areas and organized annual general meeting of shareholders. www.roundtableint.com
  25. 25. She was a Lecturer and Acting Head, Department of Finance and Banking at the University of Port Harcourt. She taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Money and Banking, Principles of Finance, Money and Capital Markets, International Finance, Cost and Financial Accounting. Caroline supervised eleven MBA Theses Projects in Banking and Finance; was recommended by the United States Information Service for the Fulbright Junior Staff Development Program, and organized a national seminar on “Managing Distortions in the Economy”, featuring national and international presenters. As a Grants and Contracts Specialist, Caroline worked for Boston Medical Center and was responsible for grants administration for both Federal, State, City and Foundation funds in excess of $25 million. In addition, she served as Director for Crime Victim Compensation Program at the Office of the Treasurer, State of Rhode Island Caroline has published numerous articles in national and international journals, and has given presentations at conferences. She is the author of a monograph on International Financial Management in Nigeria and Financial Guide for Nigerian Women”, which was featured in a Nigerian Newsweek Magazine. www.roundtableint.com
  26. 26. Over the years, Caroline has served on a number of Non-Profit Organizations including: * Board of Directors/Finance Sub-Committee, Family Service of Rhode Island * Board of Directors, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, RI Chapter * Board of Directors, Day Care Justice Coop Inc. in Rhode Island She is also a member of The American Association of University Women, National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), and The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. Caroline is a volunteer for The 5K Run at the World Golf Village, Voter Registration in Saint Augustine, Florida and the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center(Financial Matters Mentoring Program, Class of 2008). She is an Alumnus of Leadership Rhode Island (Psi Class), has received a number of nonprofit service awards, and is a recipient of a citation from The Honorable Donald Carcieri, Governor of the State of Rhode Island. Caroline is a resident of Florida, U.S.A. www.roundtableint.com
  27. 27. CONTACT US… The Roundtable International 140 Bourne Avenue, Suite 20 Rumford, RI 02916 USA Telephone: 401-480-6032 E-mail: jaina@roundtableint.com www.roundtableint.com www.roundtableint.com