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62 odu-ifa-moluo-irete-ogbe-to-irete-ofun

  1. 1. Odu Ifa Moluo, Irete Ogbe to Irete OfunLast Updated Friday, 19 December 2008 15:14Irete OgbeII    Speaks: Orunmila,Osain, Olofi,            “Here Is Where They LiftedII    Obatala,Shango, Oshosi, Ogun                Orunlas Hand And TheIO    Oshun                             Chivo Lifted Osain AndII                      Because Of That From The Chivo Is Made The Ishe-Osain”Irete intelu more abiri kolo omolubo abata ati kotopoOmo lobo aara yaniye omo lobo meta labaPari ati meta laba merin lodafun igbni lodafun lanyeIfa said: that you are going to pass an embarrassment. A family member is in prison. You loveold doing bad things because of a woman. Your spouse makes your life impossible. There isgossip in the family. There is brujeria on the door of your house. Be careful of accidents andespecially with children. There is a disagreement with your spouse. It speaks of a person thathas something to do with spirits. Be careful of a problem with a man. If it is something to do witha pregnancy see what has to be done. You have to receive orunla.Ifa said: you have three enemies that are big. One of them is always in back of your things. Becareful that there could be a falling out in the house. There is a question with your spousewhere he might lift his hand. Y you always look at one side then the other. You went to consultyourself somewhere and had to hide. Give a sheep to your father if he is dead so he canliberate you from all the bad that is going to come. In your house are fights. You have threebrothers and you are the oldest. You are very stubborn. Respect your elders. Be careful oftragedy and going to prison.Irete OyecuOI    Speaks: Eshu, Shango,            “Here Is Where Peregun CameOI    Yalorde,Orunmila,Osun                 To Do Ifa And To Be Immortal”OOOIIreteyeku abada bi abada alada bi abada adifun wenweleShe letishona aiya lorugbo koru oka ashenu laba adifunOlonoshe unatin omo were ogu ti bieleIfa said: that you are scared and are in a hurry to solve aCompromise . Be careful with suicide. Death is behind you and evil is in your house. Do the 1 / 14
  2. 2. Odu Ifa Moluo, Irete Ogbe to Irete OfunLast Updated Friday, 19 December 2008 15:14things that you are told so that you do not have problems. Do not kill any type of animal byyourself. If you have animals take care of them. It said that you must do ocha. There arearguments with your husband. You must have patience and faith. Try to speak as little aspossible. Do not get more upset because this way everything goes in reverse. You must passyour hands on your head from the front to the back so this way you may push away evil things.Do not argue with anyone for you may lose three lucks and luck is at your doorstep. You believeyou may be left without a job. You do not have all of the money complete to pay for your houseIfa said: that in your house someone adores st. Lazarus. If something appears inside yourhouse do not take it because you could have something to do with the law. Iku is inside yourhouse. Orunmila said that the babalawo should not become upset because shango is at hisside. And if he does become upset irete will turn around and that then will be worse. You arethree siblings. The first and the second were killed and the third was saved. You must feed yourelerde praying odu of Ifa and singing teteregun moyo ko ni to orunmila and you will give cornmeal with okra in your house before sunset so that you may win all wars. You will beapprehended three times but by doing ebo Nothing will happen. You must feed ale-ego in yourelerda and to the awo should also do it. You must take one candle to the church of themercedes.Irete IworiOI    Speaks: Orunmila,Osain, Eshu        “We Shall Be Ripped ApartII    Yalorde,Olodumare,Gunugun                By Old Age Before We BecomeIO                                 Food For Death”OIIreteyero orunmila lorugbo to ibanEshu telebo ibo kolo baba olorunBaba adukpe to iban eshuIfa said: to be careful of vanity and destruction in the house. You have a woman you do not getalong with. Be careful with the law and violence with women. There is a woman in love with youand you should listen to what she tells you. There is a woman who watches you so she can dowitchcraft. You are a person who is always in love and you must receive the warriors. You mustreceive a saint. Be careful that one of your children does not become ill. Do not allow yourself tobe carried away by gossip. Speak less since you like to speak too much. That you were in jail orwill be. Be loyal and do not betray anyone. You will have a lot of luck and will also have money.Do not overspend it. Be careful with an operation.Ifa said: that there is a person that said they will do everything possible to destroy you andeverything you own but if you hang on to orunmila nothing will happen. Comply with oshun. Youhave a woman that is pregnant. Be careful with abortion. Do not do treaties or compromisesbefore you receive the money so your things will go well because otherwise you will fall in a 2 / 14
  3. 3. Odu Ifa Moluo, Irete Ogbe to Irete OfunLast Updated Friday, 19 December 2008 15:14trap. You always come out complicated in everything you become involved. Have a mass foryour father or mother if they are dead. You are in love with a woman and she also with you.Love her so you can both be well. If you do not accept her she will become your enemy. Thereis a man who wants to kill a woman. You are not well from your menstrual cycle. Where youwork you have a powerful enemy. Be careful with invisible fire. They are setting a trap for you.Put a eja tutu to orunmilla with ishu mashed. Be careful with people who live with you. Youyourself are to blame for what is happening. Save your money for tomorrow. Do not eat eggs.Do not kill insects.Irete OrdiII    Speaks: Shango,Orunmila,               “The Person Of This Ifa DoesOI    Osayin, Eshu, Oshun,Ogun                Not Care About Other People,OO    Yemaya,Olofin                            It Is Only For Himself And IsII                                Inconsiderate With OthersIrete untedi amada nimi adifafunAwan lori tanshelu alare osi amudiAwo bori osa ifa ni kaferufun olofinIyemonja, obatala orunmila ati lobo kaleno oshaIfa said: that you must change your character and make it happier. Be good with other peopleand do not feel indifferent with them. Do not be for yourself anymore . That you are, or will be amerchant and will have money. That you were born to be a king and that will happen. That inthis moment your roads are closed but this is so that you will become closer with the saint andIfa since that is your true road. You were born to be a babalawo. Pay shango what you owehim. Be careful of things that have to do with brujo. The only thing you must have is osain sothat you can defend yourself. Do not say your secrets to anyone. You have a pain in your waistand in your bladder. It speaks of impotence and of jobs done for this. You have enemies. Becareful of destruction in the marriage.Ifa said: that you are pregnant and it is not from your husband. You must do ocha. Do notshower with anyones soap and when you get up from your bed have a carpet you can step onsince you are king. You are slim but when you put your clothes on you notice that every day youare slimmer. You have come here today to see why this happening since you believe they aredoing harm to you. In your house something bad will happen. Throw water everyday in the frontdoor of your house. They want to do evil to you because of envy. If someone sends for you toask a question do not answer it because it is related to gossip. There is someone sick in yourhouse that must be careful of not dying. If you do ebo you will be well very soon monetarily. Becareful you do not get burned. You are from the country.Ifa said: put a vase to obatala. The woman you have is not yours. Sing to osain so that there isnot a separation in the family. Be careful of venereal disease with women. Give a gift to your 3 / 14
  4. 4. Odu Ifa Moluo, Irete Ogbe to Irete OfunLast Updated Friday, 19 December 2008 15:14godfather. You are very cheap. Buy lottery tickets. You have a very sharp tongue. Do not takebad advice. Do not live in high places. You will be tested to see how much knowledge you have.You have money put away and with time you will make a house and you will have aninheritance. You must receive shango. Take care of a daughter you have abandoned becauseyou do not know who will take care of you in old age. There is a debt to st. Lazaro because of achild. You do not take care of the things you are supposed to until the rope does not reach thenet. Be watchful for a perspective treason. You will asked to lend money. Be obedient. You willtravel.Irete IrosoII    Speaks: Orunmila, Eshu             “This Is The Ifa Where The GoatII    Shango, Yalorde, Omo                Scared The Leopard By SayingOO                                 That He Had A Diabolic Eye AndOI                                He Could Kill With It”Ireteloso adifafun oba iku inle arere ogunareluObaluaiye oba egun lese igi oba tele omo egunLadafun orunmila, kafererun egungunIfa said: that you must feed your elerda because it is not well and also your blood because youare weak. Cure yourself now while there is still time. Do not become angry with the children.You have an enemy where you work. In your house there is, or visits a person who wants to getmarried. You have been forsaken. Do not drink or go to parties related to the saint because youcould be apprehended. The ikeles that you have are not good. They have thrown a job to youthat is below a tree. You have arguments of papers and with the law. Do not make a deal withanyone or put a business with anyone else.Ifa said: open your eyes well because there are three people that want to cheat you. You wantto make a treaty with another person. You have a piece of land in the country and if you do notwant it to be stolen or lose it do ebo. A child of yours is coming to bring a luck to your house.You are going through difficulties because you do not want to do what you are told. Oshunfollows you and with time you will have to be at the side or at the feet of the saints. Do not crossthe ocean until seven days have passed. You will be invited to a saint meeting. Dont go. Yourhouse is very hot. You must give blood to osun immediately and you must get it all full of epoand then immediately put water on him.Ifa said: that in your house or in the front there is a piece of wood. Be careful with a trap. Youare fighting or defending something that is not yours. You will have a party or a meeting. Youhave a cane. Do not eat fish in seven days. Also do not eat red colored food. You must receiveeshu and shango. You are a person of much luck. Do not drink alcoholic beverages. You havethree enemies and one of them is trying to do you evil and if you do not do ebo you will have tostart running to the country. Something was stolen from you that was yours by right.Ifa Verses: 4 / 14
  5. 5. Odu Ifa Moluo, Irete Ogbe to Irete OfunLast Updated Friday, 19 December 2008 15:14    The King of Benin consulted the Diviners and was told to make a sacrifice lest his daughter,Poye (or Poroye) lose her way. He refused to sacrifice, saying that she could never lose herway; but she got lost and wandered about in the forest. At that time Orunmila s mother had aslave named Siere. The slave was a harnessed antelope and its work was to cut the facialmarks of Orunmila’s children. The slave became tired of seeing them everyday, and ran away.Ifa ran after it and chased it for sixteen days. The antelope ran into the forest, and Orunmiladrove it out. It ran into the grassland and he chased it out. It ran into the dense forest of Alabeand fell into a pitfall, Orunmila followed and fell in it also. Neither could get out. After seven daysin the pit, Orunmila heard the voice of passing by and called out, “Forest is the forest of fire;Grassland is the grassland of sun; Dense forest which remains is that of Alabe. It is seven daysthat Erigialo has been in the pit, That Ifa has been rolling in the pit.”    It was Poye who was passing, lost in the forest. She looked into the pit and saw Ifa. Ifabegged her to pull him out of the pit, and she agreed. As she pulled him out, he was pulling upthe thigh of the antelope. When Orunmila was out, he announced that the antelope was hiswalking stick, “My life is leopard, thigh of antelope.” Ifa thanked Poye and asked what he coulddo to repay her for her help. She said that she had no child, so Ifa had intercourse with her. Hetold her that since his other wives must not know that he had taken another wife, she could notlive with him. Poye became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter. They asked her who thefather was and she said it was Ifa. She named the child Olomo.    In those days Ifa used to sacrifice human beings. He told his people to bring him a slave sothat he could sacrifice to his ancestral guardian soul, and they brought Olomo. He said he wouldmake his sacrifice in three days; meanwhile, he ordered Olomo to pound cornstarch in themortar. While she was pounding, she was saying, “I am the daughter of Poye. If I had a fatherthey would not have taken me as a sacrifice.” Ifas three wives (Osu, Odu, and Osun) heardwhat she was saying and told Ifa that the girl who was pounding cornstarch was strange andthat he should listen what she was saying. When Ifa heard her, he asked, “How did it happenthat you are the daughter of Poye?” The girl replied that her mother had told her, “I helped yourfather to get out of a pit; afterward he had relations with me and I had you as a daughter.” Ifasaid “Sorry oh! This is my daughter.”        His three wives asked, “Oh? When was this that you took another wife and had thisdaughter?” Ifa replied, “It was not like that. I was in trouble and this women pulled me out of apit. She begged me for a child, so I repaid her for what she had done for me.” Then he sentthem to buy a goat to sacrifice, and he set Olomo free. He said that from that time on, theyshould not bring any human sacrifices to him; That they should sacrifice only she-goats. Sincethat time, she-goats have been sacrificed to Ifa.The above is similar to a Spanish Ifa story in Irete Melli    “Oropa Niga; to fight and stir up dust like Buffalo; parched dust on top of rock” was the onewho cast Ifa for Leopard when he was going to take the land for a new house. They said that heshould make a sacrifice so that someone else should not enjoy the fruits of his labor, and sothat someone should not call upon the help of another person in order to get the best of him.They said he should offer a bag of corn-skins and four pigeons, and that he should take thesacrifice to a garden by the waterside. Leopard did not sacrifice, because he depended on thestrength of his own arms.    One day Leopard, Goat, and She-goat were going to take land on which to build a new 5 / 14
  6. 6. Odu Ifa Moluo, Irete Ogbe to Irete OfunLast Updated Friday, 19 December 2008 15:14house. When Goat arrived at the piece of land, he cleared the ground and he returned home.On the following day Leopard came to the same piece of land. When he arrived, he found thatsomeone had cleared the ground, and he said, “Who has cleared my land for me?” He dug theground to make mud for the walls, and then went home. The next day Goat came to this pieceof land. He saw that someone had broken the ground, and he asked, “Who has dug the groundfor my house for me?” He began to build the walls; he built one layer and then went home. Nextday Leopard went to this piece of land. When he arrived, he found that someone had built onelayer of the walls, and he asked, “Who has built one of the layers of the walls of my house forme?” Then he built the second layer of the walls and went home. The next day when Goatcame, he found that a second layer had been built upon that which he had made, and he asked,“Who built another layer for me upon the one that I built?”    In this way they built the walls until they were completed, and ready to be roofed. Goat gotready, and he went and cut rafters; and he carried them back to the place where the house was.On the following day Leopard went to cut ropes, and he brought them to the site of the house.When he arrived, he found that someone had brought rafters to the site, and he asked, “Whohas brought rafters to the site of my house for me?” He put the ropes down and went home. Thenext day Goat got ready and went to the house to erect the rafters. He found the ropes there,and asked, “Who has brought ropes to the site of my house for me?” He began to erect therafters, and when he had finished doing this he went home. Next day Leopard came there toerect the rafters, but he found that someone else had done it. He asked, “Who has erected therafters of my house for me?” He began to thatch the roof with leaves, and he finished thatchingit. On the day after this, when Goat came to thatch the house with gbodogi leaves, he found thatsomeone had already thatched it with gbodogi leaves, and he asked, “Who came and thatchedmy house with gbodogi leaves for me?” He said, “Tomorrow I will move to my new house.”    On the following day, as he was coming, Goat met Leopard on the road, also moving to thenew house. Leopard asked Goat, “What are you doing at my house?” And Goat asked Leopard,“What are you doing at my house?” They were about to start fighting, but she-goat said theyshould not fight, but that they should live in the house together.    So they began to live together in the house, until one day Goat saw that Leopard had broughthome the body of a dead animal. But when he looked at it more closely, he saw that it was thebody of his own father that Leopard had killed and brought home to eat. The next day he sawLeopard bring home the body of his mother. Goat got ready and went to see a hunter. He askedhim to kill a leopard for him, promising that if he did so, he would give him something. Thehunter got ready and killed a leopard for Goat, but when Leopard met Goat on the road carryingthe body of the dead leopard, Leopard was frightened, and he asked Goat how he had beenable to kill a leopard. Goat told Leopard that he had the evil eye so that everything that helooked at had to die. When Leopard heard this he jumped into the forest and ran away forever;he did not return to the house anymore. Thus Goat and his wife, She-goat, came to their ownhouse.    Ifa said that a hunter should make a sacrifice so that he will not kill a human being during thisyear; and that someone who is going to take land for a new house or a farm should makesacrifice lest someone ask a medicine man to make medicine against him; and so that he willnot get into a fight with medicine over the house. And there is a child whom we are looking uponas only a child; we should not treat him as a child because he has a father who stands behindhim. If we should treat him as a child, his father behind him will undermine us and almostcompletely destroy all our family because of the land for this house or this farm. it will not let him 6 / 14
  7. 7. Odu Ifa Moluo, Irete Ogbe to Irete OfunLast Updated Friday, 19 December 2008 15:14have them.Irete OjuaniOI    Speaks: Osayin, Obatala, Oshun        “Here The Sacrifice Of Aja-KuaOI    Eshu,Babaluaye, Irun-Moles            To Osain Is Born And Why TheIO                            Turtle Is Fundamental To The Birth”IIIretewonrin odubiri fobo adifafunOrunmila obara baniregun wanka win winOsaiyn yoro yoroIfa said: that there is a great luck coming to you. You must do what you must do in the saint andreceive also orunmilla. Do not bathe in the river or ocean or climb dangerous places (elegua ofthis sign is eshu aiye) you must pay the saint and oshun adiemeji in the river. There is aninheritance from a deceased person. You must give a mass to a deceased family member andalso food so that a good can come. You have had an argument in your house and have wishedto leave. Do not be angry. You must watch the agitation in your chest and stomach. You had asickness in the skin. Watch your blood. Also watch your nature.Ifa said: that you have something of the saint. Watch it and do jobs because you have threeenemies that have done bad things to you. Do not have anything to do with spirits or majombe(watch, since that is not your road) if it comes in osorbo there is destruction of the house andhusband or wife does not stay. There is a little girl that must have necklaces put on. If it is aman he will pacify his wife and if it is a woman the same to her husband. Do not do trickery ortake what is not yours. Be careful of going from free to slave for being avaricious. You mustreceive osain so that you can bring stability to your things and your family. Here the trap, thelies and fear of the unknown, the witchcraft and the medicine is born. With knowledge you willwin over everything.Ifa said: luck is at the door of your house. Who in your family is bald. You prefer fruits to food.You must live with a babalawo you have only one child and if you want to keep that child youmust do ebo. If it is a daughter she will marry a babalawo. You will not do rogacion until youhave found out what is going to happen here is true because you disbelieve. You have a part ofosain or mayombe. You believe that only that is sufficient. That is not so. You have askedsomething of the saints and baba will be the one to concede it. You argue with a womanbecause she pays no attention to the foods.Irete ObaraII    Speaks: Shango,Obatala, Yemaya        “Speaks Of Venereal Diseases”OI    Oya, Yalorde, Orunmila, ObirinOOOI 7 / 14
  8. 8. Odu Ifa Moluo, Irete Ogbe to Irete OfunLast Updated Friday, 19 December 2008 15:14Irete oba luje lodafun orunmilaYalode ati obini akuko owunkoLebo intori iku intori arun, afie leboMaferefun shango kaferefun oyaIfa said: that you have been forsaken. A woman wants to tie you down. You have a spirit behindyou that they have not been able to move ( watch, trickery person) a man has courted you. Hereit speaks of a promise not kept and also of disobedience. You have foul odor and speak ofpregnancy. You were well and now are in a bad situation. You are feeling a little impotent andweak in the brain. You also have lack of memory. You must see a doctor. You cannot go thecountry. If you are obedient to what you are being told and do what you are told you will goforward. If not you will go backward.Ifa said: the child you carry is not your husbands nor your lovers, but of another man and this iswhy your lover is mad with you. You are saving a new dress. Do not continue to burn cartoonsbecause you can get burned. Move from where you live if you want to prosper. There is a luckcoming to you. Try to remember what you dreamed about two or three days ago. There is aperson who is bringing you bad luck. You have a sickness that although it does not make youincapable you must pay attention to and drink medication. That sickness is in the legs. You feelimpotent. You must get cured. You will be head of an employment place.Ifa said: be careful with fire. You must go out onto the street looking for luck. You are looking forsomeone to borrow money from because you do not have it. Do not mistreat or embarrass yourwife.She is your luck. You are doing bad because you were forsaken by an enemy of yours. Youmust do ebo for things to go well. Take care of yourself and open your eyes in a place that youare thinking of going because there they will treat you with two faces. You dreamed you were atthe shore of the ocean or river. You saw a black woman. You will receive a luck through adaughter of yemaya.Irete OcanaOI    Speaks: Olofin, Obatala,               “Here Is Where The Leopard MarkedOI    Orunmila, Elegua                    The Turtle Forever On The Back”OOIIIrete kana berinle bagogun bagbisanIrun lobo laodo laure akpere lorugboIfa said: that you have a married man and they are going to take him from you. You have a 8 / 14
  9. 9. Odu Ifa Moluo, Irete Ogbe to Irete OfunLast Updated Friday, 19 December 2008 15:14pending business that will go well. You are being watched so they can harm you or tie youdown. You are going to do something that is not good. You are not doing well from your legsand are very nervous. Do not take anything that is not yours because you can be beaten for thisand for sure you will be caught. Do ebo so that this will not reach you. Do not do treason toanyone or go to meetings or dances for the time being. They are going to take or stealsomething from your house. Do not bathe in the river or ocean until seven days have passed inthis odu.Ifa said: do not go out to the street for seven days not even to the plaza or shopping since theycan do a harm to you and the best that will happen is you can come out behind and full ofproblems. Feed your head and put a yellow handkerchief on your head. You have threeenemies. Do all the good possible to the disabled people and to those that have physicaldefects. They wanted to do a harm to you and that was due to a debt you had with elegua.Move from where you live now if you want things to go well.Ifa said: do not trust anyone. Your wife is fine but she has three friends who are her enemiesand she believes they are her friends. Tell her not to continue with that friendship because theyare going to lift false testimonies. Always avoid something falling on you from the roof. Watchyour back since they are preparing a trap to harm you. They are watching you to the point theywant to kill you. The women that say they are your friends will have to come confess the truth ofthings at your house.Irete OgundaII    Speaks: Obatala, Orunmila,             “What The Earth GivesII    Ogun, Oshosi, Olofin, Oshun                 The Earth Takes”IO    YemayaOIIretegunda kutan oba aye orisha bi koleOrun ofe bi leitosho orishaye osogbeIle ashupa awo umbo lobo orishaIsalaye kole aye oba logbo tenujeEleba merindelogunIfa said: that you must receive one hand of Ifa. It speaks of disobedience and stubbornness inthe family. It speaks of abandoning or that you threw out something of the saint. Secret otherman or woman. Your husband does not attend well the house nor the family for beingcomfortable with the man. You have a thought that gives you no peace. Robbery in the house.You must see well this Ifa. You are three siblings that must do ebo so that you dont die. Youare children of baba. Be careful you are not forsaken by your own mother. You have offeredsomething you have not kept. You have an inheritance or fortune you cannot take until 9 / 14
  10. 10. Odu Ifa Moluo, Irete Ogbe to Irete OfunLast Updated Friday, 19 December 2008 15:14someone dies in your family. You are the person that buries in your family.Ifa say: your guardian angel has asked you for something you have not given and this is whyyou are going through many difficulties. They want to kill you. You had a bad dream. Feed yourguardian angel and orunmila. Also feed the earth. Be careful of a fall. When you are in a tightsituation always call your godfather and if he is dead ask for his blessing anyway for he willsave you anyway. You suffer from your head because you think too much. They have takenyour hair and you must cut it off. You must do ocha. You are light on the street and darkness inthe house. Luck is at the door of your house. You will have three children and two have alreadydied and for the others not to die you must do rogacion. You must feed your head and the doorofYour house. Destroy what you have done for evil. If you have prepared a bath, take it and thenthrow out the rest in the woods so that you may get rid of your bad luck. You cannot take a stepwithout counting first with orunla. You must receive him because on the contrary nothing in yourlife will go well. Take care of the virgin of regla. Your guardian angel is upset with you. Watchsomething that you have covered that a child could uncover it for you. Do not be stubborn withanyone. Feed your feet amala and if it is an awo, be careful what they do in your contrary.Irete OsaOI    Speaks: Orunmila, Baba,             “Here They Went To Crown AkereII    Eshu, Shango,Oshun                 And For Being Without Ebo He LostIO                             His Crown And Almost His Life”IIIretetomas kere awo tomoaye omo shangoOmo oya, ayeni ifa oni baba lawo omo oba junkoBanjoko, ifa banjoko, orisha, banjoko yenjokoJeni ifa iyereni kaferefun shango maferefunOrunmilaIfa said: that you are thinking of doing evil to a person if you do not see what you desire. Becareful of falling you dont break a leg or arm. Do not drink alcoholic beverages or climb trees. Ifyou do not do ebo the good that has been destined for you will be lost. You are supposed to bea king. If you follow the orientation of orunmila. You have done a lot of bad to a woman who didnot want you and you have not seen anything of this. You are suffering from the kidneys andalso of impotence. Get cured since you can go through an embarrassment. Give a goat toobatala. You must receive orunmila and do ocha.Ifa said: that you have luck and have people that envy you and destroy your business. You havea woman that is very fortunate. Treat her well. You will win the lottery. You have a friend who 10 / 14
  11. 11. Odu Ifa Moluo, Irete Ogbe to Irete OfunLast Updated Friday, 19 December 2008 15:14has not spoken to you because of a woman. Give thanks to a dream you had last night and becareful with your enemies. They are going to do a job to you so you can argue and leave yourwife but this will be your destruction. You are mentioned a lot. Give thanks to shango. There arepeople that want you to move from where you live. They wonder what you have that they cannotwin over you. They are doing many traps to you. Do not do anything with mayombe. Where youlive are two people that have the same name as you that must do eboIfa said: that you will have do oshun to your wife. Do not cross the ocean or jump over holes.Feed your head and comply with obatala. In your house you owe to a person and you do notwant to meet with them. You are a legitimate child of shango . You work and someone elsetakes the utilities. Be careful with your enemies because they are taking all of the roads to closethem for you and that way get what they want. Watch where you walk. You are sick. You willfind something of embarrassment on your road. Do not do something crazy with a knife.Irete IkaOI    Speaks: Elegua, Ogun                “Here Is The Fight Between TheII                                     Water And The Corn Meal”OOOIIreteka oma ni ateka adifafun inureAdifafun ateka lebo eyele akuko leboIfa said: that you are to blame for what is happening for not doing the things on time and in themoment that you were asked to. You spoke with a saint and he gave you several indications ofwhat he wanted you to do so that you can prosper. You were not raised by your mother. Youare staying in someone elses house where you work and there are many spirits. You hadarguments with other people . You want to know who is your godmother and god father. Andyou want to know if you must do the saint that you were told.Ifa said: that you have three children and you are sad because you cannot take care of them.You want to move from where you live. You must bathe three consecutive days in the oceanand what you find in the ocean put behind your door for luck will come to you. You are to blamefor what is happening. You were not raised by your mother. You have a very strong head. Youhave an inheritance of a house. Do not eat eggplant. You are thinking how you can move. Youmust feed your head so that it can be fresh and you can think well.Ifa said: you will have an argument with a woman because of jealousy. Do not become angry orforsake because for sure you will fall behind and it also affects your health. Be careful of a footInjury. You tell your husband your entire life and for this reason there is much jealousy. You feelvery powerful and for this you are disobedient to the advice that you are given. You are beingwatched so they can harm you.Irete Otrupon 11 / 14
  12. 12. Odu Ifa Moluo, Irete Ogbe to Irete OfunLast Updated Friday, 19 December 2008 15:14OI    Speaks: Eshu, Orunmila,            “Here You Are Sent To Give AOI    Shango, Yemaya                        Chicken To Ojiji (The Shadow )”IOOIIretebatrupon awo sele awo obade Adita gun osha, ogirina ti o logi yaTinlo bini oma, bini oma, gere gere Ejele lebo awo la mejaTonti eja eiyele, akuko leboIfa said: that you want to prosper and your enemies do not allow you. You will be blamed forsomething you did not do. You are stubborn and do not believe too much in the saint, only whenyou have a problem. Here it speaks of two husbands and if a man two women and there couldbe a problem because of this. Be careful with sickness in the stomach or brain. You dream withold ladies. You must have a necklace of obatala that has red beads. You cannot have anythingto do with spiritualism. You have a daughter that must do ebo if she wants to get married.Ifa said: that you are doing or have done a business and you are thinking if it will go well. Dowhat Ifa said and everything will be fine. Luck is in the door of your house. Do not eat fish for aperiod of seven days. You are poor and have made an offering to a dead person and have notkept it and he is claiming it now. Do not be stubborn or carry anything heavy. You are planningto take a trip in which you will cross the ocean but first you must do ebo.Irete OturaII    Speaks: Orunmila, Oshosi,            “Give A Ewure To Baba”OI    Yalorde, ObatalaIOIIIretetura otala mi anewoO fiwa nila fiwa merintileOfon ayware ofon ini mijoOtura lafe, lafe, emi ti onanIfa said: there is a hole in your house in which they put witchcraft. You have a lover who hasdefects that will get you in trouble. You owe to oshun and obatala. You have a bad odor. Youare sick from the blood. You are very stubborn and do not believe until you see things. Yourhouse will be destroyed. You are ungrateful (watch, if it is a woman she falls in love with the 12 / 14
  13. 13. Odu Ifa Moluo, Irete Ogbe to Irete OfunLast Updated Friday, 19 December 2008 15:14awo). You do not take care of the saints because of your lovers. You think a lot and make manyplans. Do not be so proud. You are a person of a very hard head and for this reason you couldgo from free to slave. You are a disbeliever and could be skin of the saints. (they could destroyyou)Ifa said: that you are fine but in your body you get many pimplesMarks or stains and this itches you. You have a son that you left being taken care of by anotherperson and since then you have not had good luck. You were not raised by your mother. Youhave a house of inheritance. Where you are they did not even feed you. You are alwaysarguing. You had a sickness that you almost died from. You form many revolutions. You do notstop where you live. Comply with obatala who took you out of a tight situation in your well being.You have a rooster inside your bedroom. Your businesses are not well. You have done favorsto three people who have not been grateful and are your enemies. They are doing evil to youwithout you presuming it.Ifa said: ask forgiveness from obatala so your things will go well. Do not communicate yoursecrets to anyone because your friends betray you. Your enemies are not doing well. You havesomething pawned or have a double mortgage. You also have an argument between hands andif you want to win you must do rogacions. Do not go where you are planning to go becausethere is a trap. You want to know if the sick person will be saved. Do not pay attention to gossipthat will be brought because it will destroy your house. You are fighting with a friend because oftreason. The person that raised you is already dead. She wanted to watch over you before shedied to do good to you. You went through many miseries.Irete OcheII    Speaks: Eshu Orunmila            “Here You Do A Special EshuOI    Babaluaye, Obirin, Oshun                 That Is Called Eshu KoritaIO                                 Meta That Has Three Faces”OIIreteunfa akoko oshe aro biriwoDogo odo ya kosheka bi aje adifafunOun babalawo shele ere lebo kaferefunEshu ati yalodeIfa said: be careful of doing things you are not supposed to do. That you have a dog and thatyou must take care of it because it can be your salvation. Dont ever say or do things youcannot keep. Listen to your wifes advice. If you do not have one you will find a woman that willbe your guide but you will first have to do ebo before uniting with her so you never change yourmind and so that you dont bring unhappiness. If you are planning to travel you should leave aresponsible person in control of your things and you must do ebo before leaving on this trip sothat the god of sickness does not become angry with you and kill someone in your family. 13 / 14
  14. 14. Odu Ifa Moluo, Irete Ogbe to Irete OfunLast Updated Friday, 19 December 2008 15:14Ifa said: that you suffer from the waist and the legs. You have an enemy that visits your house.That enemy can even make love with your husband. You have not been able to receive amoney you are waiting for. Do not argue with anyone so you may have your own house inpeace and money. When you receive the money you must do ebo. Give a goat to baba. Watchthe front door of your house because they are throwing manure on it.Irete OfunOI    Speaks: Eshu, Orunmila,II    Iya, Aganju, ShangoOOIIIretefile maferefun shangoOrunmila malu, yamode iyemureo shangoKabiesile ori onle okuni bibelonaYamode obiniIfa said: do not drink alcoholic beverages because you will be embarrassed and also go througha scare. There are problems with the law because of this. Speaks of pregnancy. You mustreceive the saints soon to avoid a danger that is threatening you. Here it speaks of operation.Problems with papers and the law. Where you work you want to conquer a woman. Your honoris doubted. You are not a virgin, but pretend you are. Dont ever say what you know. Do not bestubborn because it can cost you your life. You have offered something that you will not be ableto keep if you do not do ebo and what you are told.Ifa said: give thanks to your mother who is praying for you and protects you every day from allthe evil that could present itself or happen. Do not stand on corners where there could be atragedy or death where it could be yours. You are told not to drink alcoholic beverages becausesomething could slip out that could create enormous problems. You are planning to go to thecountry or will go unaccompanied. Give thanks to shango and aganju. Be careful for there willbe a war one against the other and the weakest will lose and that will be you. 14 / 14