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    • Introduction
    • IXRAYANNUITIESAs a tool for investment and financial security, the life insurance annuity has been around for quitea long time. Annuities first started the ancient Roman Empire. They were a way for Roman citizensto receive a yearly payment for their lifetimes or for several years in exchange for a largeupfront payment. Early roman annuities were often given to Roman legionnaires as paymentfor years of faithful military service. (1) As time passed, the modern life insurance annuity beganto take shape.In medieval times, lifetime annuities bought with a single initial premium became popular amongnobles for funding the constant warfare that was a fact of life then. , records show that one ofthe most popular annuities of the medieval era was called the tontine. (2) In this annuity theparticipants purchased a share in an annuity pool, and then, in turn, received a lifetime annuity.The payments were divided among surviving participants of the initial annuity pool. Thus, as timepassed, each participant would receive a larger payment. As the participants died off, everincreasing payments would be made to them.
    • The payments were divided among surviving participants of the initial annuity pool. Thus, as timepassed, each participant would receive a larger payment. As the participants died off,ever increasing payments would be made to them. The sole remaining survivor would reap thebenefits of the remaining annuity principal. One of the oldest and longest lasting tontines wasthe annuity called the State Tontine of 1693. It was started in the United Kingdom as a way to payfor its many wars with France.The modern financial system started to develop. Dr. James Dodson of England formed the EquitableLife Assurance Society of London in 1756. This was one of the first companies formed to offer amodern form of life insurance annuity. (3) Dodson founded this company and the annuity that itoffered to provide a form of insurance to persons of all ages.The Equitable Life Assurance Society issued policies based on the assurance of fixed sums on thesurviving policyholder’s beneficiaries lives. The company issued policies for any term for which thepolicyholders wanted to purchase the life insurance annuity. Premiums of thisannuity were governedby the age, lifestyle, and health of the policyholders seeking to enter into the annuity. These basicrules laid down the foundation of a distinguished modern life insurance annuity company that stillexists today.
    • (1) Annuity.com(2) The Annuity Museum(3) The Early History of the Annuity by EdwinW. KopfCalrima Financial & Insurance AgencyRequest a quoteIRA research – http://www.irajedi.comEdwin W. Kopf, “The Early History of the Annuity,” Casualty ActuarialSocietyhttp://www.casact.org/pubs/proceed/proceed26/26225.pdf“The Glorious History of Annuities,” Annuity.comhttp://www.annuity.com/annuities/glorious-history-annuities“History of Annuities,” Annuity Museumhttp://www.immediateannuities.com/annuitymuseum/historyofannuities/“History of Annuities,” Save Wealth Financialhttp://www.savewealth.com/retirement/annuities/history/Sources:
    • Fixed Annuity
    • Would you like an annuity that tracks the performance of the stock market? Wouldyou like an annuity that also helps to protect your principal when the marketdeclines? The fixed index or hybrid annuity could help you to cover both of theseobjectives. This annuity has been called an equity indexed annuity, fixedindex annuity, and a hybrid annuity.The hybrid annuity can offer:* Some market risk protection* Tax deferral* A minimum interest rate guarantee* Probate avoidance* And guaranteed minimum incomepayments for life.
    • Fixed Index or Hybrid Annuity Riders
    • Annuities – how can oneincrease the output?How would you like to maximize annuity income? The goalhere is to help: Maximize Annuity IncomeAlready have an annuity?If you already havean annuity we can help youunderstand what youhave. What are the features?How would the features benefityou?
    • ANNUITY BASICS educates you so you can make informeddecisionx. Generally, an annuity is tax deferred. The money in an annuitygrows tax deferred like a retirement account. As with an IRA, (IndividualRetirement Arrangement – as named per IRSdocument 590) the money in an annuity is ear-marked for useafter age 59 ½.As such, annuities are not to be used without carefulconsideration. Points to consider are:* What are the surrender charges?* How long you must I hold the annuity to get full value orprincipal back?* How will my annuity earn credits or interest?All of these points are covered on this web site.
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    • Contact us :Our primary office is locatedin the Prune yardTowers:1999 S. Bascom Ave, #700Campbell, CA 95008Our mailing address is located in Downtown SanJose:123 E. San Carlos Street, #221San Jose, CA 95112You can reach us toll-free at 866-589-9366