Mastering Article Writing


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Learn how to master article writing in 15 minutes a day. Create a great article that people will read and follow to your website. Here are the tip to mastering article writing.

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Mastering Article Writing

  1. 1. Becoming an Expert Author in 15 minutes a day.
  2. 2. First you will need a new email account to complete article marketing. Many of the article posting sites send a clickable link to your email account for verification before posting. This is bury your normal email account with unnecessary emails. Also, some of these article posting sites will send you junk emails.
  3. 3. About half the article posting sites will require you to set up an author account before being able to post any articles. You will need to provide information to setup your accounts.
  4. 4. Engaging Title Call to Action Keyword in Title Keyword Rich First Paragraph Anchor Text Quality Content Intriguing Bio Give points/reasons Proofing/Review or tell a story
  5. 5. 300 – 600 Words Quality Content 1 link in your Bio 1 link in the Article Don’t post the link in first paragraph Consistency is king, not quantity
  6. 6. Finding Article ideas or Topics: Groups, Chat Rooms, Discussion Forums, Clubs, etc. Industry Magazines, reports, Industry Newsletters, etc. Doing an internet search
  7. 7. Write the Article in your own words: Read the questions and answers Get emotional: excited, mad, angry, happy, disappointed, etc. Write about the topic, sharing your viewpoint, expressing lessons, tips, secrets, steps, strategies, how-to’s, etc.
  8. 8. Keyword Rich: Load as many keywords as possible without losing quality content. Anchor Text: Get your anchor text with 3 keywords included (do not use 1 word, nor 5+).
  9. 9. The Power of Keywords in Anchor Text ‘Miserable Failure’ Story
  10. 10. ks Website Key Word(s)
  11. 11. Engaging/Intriguing Title: Work and rework your Title until it is very engaging. Include Keywords in Title. Call to Action: What call to action are you going to put in the last paragraph?
  12. 12. Must have Books for Article Mastery: Words That Sell – Richard Bayan More Words That Sell – Richard Bayan Words That Sell – Apryl Duncan Content Rich - Jon Wuebben
  13. 13. Have it reviewed and corrected: Give your article to a few customers, co- workers, family, friends, etc. Ask for input, corrections, additions. Then make corrections. Get it posted online: Assign your article to get it posted on the 45+ sites, your Facebook and Blog.
  14. 14. Questions?
  15. 15. Free Certificate Get help with your first Article Workshop Bonus Certificate We will review and edit your first article