The 1° IWW in the World Award


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The 1° IWW in the World Award

  1. 1. Italian Women World - Amiche Oltreoceano 1st Award “IWW nel Mondo” Italian Women in the World Presentation - Rome 19th December 2008 Prize-giving - Florence 19th February 2009 1 “ No place is far away ” (R. Bach)
  2. 2. The 1st Award IWW in the World With the Patronage of Ministero degli Affari Esteri Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri Dipartimento per le Pari Opportunità Dipartimento Pari Opportunità CONFERENZA REGIONI REGIONE EMILIA ROMAGNA E PROVINCE AUTONOME REGIONE LAZIO REGIONE VENETO Presidenza del Consiglio BIBLIOTECA NAZIONALE PROVINCIA DI FIRENZE PROVINCIA DI FIRENZE CENTRALE FIRENZE Consigliera di Parità con il patrocinio COMUNE DI FIRENZE COMUNE DI ROMA 2 COMUNE DI ROMA Presidenza del Consiglio Assessorato alle Attività Produttive al Lavoro e al Litorale
  3. 3. The 1st Award IWW in the World IWW [Italian Women World] is pleased to announce the first annual edition of the Award “IWW in the World”. The award wants to recognize women of Italian descent in the world that have demonstrated excellence in their respective professional fields. The award is an IWW initiative in collaboration with national and international partners. The award will be recognized on a yearly basis and will be held and dedicated, each year, to a different region of Italy. The first edition of the award this year is dedicated to Tuscany. The 10 recipients will have to be women born or originally from Tuscany or whose business activity was or is based in Tuscany. An additional ten [10] awards will be presented to other women professionals from other parts of Italy as part of a special list of prizes. Goals The IWW award is a recognition of professional and entrepreneurial success of Italian women professionals who live abroad or of those living in Italy who have chosen to operate on a foreign market. The award is an acknowledgement of their commitment and hard work and a tribute to their success in contributing to the global economy of the 21st century. It also aims to highlight their role in promoting, both professionally and culturally, the value of the “made in Italy” brand. Promotion and advertisement The first IWW Award is being promoted through national, international, public or private organizations that are directly or indirectly involved in representing and promoting any Italian related entrepreneurial initiatives. Among our partners are: Italian embassies and Consulates, the Italian Institutes of Culture, Chambers of Commerce and any other association of Italian entrepreneurs abroad, associations of compatriots in the world, and, of course, all those networks and media dedicated to Italian excellence and culture. 3
  4. 4. The 1st Award IWW in the World Award Committee The award committee and the Final Jury will be appointed by IWW and the members will be chosen among figures of excellence in the national, international, institutional, entrepreneurial and professional world. Participation and Credit The participation is free and voluntary. All participants are required to fill in the attached form and to register on the website More information on the registration process is available at - The registration is free. General requirements for the admission IWW accepts nominations and candidates from all the partners as per article 3. Spontaneous candidatures are also welcomed, provided that they meet the criteria described above. 4
  5. 5. The 1° Award IWW in the World Enrolment The candidature/nomination will not be accepted if the recipient is not a woman. Candidates have to be Italian born or of Italian origin (up to 4 generations), residents of Italy or abroad, permanently or temporarily. Nominations Nominations can be submitted by;  auto-candidature  nomination from a credited member of IWW  Former nominees for other similar awards, both Italian or international. Requested Documentation  IWW would require a Professional and updated resume, a digital picture of the candidate in .jpg/.tif format and any other useful information to support the nomination. The above mentioned documentation will not be returned and it will be used for the edition of the international yearbook AMICHEOLTREOCEANO. 5
  6. 6. The 1° Award IWW in the World Categories of Candidature a) Enterprise Candidates are women entrepreneurs who own and/or manage a business, top executives and managers whose decision making ability is not linked to other parties. b) Not for profit Category For women who run their own not for profit organization, are involved or active in a not for profit organization, non-governmental entities and humanitarian missions, etc. c) University, research, formation Category For women devoted and involved in research, university formation, instruction. d) Professionals Category Self employed women and free lance professionals in several professional fields e) Public administration and government Category Any woman working in public administration or any other government affiliated organization. 6
  7. 7. The 1° Award IWW in the World Selection of the finalists and nomination  The selection of the finalists is evaluated by the Award Committee and will take into consideration all the characteristics of excellence described above. The committee will nominate the award recipients at its sole discretion. The committee will introduce and support the nominees to a final Jury. The Final Jury, composed by experts coming from several fields of knowledge and expertise, will choose the winners among the finalists of each Award Category. Final evaluation might also take into consideration a quot;subjective criteriaquot; based on the level of expertise and excellence of the nominee.  The Final Jury will meet November 10th 2008, candidatures will be thus accepted within 12,00 PM (Italian’s time). The communication of the nomination will be confirmed via e-mail to the candidate, who will have to communicate its acceptance within 15 days, accept the rules and regulations of the award and confirm the attendance (or the one of a delegate), at the award ceremony.  The results will be made public on December 219th 2008 in occasion of the IWW’s seminary on “internationalisation” in Rome. 7
  8. 8. The 1° Award IWW in the World The Awards “Tuscans in the World”  The award event will take place in Tuscany (Italy) on February 19th 2009 (place to be settled). The award will be presented to the winner or to a delegate should the winner not be present for a good reason. The special Prizes  The Award Committee and the Final Jury will also present an additional 10 SPECIAL AWARDS to women of other regions. Criteria for the acknowledgement of these additional awards will be considered on a one time basis, and might be linked with other out of the ordinary events, awards and, last but not least, outstanding performances or peculiar qualities of the candidates. For example: Youth Award, Talent of the Year Award and so on. Nature of the award  The award “IWW in the World” is symbolic and for its first will be represented by a plaque. IWW is evaluating the possibility of ordering an object of art by an Italian artist which would well represent the excellence of the Italian women in the world. 8
  9. 9. The 1° Award IWW in the World Withdrawal Any candidate can withdraw from the Award competition at any time. More info on Complaints  The nominations and the awarded recipients are selected by the Award Committee and the Final Jury and are final. The Award Committee might also decide not to assign a particular category award should no candidates be retained acceptable for that position. Note that candidatures supported by incomplete or missing data will not be taken into consideration.  Based on the inspirational principle outlined in the art. 27 of the Italian Constitution, the award rules and regulations will accept complaints against a proposed candidate supported by a proven violation of the Italian law. Documentation and proofs provided by the Italian authorities or an accredited organization shall be submitted to initiate a formal complaint against a candidate. The committee and the Jury will not consider any anonymous or confidential communication as an acceptable proof in this respect. 9
  10. 10. The 1° Award IWW in the World Legal terms The award IWW in the World is an idea of Patrizia Angelini. All the rights for the use of the name and trademark will be granted to all the partners involved in the promotion of the award and the event itself. Rights of use include, but are not limited also to the terms of “Candidatequot;, quot;Finalistquot;, quot;Winnerquot;, quot;Special Awardquot; created and distributed by IWW for informative and promotional purposes only. Other activities of commercial and advertising nature might be transferred by IWW to third parties with a concession for the use of the trade marks and names. 10
  11. 11. The 1st Award IWW in the World Partners AssoDonna Key4Biz Assocamerestero WTC World Trade Center Pescara CIIM Canada Miraworld, Australia MPI Meeting Professionals Internationals FlorenceIN LIDU MTI Expo Comm Italia 2008 Music Theatre International 11
  12. 12. The 1st Award IWW in the World Technical Sponsors Agenzia Viaggi Mannelli 25 rosso Ufficio Stampa PLS Firenze Proraso 12
  13. 13. Contacts “Italian Women World” Association by Patrizia Angelini Via Oriolo Romano, 59 - 00189 Rome, Italy C.F. 97463400586 - P.IVA. 09542101002 IWW President - Patrizia Angelini IWW Info - IWW Press Office - 13