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Mgt 205 workshop 1 slides

Mgt 205 workshop 1 slides






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    Mgt 205 workshop 1 slides Mgt 205 workshop 1 slides Presentation Transcript

    • MGT 205ProfessionalCommunicationRuss Ray, Instructor
    • Workshop 1 Agenda• Devotion / Prayer• Course Introduction• Break (7:15)• What Is Communication?• Sundown Bakery• Break (8:30)• Who Wants an A?• Next Week
    • Survey•Name•Occupation•Significant other / children•What do you want out of thisclass? (besides an A)
    • Devotion/Prayer
    • Why Do You Work?
    • Think About It•What specific instructions about ourattitudes and actions on the job aregiven to Christians?•What positive aspects of work doyou see in these passages?
    • Doing Your Best22 Servants, do what youre told byyour earthly masters. And dontjust do the minimum that will getyou by. Do your best.23 Work from the heart for your realMaster, for God, confident thatyoull get paid in full when youcome into your inheritance.Colossians 3:22–25 (MSG)
    • Doing Your Best24 Keep in mind always that theultimate Master youre serving isChrist.25 The sullen servant who doesshoddy work will be heldresponsible. Being a follower ofJesus doesnt cover up bad work.Colossians 3:22–25 (MSG)
    • Doing Your Best29 Observe people who are good attheir work—skilled workers arealways in demand and admired;they dont take a backseat toanyone.Proverbs 22:29 (MSG)
    • Doing Your Best• What specific instructions about ourattitudes and actions on the job are givento Christians?• Youre serving Christ.• The sullen servant will be held responsible.• Being a follower of Jesus doesnt cover up badwork.• Skilled workers are always in demand andadmired.• Skilled workers dont take a backseat toanyone.
    • Why Do You Work?•Can a Christian find meaning andsatisfaction in any job? Why or whynot?•What biblical principles do you findmost helpful in your everyday workexperience?
    • Course Introduction
    • Case Study RubricAnalysis• Content is comprehensive and accurate• Major points are stated clearly and are well supported• Research is adequate and addresses course content• Gives concrete examples70Writing Mechanics• Logical flow of ideas, i.e., introduction, main body, conclusion• Clear and concise• Accurate spelling and grammar20APA• Title page• Correct formatting• In-text citations used• Reference page10Total points 100
    • Chapter 1Communicating at Work
    • What Is Communication?The imparting or exchange ofinformation, ideas, or feelingscommunication. (n.d.). Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged10th Edition.
    • ChannelsChannelsCommunication Process ModelMessageEncoding DecodingFeedbackCorrectionNoiseEnvironmentNoise
    • Sundown BakeryCase Study
    • Customer ServiceProductionBruce CarolKimMarinaMauriceKiosks Stores NewEmployeesHans
    • Analyzing the Audience•How much do they know?•What do they want to know?•What are their personalpreferences?•Are there any significantdemographic characteristics?
    • Analyzing Yourself•What is the goal of yourpresentation?•How much knowledge do you haveabout the topic?•What are your feelings about thetopic?
    • Capture Audience Attention•Use humor / fun.•Tell a story related to the topic.•Involve audience participation.•Tell something we don’t know.
    • Great Introductions……give your audience a reason tolisten.…introduce your thesis.…preview your presentation.
    • Avoid Organizational Flaws•Taking too long to get to the point•Including irrelevant material•Leaving out necessary information•Mixing up ideas
    • Memorable Conclusions……don’t simply restate theintroduction.…give your audience an action itemto complete.…have a positive ending and not justa request for Q&A.
    • Next Week’s Homework• Read Chapters 3, 4, 5 and 10 inCommunicating at Work.• Read Chapters 3 and 4 in Point, Click &Wow!• Read “Accessing Pearson Tutor Centerfor IWU” instructions.• Follow instructions to access online paperreview service.• Proof of registration required for WS2participation grade (print/email).
    • 2.3 Omnicom Marketing Casefolder•Read Omnicom Marketing strategiccase on p. 56 of Communicating atWork.• Answer the five questions in the StudentGuide in a 2-page (minimum) response.
    • 2.4 Outline/Key Slides folder• Write an outline for the finalCommunication Presentation.• Use p. 280 of Communicating at Work as anexample.• Create 3 key PowerPoint slides for thefinal Communication Presentation.• Title• Objectives• References
    • 2.5 Conflict Management folder•Each team member describes apersonally-experienced conflict.• Use the four questions in the Student Guide.• 1 – 2 paragraph summary per team member.• Clearly identify each team member’scontribution.