UNDP-GEF:What have we heard?
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UNDP-GEF:What have we heard?






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UNDP-GEF:What have we heard? UNDP-GEF:What have we heard? Presentation Transcript

  • 08/21/14 1 UNDP-GEF: WHAT WE'VE HEARD
  • 08/21/14 2 Public Participation   • NGOs and CBOS can be substantively  engaged in helping to address transboundary  issues   • Broad public participation can help build  regulatory success and legitimacy   • There is still a need to better network the  NGOs involved in and interested in the GEF.
  • 08/21/14 3 Donors   • Importance of maintaining continuity of  international support to International Waters  programmes.   • Value of country-endorsed SAP to strengthen  donor buy-in to supporting programme  implementation.
  • 08/21/14 4 TDA/SAPs   • Importance of involving stakeholders  responsible for water bodies problems in  TDA/SAP process.   • The logical underpinnings of TDA/SAP are  basically sound; projects should be allowed the  flexibility to test, adapt and improve on the  TDA/SAP process, e.g. no ‘template’.
  • 08/21/14 5 Information •       Transparency and openness critical in sharing information on transboundary water resources to facilitate feedback of information into decision processes. Sustainability •       Need to build project management capacity of local/national constituencies so these can be sustained following end of donor support.
  • 08/21/14 6 Project Development •       No specific formula or ‘appropriate’ time frame for project preparation; necessary time and resources should be committed to ensure full participation of all relevant stakeholders in project design. •       Need to involve GEF OFPs very early in project preparation process so have their buy-in at time of project submission. •       Progress still to be made in expediting GEF and IA project cycles. •       A ‘cookbook’ style GEF project preparation manual would be a very useful product for many GEF constituencies.
  • 08/21/14 7 This Conference •       Very useful and constructive •       More break-outs, fewer plenaries •       More informal interactive and free time •       Need for GEF and IA follow-up on several areas •       Note to Climate Change and Biodiversity: Try it---you’ll like it!!
  • 08/21/14 8 GEF IW Biennial Conference: A Poll 1 1. How many people learned something new that will help them in their future work in International Waters?  
  • 08/21/14 9 GEF IW Biennial Conference: A Poll 2. How many people met someone who they expect will be able to help them in their future work in International Waters?
  • 08/21/14 10 GEF IW Biennial Conference: A Poll 3. How many people feel they helped someone else with an International Waters issue during the conference?
  • 08/21/14 11 GEF IW Biennial Conference: A Poll 4. How many people made one or more new friends?
  • 08/21/14 12 GEF IW Biennial Conference: A Poll 5. How many people entered into a new romantic relationship?
  • 08/21/14 13 GEF IW Biennial Conference: A Poll 6.   How many people will from this point onwards drink Pepsi instead of Coke?