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Where Innovation Happens

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  1. 1. Where Innovation Happens
  2. 2. Why InnovaHub? At the core of innovation there are wishes that motivate and inspire innovators to usher solutions. InnovaHub provides the virtual environment for this process to take place from the simple wish to the entire product life cycle.InnovaHub
  3. 3. The four S of Innovation Our community is made up of 4 types of innovators Seeders Solvers Individuals that inspire Professionals that utilize their through their wishes skills and knowledge to innovation propose innovative solutions for a prize. Sellers Seekers Inventors or innovators that Entrepreneurs, organizations, and seek to to sell, license, or investors that are looking for new fund their inventions. ideas, solutions, or inventions.InnovaHub
  4. 4. Seeders Overview Se e d e r s p r o v i d e a nu n i q u e f l o w o f t h o u g h t s p r o v o k i n g wi s h e s t h a t c h a l l e n g e i n n o v a t i v emi n d s i n t o n e w h o r i z o n s . Se e d e r s a r e t h e c a t a l y s t f o r c h a n g e sa n d i n s p i r e i n n o v a t i o n .
  5. 5. Seeders Individuals that inspire through their wishes innovation Optional Profile An Idea Seeder can sign up via social login Seeding • Post a wish for an innovative processes or product not yet created • Invites friends to vote via social sharing • Turns the votes into prizes • Tracks the voting via email notifications Optional Online Profile An Online Profile allows a user to take full advantage of the platform. Create new content and post to your Social Media Profiles.InnovaHub
  6. 6. Solver OverviewSolvers may be freelancers, consultants, or experts ina topic. They thrive from providing solutions that match orcomplement their interests, skills, talents orknowledge.Solvers are the lifeline behind open innovation andrealize that companies cannot afford to rely entirelyon their own employees.
  7. 7. Solvers Tools for Solvers Professionals that utilize their skills and knowledge to Online profile propose innovative solutions for a prize. Showcase your aggregated profile, solutions, recommendations and input Solvers throughout the platform. You would describe yourself as someone who can provide and deliver innovative solutions or answers Quests Participate in Quest for ideas, research, because of your skills and expertise. prototypes, and marketization. Collaboration Team Create a team to collaborate on a projects Process for a prize and invite external peers to You have a choice to participate in global quests for participate. solution from a simple idea generation, provide researches, create a prototype, or aid the marketization Apply for Job process Ideas that are not accepted are placed, at your Enhance your career and find new option, for sales or license in InnovaHub Marketplace, opportunities where your skills and expertise are needed . You receive daily, weekly, or monthly digest of quests that fit your expertise delivered to your inbox. Multilingual Capabilities Gain access to automated managed translation services within platform.InnovaHub
  8. 8. Sellers OverviewSellers can be individual or organizations seeking tofind new marketplaces for their ideas, inventions, or innovations.Often organization have internal inventions not being used in a firms business and can be capitizedthrough licensing, joint ventures, partnership, or sales.
  9. 9. Sellers Inventors or innovators that seek to to sell, license, or fund their inventions. Sellers Tools The ability to share and license Intellectual Property is one of the hardest aspects of business. Online profile Inventors background or InnovaHub makes it simple and easy for any innovator or professional resumes can inventor to utilize their IP for profit. be imported and displayed. Marketplace Showcasing your IP, products or services for sales or license. Multilingual Capabilities Ability to market in Process multiple automated Your IP is placed into an active database which updates managed languages. users following its category about its placements. You receive updates about its progress and utilization giving Funding you full knowledge of how far your IP has progressed. You have the ability to fund your ideas or invention.InnovaHub
  10. 10. Seekers OverviewSeekers can be entrepreneurs, startups, ororganizations that harvest intellectual and nonintellectual property through open innovation andcrowdsourcing methodology.An innovation or solution seeker posts a prize andopens a quest for an Idea, Research, Prototype,Marketing Plan, or a Quest for Funding the project.
  11. 11. Seekers Tools for Seekers Profile Professionals that utilize their skills and knowledge to Showcasing your sought propose innovative solutions for a prize. solutions, recommendations and input throughout the platform. Seekers Whether you are an entrepreneur, agency, or Quests investor you will find the tools, analytics, and Launch Quest for any stages exposure the InnovaHub platform provides the of the innovation life process. perfect opportunity to leverage your business development opportunities. Public/Private Worklabs Create a team to bring tools and solutions together and manage the entire process. Process Marketplace InnovaHub allows you to post Quest for all aspect of the Gain access to the large business life cycle from idea generation to funding and all database of buyers sellers in a private and secured environment. You can opt for and investors. privacy or full disclosure and have access to a global community of innovators, Multilingual Capabilities Gain access to automated managed translation servicesInnovaHub within platform.
  12. 12. Where Innovation Happens
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