Exploring a Sales Growth Strategy


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Exploring a sales growth strategy for a service company. Key points and pipeline definition.

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Exploring a Sales Growth Strategy

  1. 1. Exploring Growth Strategy
  2. 2. "Typical Goals•  Balancing % revenue generated by customers•  Align mission, strategy, and execution•  Building and driving a team to execute strategy•  Yield 100 % GS growth in 36 months.•  Expand model geographically
  3. 3. Balancing % revenue generated by customers  Typical assessment  About 80% of revenue generated by 20% of our customers  Model for house accounts well established  Radius of action limited to the territory and verticals  Limited sales team /metrics/ branding
  4. 4. Aligning Strategy to Execution
  5. 5. Strategy Goals•  Determine our reason for existence•  Assess our Market Opportunities•  Perform a Market Analysis/Positioning•  Perform a Competitive Analysis/Positioning
  6. 6. Execution
  7. 7. Competitive EcosystemThe competition• Who is our competition (direct and indirect)?• What are their strengths?• What are their Weaknesses?Your organization• What are our strengths?• What are our Weaknesses?• How are we “Different”?• What makes us special to our current customers?
  8. 8. Assessing Market OpportunitiesMarket Trends•  Who has money to spend in our services?•  Why are they spending money and for what projects?Target Prospect Profile•  By Industry•  By revenue•  By company sizeValue Proposition•  What can we do for these targets?Prospecting•  Network•  Online Research
  9. 9. From Pipeline to Forecast
  10. 10. Target prospect profileThe ideal prospectCompany Size•  Revenue•  Employees•  Target Decision Makers•  Industry•  Territory/Geography•  Pain Point
  11. 11. Sales Cycle: Awareness to Demand GenerationAwareness 20%  30 second pitch  Email intro  Inside sales script andQ&A  Marketing Material  Differentiation of ourservicesDemand Generation 40%o Focus on the RightProspectso Prospectingo Generate Interesto Volume is up: Word ofMouth
  12. 12. Sales Cycle : Engagement to ClosureSales Closure 80%•  Goal is customer signedPurchase Order•  Get Customer tocommit to continuedserviceSales Engagement 60%•  Clean, concise salespresentation•  Goal oriented sales meeting•  Always leave the door open•  Concrete next steps/activities
  13. 13. Differentiation  Simplify and streamline document sharing  Constantly exceeding customer expectations  Review of service metrics available both in paper and online  Establish a reputation of influencer and not a sales organization  Branding image, mission, and delivery  Strive to be the GO TO company
  14. 14. Q & ARevenue Models & Strategic PlanningAlexander M Orlando, DBAamo@innovahub.com