Masters of Marketing: Social Media & Gaining Followers


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Tips on building a brand and gaining and maintaining followers on social networks.

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Masters of Marketing: Social Media & Gaining Followers

  1. 1. Social MediaHow to Gain Followers
  2. 2. The Big 3 When it comes to your company’s social media marketing, there are three main platforms you can focus on.Facebook: Think of this as a landing page for your brand.Twitter: Keep things short, sweet, & to the point on here.LinkedIn: No other network is specifically designed forbusiness professionals—use this!
  3. 3. Stop, Drop, & Roll Certain things just make sense. Think of how you, as a consumer, would grow to trust a brand.Consistency, Engagement, & Enlightenment
  4. 4. Be Consistent ∙ Consistently post so something is always readily available. ∙ Post Often!∙ Consider events or topics that are important to your followers.
  5. 5. Be Engaging ∙ The more engaging you are, the greater your chances. ∙ Pay Attention!∙ Don’t be satisfied with just getting follows or likes. Follow Up!
  6. 6. Heighten Awareness∙ If its not online, they’ll probably think you don’t offer it. ∙ That aha Moment!∙ Give more than they expect & more than any other brand.
  7. 7. So What Now?You know Where to post (everywhere), When to post (often), and How to post (thoroughly). Here’s some ideas for What to post: · Company Announcements · Product Announcements · Coordinate Special Events · Show Community Service · Employee Recognition · Host Contests · Offer Deals
  8. 8. The Secret Sauce Don’t forget the ‘marketing’ in social media marketing. Take advantage of the functional website you paid for, the existing customers who stick by you,and the face-to-face interactions you experience every day.
  9. 9. Outside the MatrixUtilize your Website, Word of Mouth, & Customer Support. Website Integration: optimize the social experience for existing customers that haven’t experienced your social presence. Word of Mouth: don’t forget to still plant the seed when speaking to a potential or existing customer. Direct Customer Support: be readily available when the consumer needs you most; build your online reputation even further.
  10. 10. The Easy PartOffering great services will attract customers,but continuing to provide those great services will keep those customers The more consistent your brand is, the more loyal your followers will be.
  11. 11. Bottom LineBe Consistent – Be Engaging – Heighten Awareness Then Stop – Start Over – Repeat And Have Fun!
  12. 12. Thanks! Be sure to join us again next weekfor more tips on growing your agency. Visit for more information