Masters of Marketing: How to Write an Effective Email


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Masters of Marketing: How to Write an Effective Email

Presentation slides from the April 5th Masters of Marketing webinar from Insurance Technologies Corporation on How to Write an Effective Email,

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Masters of Marketing: How to Write an Effective Email

  1. 1. Masters of Marketing How to Write an Effective Email
  2. 2. What is an Email?An email comes down to a request for someones time
  3. 3. Assumptions and GoalsWe can assume that your recipient Our goals...receives many emails a dayWe can assume you need something Construct an email that willfrom your recipient and plan to actually be readpitch it via email Be clear, concise and easilyWe can assume you do not know understoodthe recipient outside of a businesssetting or they are a potential To not take up too much of yourclient readers time
  4. 4. The Recipients Point of View Your reader, most likely, gets a lot of email Recipients are immune to overly complimentary emails They are asked often in emails the same generic set of questions and favors without a real reason behind the request They do not have infinite amounts of free time Your reader will be weary of spam and quick to delete emails if theyre uninterested in the subject line
  5. 5. The Typical Senders Point of View The typical sender will spend a long time crafting the perfect (-ly long) email Believe that the request is original, unique and special Cannot imagine why anyone would turn them down Has a strong desire to tell the whole story, from every possible angle, so that the reader can understand their point view Believes they are the only one soliciting a favor or sale from them today
  6. 6. Recipient Habits of Note Tend to answer, or be drawn to, emails that take little thought or effort Push aside or delete emails that seem too long or take up too much time Become guarded when reading an overly sales-y email Work through inbox from a stance of “Whats the point?”
  7. 7. 4 Types of Emails  Self Fulfilling Email  Inquiries  Open – Ended Dialog  Action Emails
  8. 8. Tips for an Effective Email Determine Your Desired Outcome  Be Personal and Personable Quickly Answer “Whats the Point”  Be Easy to be Found State Benefits Clearly  Use Simple English K.I.S.S  Font and Formatting Matter Save the Whole Story; Just Stick to  Minimize Questions the Facts  Read. Trim. Repeat. Pretend Youre Face to Face Avoid Excessive Compliments
  9. 9. The Subject LineYou should spend 40% of your time writingyour email and 60% of your time writing yoursubject line.
  10. 10. Identify YourselfPut your agency name before the text so people can easily see who its from. ABC Agency: Your Online Quote is Attached
  11. 11. Be Brief and To The Point50 Characters maximum, try to stay closer to 35.
  12. 12. Steer Clear of Spammer Techniques Using ALL CAPS Hard Sell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too good to be true
  13. 13. Words that KillWords to Use: Words that Kill:Apply ConfirmOpportunity JoinDemo AssistanceConnect SpeakerPayments PressConference SocialCancellation Invite
  14. 14. Practice Makes Perfect Analyze Metrics Test Measure Results Test Again
  15. 15. In ConclusionJennifer Fitzsimmons