Branding Your Landing Pages


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Design your landing pages to match your insurance agency brand and purpose.

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Branding Your Landing Pages

  1. 1. Branding your Landing Pages Design your landing pages to match your brand and purpose
  2. 2. Identify Purpose • What are your aims with your landing page? – Do you want to use it for cross selling? – Are you promoting a referral program or event? – Will page be about one particular line of business or service?
  3. 3. Identify Target Market • Who is your target market with the landing page? – Are they newlywed couples or retired seniors? – Are they mom and pop shops or big corporations? – What regions or cities are you targeting?
  4. 4. Where will Page be Promoted • How will you be using or promoting the landing page? – Will it be for pay per click, newsletters, magazines, postcards, or billboard sign • If the landing page is for an external ad or newsletter, then you will want both materials style to match.
  5. 5. Domain Names • Landing pages do not always have to have unique domain names. You can use a simple url like: • However, creative domain names can be useful for marketing. For example, (financial services) or (incorporating agency name). • Short, easy to remember domain names makes it easy for prospects and customers to bring up the page when they’re ready or can see at a glance like on a billboard sign. • Keyword targeted domain names purely for SEO purposes is not as beneficial as it use to be. You want to avoid using domain names that is too keyword rich such as
  6. 6. Overall Branding • Match the branding of your agency and website to encourage recognition • If the landing page is for a particular program or contest that has its own branding, you can incorporate that style but still want to have clear ties to your agency such as making logo prominent
  7. 7. Content and Additional Design Elements • Cater style of writing for target market – If its for a younger crowd, you could use more current lingo like “trending” – If its for personal lines, you may want a more conversational tone instead of a more professional tone for commercial lines • Photograph and imagery on page would reflect your target market or purpose – If page is for auto insurance in Florida then you could use a photograph of a car in a Floridian setting
  8. 8. Clear Purpose • Generally want the landing page to have a clear call to action and purpose • Would the answers to the below questions be obvious to visitors when looking at your website above the fold – Who is the company? – What is the page for? – What are they expected to do on this page? • Try the 5 second test. If purpose of page is not clear in 5 seconds then need to reevaluate page.
  9. 9. Displaying Clear Purpose • Clear and concise easy to read headline. Headline can be used as a hook. For example, “Welcome to Peace of Mind” • “Hero” image to represent what page is about • Avoid including unnecessary elements like Home Insurance information on a Auto Insurance landing page
  10. 10. Calls to Actions • Make it clear what visitors need to do next with strong calls to actions • If page is for getting a quote, make button or form prominent using scale or placement • Direct visitor eyes with color • Directional cues can be used – Where are the people in the photo looking – Line of action in website can “point” to a call to action
  11. 11. Landing Page Don’ts • Landing page should engage visitors, so don’t try to sell too hard on the page • Avoid big flashing words • Avoid pushy, sales words like BEST DEAL EVER • Avoid pop ups if possible • Avoid surprise music with no way of turning off • Avoid asking too many questions on the first page
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