Indian Egg Donors & Surrogates - Low Cost, Immediate Availability


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Indian Egg Donors & Surrogates - Low Cost, Immediate Availability

  1. 1. Egg Donor,Egg Donation,Egg Donor Services and IVF treatment India-Egg Donation Program India,CostEgg Donation Program-Egg Donation-Egg Donor Program,Donor Database,IVF Egg Donation Agency-Egg Donor,Egg donors,Egg donation,fertility,in vitro fertilization-what is an egg donor,ivf cost,for eggdonation and fertility treatment-Find An Egg Donor-Indian Egg Donors & Surrogates - Low Cost,Immediate Availability.Egg donor, egg donation, ovum donor, ovum donation, surrogacy programs-Egg Donor,fertility,in vitrofertilization-Egg Donation and In Vitro Fertilization - Fertility Treatment IndiaWhat is an egg donor or Egg Donation process?Egg donation is the process by which a fertile woman provides one or several eggs (also known as ova oroocytes) to an infertile woman for purposes of assisted reproduction. After the eggs have been retrievedfrom the donor, the role of the egg donor is complete.The process involves in vitro fertilization (IVF) as the eggs are fertilized in the laboratory, and theresulting embryos are then transferred to the recipients uterus.When a birth results, the recipient will not be biologically related to the child, but she will be the birthmother on record.Egg Donation or Egg Donor Services in India is becoming popular worldwide.IVF clinic in India,offers an active egg and embryo donation program which are very useful treatmentoptions for older women and women with ovarian failure.Egg donation may offer the only chance ofconception for women who produce too few eggs, poor quality eggs, no eggs or eggs that are notsuitable for genetic reasons. Fertility centers of Infertility clinics India offer this wonderful treatmentoption.Indian fertility services or Egg Donor Services offer Ethnic Indian donors. Egg donors are womenbetween the ages of 21 to 30 years. They undergo extensive medical screening, for infectious diseasesand psychologically before being accepted into Egg Donation programme. Additional screening for anyparticular condition in special cases can be undertaken at additional costs.
  2. 2. Top fertility clinics ,also have an excellent Egg Donor and surrogacy service India to help you to avoidunnecessary travel and stays in hotels and cut down your IVF surrogacy process time and cost for Ivftreatments by using CryoShip Global Service.One such dedicated fertility centers and surrogacy clinic is the Rotunda Infertility Clinic,So if you arelooking for Egg Donor,Egg donors,Egg donation,fertility,in vitro fertilization,Top Fertility Centers,MumbaiIndia,Top IVF Clinic India or Best IVF Infertility Clinics India,IVF Fertility Center, your search ends with theRotunda Infertility Clinics,now also opening new branch at Andheri lokhandwala,Mumbai.Egg Donation is for you, if you have the following diagnosis:Poor egg qualityPremature ovarian failure (POF)Genetic issuesMenopausalDamaged or surgically removed ovariesUnexplained fertilityRepeat IVF FailureAll Egg donors are young; health and fertile, Mumbai is one of the worlds largest metropolises, andthere is an abundance of egg donors here, which is a major advantage of coming to India, Mumbai foryour Egg Donor, Egg Donor Services and IVF treatment in India !
  3. 3. Why Egg Donor Services in IndiaEgg donation in India is very cost effective - especially for NRIs and intended parents from abroad !Indian egg donors are very hard to come by in the US - and the waiting list for an Indian egg donor in theUK or other European countries, can be as long as a few years!IVF technology in India is on par with anywhere in the world - and our success rates for donor egg IVFwhen we transfer 3 embryos are 56%.Contact for more details on Egg Donation Process, Egg Donor Profiles, and Find Egg donationsIndian Egg Donors & Surrogates - Low Cost, Immediate Availability: India is designed to meet the highexpectations of sophisticated parents and medical specialists from around the world looking for eggdonors of Indian Origin.Thousands of babies are born each year to women using donor eggs and we are proud to be part of thismiracle. They know what it means to have a family of your own and they know what it takes to getthere.They offer immediate availability of low cost surrogates of Indian origin in India,Mumbai.Typically, thecombined surrogacy, egg donor and IVF costs are only about one third of what you would incur in theUSA.You may contact their IVF clinic today for further assistance and Appointments are scheduled accordingto your convenience.They will be be happy to provide a consultation or second opinion on your conceiving a fertilityproblem.To Schedule a consultation Please fill in your details on their website at or or simply a phone call at +91 22 26390044 or +91 22 26390088 oran Email at rotundafertilityclinic@gmail.comRotunda Fertility Clinic and Keyhole Surgery CentreShastri Nagar, X-13, Garden View, 7-10,Near Lokhandwala Circle, Andheri West, Mumbai,Maharashtra400053.IndiaPhone: +91 22 26390044 or +91 22 26390088 http://www.iwannagetpregnant.comrotunda.fertility@gmail.comkeywords:
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  5. 5. The infertile Couple Same Sex Couples Single Parent Contact us search... "Welcome to Surrogacymumbai", a website hosted by Rotunda- The Center for Human Reproduction. This site gives you an insight into the surrogacy in India, egg donors services and staff at our Surrogacy clinic in India. Seeking surrogacy is by no means an easy decision both emotionally and financially, no matter how compelling the reason to seek it may be. This website is our attempt at demystifying the process and making it as easy and comfortable a journey for the intended parent(s) as possible. Of course, it helps that we at Rotunda can offer every service from diagnosis to treatment under one roof. Rotunda offers surrogacy to people of all nationalities. We are an LGBT friendly clinic and offer surrogacy services to same sex couples. We also offer surrogacy to single parents. Home Services and Programs Process Cryoshipper Bank Transfer Legislation Multimedia About Us FAQs Pregnancy tracing and assistance service Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved.