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art appreciation power point

art appreciation power point

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  • 1. Illustration
    By: Ivy Marks
  • 2. A little bit about...Nick Fauble
    Nick Fauble is a close friend of mine who went to RMCAD and is currently a starving illustrator who focuses on screen printing and drawing mostly.
    Nick is 25 and currently planning a trip to Korea to teach esl for a year due to the lack of jobs in his major.
    He is inspired by such artists as, andy warhol, and the ever famous iconic people from the 1950s and so on.
    Nick also likes to do mainly drawings on canvas with ripped up old books he covers his work in before he begins his journey from pen to paper to show his gorgeous work off.
  • 3. Nick’s Work
    Edie Sedgwick
  • 4. A little bit about…Andy Warhol
    August 6, 1928- February 22, 1987
    Warhol as you all know is a very famous artist who worked mostly on screen printing and is known best for taking commercial artwork and making it better so to speak.
    Warhol was also the person who founded Edie Sedgwick factory girl.
    Warhol is a very inspiring artist who I believe has inspired many artists.
  • 5. Andy’s Work
    Edie & Andy
  • 6. A little bit about…Vik Muniz
    Vik Muniz is a visual artist who uses food to make his art. Though it doesn’t fall into illustration he is still using his hands to create work that looks incredible.
    He started out as a sculptor and than slowly made his way into using foods.
    Muniz is very famous, he has even been noted by the New York Times!
    He now lives in New York and is originally from Brazil.
  • 7. Vik’s Work
    Pictures of garbage
  • 8. A little bit about…Banksy
    Banksy is an artist and that is not his real name.
    This is a pseudo name for the artist
    Banksy works mostly about political things in the media and does stencils, and graffiti of what’s going on in the world today.
    He does strictly street art, and does all of his work on public walls for everyone to view.
  • 9. Banksy’s Work
    Beautiful graffiti art
  • 10. A little bit about…David Hockney
    David Hockney was born in 1937 on July 9th.
    Hockney is an illustrator who is an incredible artist.
    From my research he is still alive, with his most recent work done in 2009 doing mainly inkjet printed drawings.
    It is also said that Hockney was the first to introduce panoramic, which is a type of art where you take one image and take many small pieces of that same image and piece it together to create an overlapping of the image.
  • 11. Hockney’s Work
  • 12. This is a layout of Red line art gallery, and this is the
    Room where I would put my 5 artists in.
    The one with the double pillars.
  • 13. My Perfect Layout
    If I had a chance to design the layout of Red Line art gallery for my 5 artists, I would first off start with Nick’s work.
    Nick is not a well-known artist which is why I would pick him first, so the people who see the exhibit get a fresh new look at a brand new artist.
    I would align his work by the year he made it, and than transcend into the evolution of his ideas through time.
    Than I would take Banksy’s work and put it next to Nick’s work because when I compare the two works they look very similar, but I can tell their differences by the color schemes each artist uses.
    I’m not quite sure how I would put Banksy’s work together on the walls, but I do know that my first choice would be the my background image for his slides.
    I than would put Vik Muniz’s work because his work is so different but I think that seeing these rough materials that have been used on Nick, and Banksy’s work would be easy on the eyes if it were transitioned to materials that are raw but look so smooth.
    I would also do his works by year, and the way he transitioned as an artist.
    After muniz I would put David Hockney’s work in, I would choose to put his next to Muniz’s to show the flow in color that is used between the two artists.
    I think that The work of Hockney’s is most like Nick’s work, but I really like the way that the colors flow in Hockney and Muniz’s work.
    Warhol would be my last stitch of the Red line room because his work differs so much between the other four artists; it isn’t necessarily drawings either as much as screen print mostly.
    I would put Warhol’s work up based on the popularity and flow of Muniz’s work. Since Muniz sort of uses mainstream items in his work that is why I would put them next to one another.
    The reason why I chose the name illustration because when I look at these artists work I see a story that is coming to life right before my very eyes. These works inspire me, and fascinate me. To think that a person could do such things with such simple materials grabs my attention and holds my stare.
  • 14. Thanks so much to: