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  • 1. Step One• The first step in finding a book in the library is to find the library’s catalog.• This will be the homepage of any of the library’s computers, but if you are accessing it on your own, the website is:
  • 2. Step Two• After accessing the catalog, you should then type in key words for the particular topic that you are looking for. – For example: We typed in “Tour de France” when looking for a book on the history, culture, and any other information on the Tour de France. – We did this because it helped us to narrow down our selection of books. – It is also important to notice what tab you are searching under.
  • 3. Step Three • This is the screen that appears when you have submitted your search. • All books that relate to the key term(s) that you typed in will appear here.
  • 4. Step Four• After selecting the book you think would be most helpful to you, you should then click on the title of the book in order to pull up the call number. Because our call• You will need the call number began with G, our book number in order to locate will be on the 2nd floor. where your book is in the library.• This page will also tell you what floor of the library your book is located on.
  • 5. Step Five• Now that you know the call number and floor for your chosen book, it is time to hit the shelves!• The shelves are in alphabetical order, so this will make it easier for you to find your book. The call numbers are also posted on the ends of each shelf.• Our call number was located between the numbers here, so we knew that our book was on this shelf.
  • 6. Step Six • After finding the shelf, you must now scan the selves to find the call number of the book you are searching for. • The call numbers should be in a type of numerical order. This should make it easier to find your book. • Books that are about the same topic will have very similar call numbers so be cautious when choosing your book.
  • 7. ENJOY!