Immigration Power Point


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Immigration Power Point

  1. 1. Undocumented Youth in America Ivy March 1, 2013 Orcutt Academy High School Frosh Core
  2. 2. Undocumented Youth• As of 2012 there were 1.1 million illegal immigrant minors in America.
  3. 3. Do you know any illegal immigrants?Do you know any illegal immigrants in your 49% of community? people know an illegal immigrant 49% 51% Yes No
  4. 4. Children Amongst Us These children attend our schools and grow up knowing America as their home.
  5. 5. Social Workers & Undocumented MinorsSocial workers are available to assist youth in becoming legal, because many children are brought to America by their parents andmight not even be aware of their legal status until they apply for college or try to get a driver’s license.
  6. 6. Not Their Choice Many minors are brought to America by their parents or smugglers illegally. They might not be aware of this until adulthood.
  7. 7. Illegal Minors Illegal minors should 46% of the be given a lawyer, by people agreeStrongly Disagree the government, to that illegal defend them in minors should court. have a path to Disagree Illegal minors should citizenship, have a background 50% strongly check before they are agree that Agree granted citizenship. should have a background Illegal minors should check, & be allowed a path to 40% disagree Strongly Agree citizenship. that they should be given a lawyer. 0 10 20 30
  8. 8. 65,000 Students “Every year 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school in the U.S. (Gonzales, 2009)”.
  9. 9. Alone to Defend Themselves Since these children are illegal, the government does not have to provide a lawyer for them, so often they attend their court hearings with only a social worker to assist them (Preston).
  10. 10. Immigration Social Workers• Social workers can assist undocumented youth in finding a path to citizenship.
  11. 11. Education The social worker can meet with them to learn their situation and help find them a lawyer, who will work at a reduced rate or for charity.
  12. 12. Options Social workers can also educate them on options like the DREAM Act, certain student visas, green cards, and foster care/adoption.
  13. 13. Social Workers Meet with them and 86% of50 learn their situation. people45 thought that40 the best way social35 Find them a lawyer. workers can30 help25 immigrants is20 to educate15 Educate them on them of ways different options to stay to stay here10 in America legally. legally. 50 Accompany them to How can social workers court hearings. assist illegal minors?
  14. 14. Social Workers & Immigration• Social workers can help youth in becoming legal, because many children are brought to America by their parents and should be granted a pathway to citizenship.
  15. 15. Reform I hope that with immigration reform comes better policies toward minors and easier ways to come here legally.
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  20. 20. Brought to You By Ivy Orcutt Academy High School Frosh Core
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