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Webinar: Beating Applicant Tracking Systems– Live Resume Q&A
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Webinar: Beating Applicant Tracking Systems– Live Resume Q&A


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Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are a fact of life in a job search. If you’re wondering how to get your resume past employers’ overzealous ATS, and get noticed by a human being at your target …

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are a fact of life in a job search. If you’re wondering how to get your resume past employers’ overzealous ATS, and get noticed by a human being at your target companies, you will want to attend this webinar.

During the webinar Staci Collins will cover the following, leaving ample time for Q & A:

--What is the ATS “beast”? : When did ATS become a factor? Why are they so important? Who’s using them?
--What are the myths and facts you really need know about Applicant Tracking System?
--How do you create an ATS-optimized resume? : File formats…ordering information….where and how to display dates…use of keywords….optimal length…use of illustrations/graphs

Are your job applications ending up in a “black hole?” If your applications don’t generate employer interest – even when you are THE PERFECT FIT for a job — this webinar will help you step back and diagnose if your resume is the weak link, and will help you retrofit your resume so it opens doors to your future.

Presenter: Staci Collins

Staci has over 15 years of experience partnering with managers at all levels in High Technology, Management Consulting and Healthcare Management to build their careers via career strategy, career assessment and selection, brand identification, PAR development and mapping, and strategic resume and cover letter development. She has collaborated with over 1000 managers to identify and achieve their career objectives. Staci brings deep industry experience, having worked at Accenture and Ernst & Young in change management, human resources, and strategic planning. Staci received her MBA from the Haas School of Business, University of California, and Bachelor of Arts from Harvard.

Published in: Career, Technology, Business

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  • Warning to all! Ivy Exec is a scam. They charge your credit card without letting you know. They are scammers from Eastern Europe who have multiple complaints against them on Better Bussiness Bureau, Yelp and Complaint Board. Read this again: They will charge you hundreds of dollars without any prior notification. Never give them your credit card information for any reason. It will end up someplace in Balkans and you will never get your money back. They steal job leads from other recruiters and disguise them as their own. Then they tell you that you have been 'selected' to view ELITE jobs, and the only way to join their site is to get verified via a credit card. Then, a month later they charge your credit card without telling you. A bunch of job seekers have been scammed by these Serbian criminals and many of them are joining together to file a lawsuit against Ivy Exec. I repeat, DO NOT trust them with your information! They will take your money without telling you. Please warn others!
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  • Ivy Exec is a NON ACCREDITED business (multiple complaints on BBB!) that has been stealing money from users. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They spam MBAs with "exclusive" invitations to join... they get this emails by accessing the school's internal directories and stealing the addresses from there. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The jobs they post are copied and pasted from the career pages of top companies, they tell you, you have to pay to apply and then redirect you to the original company site... when you ask what their added value is they say that HR knows those are Ivy Exec Candidates and they get extra attention. This is bs. your resume goes into the same black hole as every other online applicant. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then they charge you and refuse to give you a refund their excuse is that you had a free trial and you never cancelled...tricky cause they never email alerting you that your free trial is about to be over and you will be charged, if your school negotiated 6 months free after that period whether you like it or not if you don't remember to cancel your credit card is charged for 6 months of service. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you see the logos of fortune 500 companies on their homepage, you would think those employers use Ivy Exec... not true ... several of these corporations have tried the service for free and were disappointed, Ivy Exec uses those logos without authorization. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They spam people on LinkedIn and bait them by saying in order to view 'elite job posts' they need to use a credit card for verification. They end up charging people hundreds of dollars without telling them. Check out their reviews via Better Business Bureau and notice how they are not even an accredited business! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Multiple complaints do not lie (Especially ones on BBB), do a Google search on 'Ivy Exec scams' yourself and see just how many people have been scammed by these scumbags. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check it out for yourself and make sure you warn others of Ivy Exec's illegal and unethical billing practices. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  • Nice article/slides with some good advice but I also just found a site called which analyzes the job description automatically and identifies the most important keywords for your resume for you, which I think is pretty interesting. All you have to do is copy and paste your resume with a copy of the job description, then jobscan does all the work. Saved me so much time because it literally only takes a few seconds and I’m pretty sure I got more interviews because of jobscan. I definitely recommend it as well!
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  • 1. Want more info? Go to 1 Beating the Ruthless ATS: Live Resume Q&A Staci Collins, Senior Resume Specialist, Ivy Exec
  • 2. 2Want more info? Go to or email us at About Staci • Senior Resume Specialist at Ivy Exec • 15+ years as Executive Career coach • 7 years in consulting with Accenture, Ernst & Young • 7 years Staff and Adjunct Career Adviser at Haas • 1,200 managers and professionals coached globally, 100+ at Ivy Exec • MBA in organizational behavior from Haas; BA in anthropology from Harvard • Specialist in technical career changers, consulting, high tech, healthcare, and non-profit - and finding the career & fulfillment you seek
  • 3. 3Want more info? Go to or email us at  ATS Value & Why So Important  Current State/How they Work  What are the Top Questions about ATS  What do you Really Need to Know (Myths & Facts)  Content  Format  Good & Bad Examples/Sample  Process Tips/Wrap-Up  Q&A  Elite Services Outline
  • 4. 4Want more info? Go to or email us at Poll Question: Are you most interested in ATS for applying to companies or posting on job boards or both? Poll Questions
  • 5. 5Want more info? Go to or email us at  A.k.a. Talent Management Systems (TMS) or Recruitment Software in UK  Standard HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) module  Most Major Corporations Use them  Expanding into small and medium sized businesses  Job &resume boards (Monster, Hotjobs, Career Builder) have partnerships  Most Recruiters In-House and External use them also  VC’s are Investing in next generation, e.g.,,,,, ATS Value & Why So Important
  • 6. 6Want more info? Go to or email us at  Data extracted from submitted resumes or CV’s on job boards  Linked with HRIS  With modern ATS’s, upload plain text as well as pdf or doc  AI tools and NLP, intelligent guided semantic search capabilities  Cloud based platforms  Global cloud development complicated with strict data protection laws  Moving to encompass social media activity  Small and medium sized businesses systems older and more difficult Current State/How they Work
  • 7. 7Want more info? Go to or email us at  Should one prepare a separate resume just for employers who use ATS?  How to get through ATS with career changes, resume gaps?  Can they read PDF’s?  Does it read LinkedIn tags or graphics or special formats?  Should I use word clouds?  How do I format it best so that I come out on top?  How do I know what keywords to hit? Where should I put them?  Is it used for senior positions, 20+ years? What are the Top Questions?
  • 8. 8Want more info? Go to or email us at  Data is EXTRACTED into fields  ATS doesn’t know what to do with functional resumes  What matters most to ATS is uniqueness or "rarity" of keyword or keyword phrase; keywords and phrases must be specific to a particular job ad  Systems rank on how closely job seeker's resume matches each keyword and phrase and how many keyword phrases the job seeker's resume contains  Recruiters don’t like most ATS’s either and run LinkedIn searches initially on single field, e.g. Job Title box What Do You Really Need to Know (Myths/Facts?)
  • 9. 9Want more info? Go to or email us at  Poll Question: Are you currently job hunting? Poll
  • 10. 10Want more info? Go to or email us at  Is it better to have a resume in a familiar format (e.g. comfortable) or a unique format (e.g. to stand out)?  a) Can ATS read pdf resume b) Can ATS read contents inside a table in resume?  Effect of newer "visual" CVs versus old fashioned historical text resumes  I have heard that planting key terms in your resume in text formatted with white or no tint can overcome screening systems. Yes? ATS Questions (Formatting)
  • 11. 11Want more info? Go to or email us at  Don’t submit doc or pdf (if only one option).  Create plain text resume; no graphics or tables or lines or fancy bullets  Put plenty of white space “air” between your jobs  Use sans-serif Font like Tahoma, Verdana, Arial  No italics or bold or color; plain bullets okay  Use simple terms, “Work Experience”, “Education”, “Career summary”  Always start with Employer’s name, then Title, then Dates; can be on consecutive lines  Customize your LinkedIn url name so it’s unique and memorable Format
  • 12. 12Want more info? Go to or email us at  Should one prepare a separate resume just for employers who use ATS?  How to get through ATSs with career changes, resume gaps?  do ATS count the number of times a keyword is mentioned on a resume and rank those resumes highest with the most mentions?  How can I usefully include a keyword that is a software name or skill on my resume if I don't have that skill or knowledge?  How do you know which keywords ATS look for?  Do you advise working with Wordle or other keyword tools? Your ATS Questions
  • 13. 13Want more info? Go to or email us at  Uniquely identify yourself and use it consistently across materials/platforms  Use market job titles: Function/Level or vice versa…Security Director; Sr. Marketing Manager; Director, Finance  Ask if recruiter was looking for me via 4 key phrases, what would they say?  Use common function/process abbreviations and spell it out, both  Use and reuse the exact keywords and keyword phrases of the job description  Keep a copy of whatever you send in case you change your resume Content
  • 14. 14Want more info? Go to or email us at  Poll Question: How many years of work experience do you have? Poll
  • 15. 15Want more info? Go to or email us at  Is ATS used for senior management level positions? Jobs that require more than just objective analysis of the english language?  How does this effect experienced professionals? People with 20+ years of experience  Should more "experienced applicants" (read as older)" be aware of any specific ATS traps? ATS Questions (Seniority)
  • 16. 16Want more info? Go to or email us at Bad Sample
  • 17. 17Want more info? Go to or email us at Good Sample Work Experience CREDIT GLOBAL, Springfield, NQ 2004 – 2013 Vice President, Global Relationship Manager, Emerging Verticals, Market Development 2011 – 2013 Closed global agreement for Pacific Express (PE) business by leading partnership negotiations start to finish, delivering on strategic objectives. Received Sales Blazer Award & Most Significant Business Award for PE global partnership. •Account Management: Executed multi-year, high strategic value agreements with projected volumes of $75MM + by partnering with customer executives •Global Partnership Development: Closed two additional global agreements, not originally planned, by highlighting value of relationship through direct communications •Marketing Partnership: Married two networks ($2$ and c2c), gaining buy-in for innovation from CC exec mgmt •Global Product Launch: Enabled 22 on-time and within budget, simultaneous prepaid launches globally including US, UK, and India by building cross-functional teams for each region •Cross-functional Team Leadership: Met time and revenue targets on launch of 1st reload connection between CC & PE, as business owner for PE PMO directing team of 15 •PE became 1st non-bank to receive Credit Global license in US •Completed on-time business requirement documents & “go-to-market” plan (BRD) for p2p •Led Credit Global team on all joint planning, partner strategies and workstreams •Business Development: Executed commercial agreement with Pacific Express business solutions projected $10M in referral fee income in year 1. Site went live on time and on budget •Partnered with PE counterpart and CC commercial team to negotiate deal, map out tech requirements and launch plan for small business referral network
  • 18. 18Want more info? Go to or email us at  Who knows what happens when it goes into ATS?  Find “warm lead” entry to hiring manager  If working with recruiter, let them submit you first  Go thru a contact or recruiter before ATS  Handling salary questions: can enter 99999  Better to enter in ATS after an initial contact Process Tips
  • 19. 19Want more info? Go to or email us at  No way round them, but use them as late as possible in your search  Try to find other ways into the applicant pool via your networks or recruiters  Make a plain text version of your resume and clean it up  Company-Title-Date and repetition of keywords, keywords  Keep copies  Use market titles, not company ones  The older the system is, the bigger it is, the more one-size-fits-all, the more difficult time you’ll have working it Wrap-Up
  • 20. 20Want more info? Go to or email us at The Ivy Exec Senior Resume Writers Staci Collins specializes in making visible the invisible accomplishments of especially technical career changers. She has over 15 years of partnering with 1100 executives, directors and senior managers to achieve their career goals. She has consulted in change and coached 60+ senior managers at Accenture and Ernst & Young, many now partners. She earned her MBA at University of California - Haas and BA at Harvard. Laura Hill is an expert in designing career strategies and job search campaigns. Her industry experience includes 10 years as a career/outplacement coach and recruiter, as well as 10 years in banking with JPM Chase. She has been published in The New York Times, The WSJ, and Forbes, and has been a featured expert on CNBC's The Wall Street Journal Report. Liz Colodny has held leadership roles in talent acquisition/staffing across many industries, ranging from consumer products (PepsiCo) to professional services (Towers Perrin) and financial services (Citigroup). She received her BA from the University of Chicago and MBA from Northwestern - Kellogg.
  • 21. 21Want more info? Go to or email us at The Ivy Exec Elite Resume Package The Elite Package is a comprehensive evaluation of your career and accomplishments which includes a career diagnostic, a fully rewritten resume and a coaching session focused on overcoming any professional roadblocks.  In-depth intake session with your certified senior resume writer  Gain valuable insight on how to articulate your skills and accomplishments when interviewing  A finalized and re-written resume  An enhanced Ivy Exec profile & 3 months of All Access membership  A full hour of Career Coaching (which can be used for a cover letter) To set up a 15 minute appointment to inquire about next steps, please email
  • 22. 22Want more info? Go to or email us at Thank you! For more information, please go to or email us at