Wealth Creation


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Wealth Creation

  1. 1. E-COMMERCE WEALTH CREATION Make your decision now as the B efore wealth can be managed it needs to be created In McKinsey’s July 2007 Targeted marketing answer is coming – in fact, the – as Ivor Kellock, the prime mover behind Kellock global survey of campaigns first subject line produced a Wealth Management outlines. marketeers, more 23% lift in sales. respondents used email You are now targeting specific WEALTH MANAGEMENT for you are infringing someone’s than any other form of people with relevant product us simply means taking your privacy rights). In conclusion unique set of circumstances, digital advertising vehicle. offerings or services and start- values and priorities: periodi- Don’t get blacklisted 51% said their spending ing to segment your email cally monitor their progress Why engage in email market- on email would increase database and analyse behav- and ensure they maintain the It is also important to under- Wealth Creation – ing? Here’s a sample from a over the next three years, ioural responses in a highly right balance and meaning for stand that if you are going to the combination of long list of survey responses while only 11% said it personal way. This should im- you. Management and creation be sending more than 1,000 materials, labour, land available to digest. would decrease. prove your response rates cross over and potentially con- emails at a time (there are no and technology in such which either means that you flict when a comparison of di- Marketeers responding to rules here, this number is a a way as to capture a sell more products directly on- rect investment in your busi- a July 2007 global survey Creating additional wealth guide) you need to negotiate profit. line or that you build more re- ness and extracting wealth and by McKinsey put email with ISPs (Internet Service investing outside the business lationships ready for your or- Adam Smith (baptized second only to paid Email has evolved into perhaps Providers) or your domain is made. ganisation’s sales process to June 5 1723 – July 17, keywords in terms of the most sophisticated, could be blacklisted, which There is no doubt that in a begin. 1790) Scottish moral online marketing targeted and measurable form would mean that you would be well-managed business the If you have an organically philosopher and pioneer- efficiency. of personalised marketing unable to send emails in the likely internal rate of return grown database then you will ing political economist available today. Significant future. A July 2007 survey of over will be highest. Don’t forget already have knowledge about (Scottish Enlightenment), organisations have been This is where using a rep- 3,000 marketeers involved though that part of successful your customers or prospects accredited as partly instru- evolving the strategy and utable email broadcaster be- in search marketing by management is risk control. and so the targeting should be mental in founding the techniques for the last decade, comes effective: not only be- MarketingSherpa saw This means diversification, more effective from the begin- movement that formed which means that they have cause they are working with email marketing to a spreading your assets across dif- ning. It is not unusual for a the modern discipline of paid for the research, the ISPs and therefore under- house list garner the most fering asset classes and utilising well-targeted and relevant economics. knowledge and development stand their rules and quirks so votes as the strongest shared intellect. email marketing campaign to of the technology platforms your broadcasts are not seen as Perhaps most famous for marketing tactic. And it achieve a click-through rate of that are now available for small spam; but also, most impor- writing An Inquiry into gained more votes than Technology and email 60%-70%. and medium sized business. tantly, because you then have the Nature and Causes any other tactic for “good Where else can you get such access to monitoring and sup- of the Wealth of Assumptions made return on investment.” How then, by investing in cur- highly measurable tangible port functionality that will Nations. rent technology and email A 2007 survey of over results? I have made a few assumptions make your campaign more suc- marketing, does this provide How true does his defini- 1,000 advertisers by We would be delighted to here. First, you need to have cessful, which is likely to im- the ability to increase your tion of Wealth Creation fit Outsell Inc. put email as have an informal discussion excellent market knowledge (if prove the return on your in- wealth (turnover and profit)? with your own values and the second most effective with you in developing your you don’t, it can easily be im- vestment. Simply by utilising a sophisti- outlook today? online marketing tool email marketing strategy and proved with some research) cated email marketing strategy after the company's own Starting with nothing what it will mean for your and you need good copywrit- that fits adeptly into your over- website. bottom line and your future. ers, designers and an effective all marketing plan. What does this mean? If you website with email capture. We Every business should have start with a cold database you can fill any or all of these gaps WEALTH CREATION USING TECHNOLOGY a marketing machine; tried and don’t know who is going to re- for you with our in house ex- tested methods of delivering spond to what. But if you un- pertise or business partners. sales prospects and new busi- derstand your market you Highest likely rate of return on marketing investment You are all different and ness into your organisation. know that if people click therefore your target markets Quickest rate of return on marketing investment Every organisation is different through on certain subjects will all be different. This Highly measurable results and targets new business in a within your emails, or series of means that how you all com- Sophisticated multi faceted campaigns at the touch of a button different way, but there is a sin- emails, they are likely to be in- municate with your customers Ability to evolve campaign as audience evolves gle common principle for all: terested in specific products or will be different. Active moni- For someone to buy from Applicable to B2B and B2C services. This means that they toring of what you do and how you, you first have to have a re- Develops relationship building and online sales are likely to want to know you do it is crucial, as you test, lationship with them. One of Doesn’t require paper, envelopes, stamps, postal delivery more about you as an organi- monitor and further under- the most cost effective ways of sation and about your products Planet friendly marketing stand your target audience. developing and establishing or services; and that they are Why aren’t you doing this?? Subtle changes can either im- this is to utilise email, with tar- particular types of buyers, with Cost of email database from £500 prove or reduce results. This geted campaigns, segmenting particular types of habits. testing will ultimately improve your database and conducting Armed with this knowledge Emails Initial Email Ongoing Template Standard Sophisticated the return on your investment. sufficient research to have (and using the right email Sent per Template Updates Per Broadcast Broadcast strategic insight into what your broadcaster with sophisticated Which is best month Build Broadcast Cost Cost target audience wants. back end functionality) you Technology is now at the 1,000 £150 £60 £75 £600* As an example, for an online can then analyse how people stage where you can start florist, which subject line do are behaving and set up auto- 2,000 £150 £60 £100 £600* broadcasting messages cost ef- you think produced the great- mated follow up response cam- 5,000 £150 £60 £150 £600* fectively to your customer base est results? paigns dependent on how they 12,000 £150 £60 £300 £600* or you can develop new rela- click through your emails and Last chance to order for 100,000 £150 £60 £750 £800* tionships with purchased email your website. Valentine’s Day is this lists. (When purchasing a list, 1,000,000 £150 £60 £3,000 £1,500* What other form of mar- Wednesday, order now or ensure that addressees have keting offers you such measur- * There will be an additional training establishment cost of between £500 & £2,000 dependent opted in to receiving marketing Only 48 hours to order for able responses as well as the emails or you could be spam- on your ability and time required. All prices are subject to VAT. guaranteed Valentine Day ability to be highly targeted ming – which can be illegal if with your campaigns? delivery Kellock Wealth Management is a trading style of Trinity House Financial Planning Limited – Highland Suite, St Albans Great Hollanden Business Centre, Mill Lane, Underriver, 01727 870613 Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 0SQ – which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. www.kwm.cc Registered in England No: 4740530 Registered Address as above ivor@kwm.cc 17