Waag Society overview UNDP


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Research director Frank Kresin and Open Data projectmanager Ivonne Jansen-Dings

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  • Misschien hier foto van fablab
  • perfect fit swimwear key value for fabricators: use the benefits of the new technology. no stitiching needed
  • Waag Society overview UNDP

    1. 1. Waag SocietyFrank Kresin / Research DirectorIvonne Jansen-Dings / Project Manager institute for art, science & technology
    2. 2. Collaborations between-  Users-  Designers-  Programmers-  Artists & ScientistsPublish or Perish => Demo or Die
    3. 3. www.waag.org
    4. 4. Miriam Reitenbach miriam@waag.org
    5. 5. Users as Designers
    6. 6. Various UserGroups
    7. 7. Thinking by Making
    8. 8. Multi-disciplinairy Teams
    9. 9. Users as designers
    10. 10. ‘Once you start drawing or makingthings, you open up new possibilities ofdiscovery. Doodling, drawing, modelling.Sketch, make things, and you’re likely toencourage accidental discoveries.Tom Kelley (IDEO), the art of innovation
    11. 11. Waag Society Labs Creative Learning Lab Open Design Lab Urban Reality Lab Future Internet Lab Wet Lab Creative Care Lab
    12. 12. Location-based mobile applications
    13. 13. Experiment 2002 Amsterdam Realtime Worlds #1 locationbased realtime user-generated map Waag Society (Tom Demeyer, Aske Hopman) i.s.m. Stadsarchief, Esther Polak, Jeroen Kee
    14. 14. Co-creation In education International During events2005 Frequentie 1550 2009 The IslandWorld’s #1 Mobile Learning Game Trade game New York- AmsterdamWaag Society (Aske Hopman) and Waag Society (Ronald Lenz) and theKPN, Montessorischool John Adams Institute
    15. 15. Scaling Museums cooperate in a mobile tours application2011 - MuseumApp World’s 1st Mobile Museum toursservice
    16. 16. PRINCIPLES The best producer is the actual user He/she can learn to build (almost) anything Share blueprints & stand on the shoulders of othersMaking helps us to understand the world we live in
    18. 18. FABLAB TOOLS
    19. 19. Design for your future self – PICNIC’11
    20. 20. •  q LemonBow http://www.lemonbow-swimwear.com/
    21. 21. FabFihttp://fabfi.fablab.af/
    22. 22. open prostheticshttp://amsterdam.fablab.nl/node/1943
    23. 23. FairPhone: world’s first FairTrade mobile phone
    24. 24. Amsterdam Open Data Open Data in Amsterdam
    25. 25. Amsterdam Open Data Open Data in Amsterdam •  Data that is free to be used and reused and 
 redistributed by anyone •  Open Data helps to empower citizens •  Cities generate lost of data that can be shared
 (without privacy and security issues) •  Citizens can use smart services, take (back) control of their own environment and hold government accountable •  Applications created with open data can increase efficiency, create new insights and generate new data
    26. 26. Amsterdam Open Data
    27. 27. Amsterdam Open Data •  2 years•  8 city districst and 10 city deparments•  6 themes, energy, mobility, vacancy, tourism, safety 
 and democracy •  3 hackathons•  22 civil servant meetups•  26 workshops•  137 datasets (www.amsterdamopendata.nl)•  68 apps
    28. 28. Amsterdam Open Data
    29. 29. Amsterdam Open Data •  Modelled after Code for America•  Attract experienced developers to work as a fellow•  Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki, London, 
 Manchester, Rome •  Dedicate a year to work on social issues•  Share code between cities (Civic Commons)•  www.codeforeurope.net
    30. 30. Amsterdam Open Data
    31. 31. Amsterdam Open Data •  Linked open data platform•  Connects events data, collection data, tourism data•  Stimulate innovation in arts and tourism sector•  http://dev.artsholland.com
    32. 32. •  Creating a “Shared Data Store” service•  Taking back ownership of your data•  Be able to determine which parts are private and public•  https://github.com/waagsociety/sds
    33. 33. Amsterdam Open Data
    34. 34. Amsterdam Open Data •  Smart City Application Ecosystem•  Open Source Services to be shared between cities•  Open Source pilots showing the possibilities•  www.citysdk.eu
    35. 35. Frank KresinIvonne Jansen-Dings@waag @kresin @jansendingswww.waag.org