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This 20 minute presentation was shown at the 2012 Re:Publica Conference. Full presentation video can be found at

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Apps Challenges - presentation @ Re:Publica

  1. 1. Apps Challenges Ivonne Jansen, Waag Society
  2. 2. • Ivonne Jansen Dings Project manager, Waag Society• Apps for Amsterdam, Apps for Noord-Holland, Apps voor Nederland, Open Cities, Commons4EU•
  3. 3. How many apps does a challenge produce
  4. 4. How much effort does a challenge cost
  5. 5. Is it worth it?
  6. 6. Creating Economic Value $ 2.300.000,-
  7. 7. Creating Social Value
  8. 8. Citizen ConnectCity: Connect is the City of Bostonsaward-winning effort to empower Bostonresidents to be the Citys "eyes and ears"throughout our neighborhoods. Through thisprogram, you can now use your mobile phonein five different ways to alert the City ofBoston to neighborhood issues such aspotholes and graffiti.
  9. 9. Illegal Dump SiteAvailable in Sloveniawww.register.ocistimo.siApplication recording of illegal dump sitelocations, managing the logistics for theirfield data collection and cleanup. By exposingthe locations of illegal dump sites, people canforce responsible institutions to clean thedata Government - it can use these data tomanage the process of illegal dump sitescleanups, to educate the public and topenalize the violations of the law.
  10. 10. E11Available in Germanywww.e11map.deDifferent sources of energy throughoutGermany are shown in the E11 map. With thediscussion on nuclear energy being anongoing issue, this map shows citizens wheretheir power comes from and gives them theknowledge to make an informed decision.
  11. 11. Make as much raw data as possible available
  12. 12. Set as few rules as possible
  13. 13. Clear and simple rules forregistration, submission and judging
  14. 14. Give lots and lots of prizes
  15. 15. Don’t let the contest run to long
  16. 16. Apps Contests
  17. 17. What did we learn
  18. 18. Define Measure of Succes
  19. 19. Involve Acedemia
  20. 20. Business Models
  21. 21. High Quality Data
  22. 22. Quality of Apps =Quality of Data
  23. 23. WorldBankApps for Development
  24. 24. Nationale DatabankWegverkeersgegevens
  25. 25. Developers
  26. 26. < 18 jaar
  27. 27. StudentsDevelopers
  28. 28. Agencies
  29. 29. Start-ups
  30. 30. Why participate? The contest puts me and my work in the spotlight Talking to policymakers gives inspiration to make AppsA need for services in my own life Expanding professional network by participation in eventsI got the idea during a ‘hackathon’ coding event Getting experience with open datasets Creative outlet (hobby) Opportunity to expand existing app with new data Closing the gap between myself and my government Being a part of the global “Apps” movement Curiosity about the datasets
  31. 31. Government
  32. 32. Dealing with change
  33. 33. We won’t be specialist anymore
  34. 34. Our specialism will become more visible
  35. 35. Our every move will be watched
  36. 36. Government will be more transpartent
  37. 37. What if there are mistakes in the data
  38. 38. Citizens and developers can help make data complete
  39. 39. There’s too much risk for violation of privacy
  40. 40. Aggregated data is safe to use
  41. 41. The cost is too high
  42. 42. We will be more efficient and effective
  43. 43. People will draw wrong conclusions
  44. 44. Exciting new combinations will occur
  45. 45. We cannot guarantee quality this way
  46. 46. Best practices will rize to the surface
  47. 47. Our infrastructure becomes more fragile
  48. 48. Engagement and involvement of citizens will increase
  49. 49. MapyHazarduAvailable in Czech Republicwww.mapyhazardu.czMapyHazardu is a crowdsourcing platformshowing open data on the location of publicbuildings and asking citizens to map thelocation of gambling slot machines. Withinthe Czech Republic these slot machines arenot allowed within 100 meters from publicbuildings. The application uses the helpfulinformation of citizens to help law officials toenforce the law.
  50. 50. CitizensGovernment Developers
  51. 51. Open Cities Challenge• Pan European Open Data Challenge•• Datasets from 7 European cities• 30th of June submission deadline
  52. 52. Thank You